Hear me. I read everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. On my shelf sits the books of men & women & love & despise. Once the ideas of another permeates my cognitive scope, I argue with them for eternity. I digest point & counterpoint w/breathtaking precision.
I am of the perspective that no idea should go unchallenged & all ideas should be thoroughly interrogated. To that end, a Jewish friend sent me an edited copy of Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") by Adolf Hitler. This was 1 of the 1st annotated versions released after Germany ended its-
-70 year ban on the book. From the outset, in the foreword, the editor says, "never again should a monster of this ilk be allowed 2 rise . If Hitler's countrymen had actually took the time 2 read his ideas at the time this book was published, he would have never rose to power."
There is nothing more dangerous than an uninterrogated idea. I was floored given how explicit Hitler was in his contempt for Jewish people that the German people would ever allow a man of his ilk to rise to any level of their society, but they did.
To be clear, nowhere in Mein Kampf does Hitler speak in code. There is no dog whistling. He is very specific & direct in his Jewish animus. He expressed his anti-Semitism w/breathtaking clarity & wanted all the world 2 know. So how is it that no 1 caught this b4 it was 2 late?
Put simply, not many in German society read it or took it serious. Why am I saying this? Be careful of dismissing anyone for what gets dismissed as a joke today could very well spell your demise tomorrow. Never forget, the Beer Hall Putsch & it fascist architects began as a-
failed joke. Young Hitler & his fascist brethren were dismissed by the German political elite as drunkards who posed no real threat to government. Yes, Hitler was imprisoned, but it was in a prison cell that he laid out his plan for German Aryan domination in "Mein Kampf."
But no one took him seriously. 10 years later, the The Third Reich of Nazi Empire rose, plunged the world into war, eradicated 6 million Jews & launched nuclear proliferation & the Cold War...









Fast forward. The white supremacists, fascists, extremists, otherwise good white folk, or whatever you want to call them must be taken seriously. Every politician must recognize the threat they pose & defend this nation against every enemy, foreign and DOMESTIC.
Now with that being said, we need to be careful not to go too far. An argument could be made that if the world's superpowers didn't go too far in punishing Germany for World War I, Hitler may never have risen to power. This is the problem w/vengeance. You can never see the long-
term affects of the revenge that you seek. There is an old Swahili proverb that was featured in the movie Roots that poses the question: "If you have your enemy cornered, do you surround him on all 4 sides & destroy him or do you surround him on 3 sides & allow him safe escape?"
The answer is counterintuitive as the human tendency for vengeance will always choose the complete destruction option. However, "A wise chief surrounds him on 3 sides & grants him safe passage & escape for to destroy him will cause his sons & grandsons to rise up & destroy you."
This is what DrKing meant when he said "if we go by the old law of an eye 4 an eye & a tooth 4 a tooth, we'll all wind up blind & toothless." Violence is a vicious cycle & no matter how much revenge Negros might want against whitesupremacy, U can never out-violence white people.
NEVA. I have actually had some followers call me "scared of white people" 4 taking this position, but I remind them there is a difference between bravery & bravado & as DrKing told black folks in Birmingham who opposed his nonviolence strategy, "ok, yall wanna do violence?
Do we have enough guns? enough bullets? enough bombs? Better yet, do Negroes manufacture bombs, bullets & guns? Or do we buy all our weapons from white folk?" Niggas got quiet. DrKing was right, there was no competition. Any black person out here in deese streets advocating for-
having a race war w/white folks is out dey damn mind & if black folks every listen to such a Negro, they would be responsible for the mass genocide & extinction of black people on American soil. No fuckin way my nigga. Did you see what happened in Tulsa, Rosewood and w/MOVE?
Negroes w/tough talk bravado have no clue as 2 the depth of white supremacy & just how far slavery, Jim Crow & all this shit set black folk back. Let me put it this way. For all you pro-democracy Negroes, if white folk wanted to, they could vote niggas back into slavery.
If white folks wanted 2, they have enough bullets, bombs, airplanes, tanks, destroyer ships & every other weaponry 2 eradicate black people. U got nuclear bombs my nigga? U got torpedoes my nigga? U got heat seeking missiles, Apache helicopters, supersonic jets & stealth bombers?
Yo little 9mm, 45 or AR15 aint shit compared to what they got & everything U got THEY MADE. Negroes dont manufacture shit. We aint got no gun factories. Our civil rights heroes & sheroes weren't nonviolent b/c they wanted 2, they were nonviolent b/c





Shit, Farrakhan was gifted $1BILLION by then Libyan Prez Muammar Gaddafi & the federal govt blocked dat shit from coming n2 American banks b/c it was rumored Farrakhan was trying 2 build a black army. U out yo damn mind if U ever think white folk would ever allow a black man to-
build an army that could overthrow America. Just ask John Fitzgerald Johnson aka GrandMasterJay, the founder of the black militia "Not Fucking Around Coalition." Remember him? He just got arrested on federal charges of pointing his AR15 at police officers.…
That's a felony my nigga. He might get a plea deal, but don't be surprised if any plea deal to avoid jail time requires him forfeiting all his weapons & losing his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Dem good white folk bout to take all his guns. The point I'm making is that no
No Negro can afford 2 B that high profile in scaring white folks & not get on some FBI/CIA radar. Shit, even Biggie said "don't U know Bad Boys move in silence & violence?" Nevertheless, Negroes who don't get that are suicidal & I can assure you somewhere an arrest, indictment &
some conviction on magical charges will mysteriously appear. They will lose their job, their livelihood their home or they'll simply Fred Hampton you by throwing some cash to one of your homies to sell you out. Now one Negro told me, "Dr. Hamilton, that's coward talk."
Ok my nigga, have at it. Bravado is suicide by another name. I'm pro 2nd amendment like U, but unlike U, I aint broadcasting my shit & I'm not dyin 4 white folks shit. Yes black folks should have the same rights. You right. But never forget my nigga, U can be dead right.

• • •

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I knew this crap was coming sooner or later. People are suffering & these mafuckas out here doing sorority photo shoots. Miss me w/ this bullshit. More of the same. Stop treating politics like its a damn elite club & path 2 celebrity…
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Ive said many times b4, like comedian Flip Wilson said, "When I met my wife she had a Sunday School face & I had Saturday Night thoughts." I was a frat boy running around campus half naked & she was an honor roll student athlete seduced by a bad boy who partied more than studied.
Many mouths drop at the shit I say in stand up, in speeches, articles & on social media, but if y'all could hear da shit my wife says to me, U would be on the floor howling. Supersensitive mafuckas cant crack our door seal. My wife don't give a fuck about my feelings & I LOVE IT.
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Dylann Roof gunned down 9 praying Negroes in a black church on the Negro side of town, got caught by da police & chauffeured to the nearest Burger King where they treated him to a whopper w/cheese, large fries & a pepsi & then he was arrested:

without incident.
Officer Amber Guyger gunned down a black man Botham Jean in his own apartment and when her fellow police officers arrived, they contaminated the crime scene, destroyed evidence & a black woman police chief allowed her to go home, but she was later arrested:

without incident.
James Eagan Holmes died his hair orange, booby trapped his home w/a shitload of explosives, bought 3,000 rounds of ammo & an assault rifle, dressed up in a joker costume, traveled 2 Aurora Colorado 2 shoot up a packed movie theater. Fortunately he was arrested:

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6 Jan
All bullshit aside. Real talk my nigga. Warnock & Ossof need secret service asap & Joemala need not be seen in public until after Jan 20th. How low can America go? As I type this some1 has already done the political calculus that GA's Repub. governor can appoint senators should-
something mysteriously happen to Warnock & Ossof. Ive been predicting this 4 some time. The Donald is about 2 remind America once again who she really is. Trumpmasterflash has found the loopholes in our republic & will exploit every 1 to the very end. This was all orchestrated.
The end game is nigh & Thanos is just about ready to snap his finger. Attention all Negroes. I repeat. Attention all Negroes. This is a public service announcement. Stay yo ass in da house. Dis white folks fight. Ain't no since of no mo niggas dying fo white folk shit.
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Fuck Africa. I'm American. Any African mad at dem words, kick rocks. Don't like it, jump ship. Back 2 Africa. Need receipts. How much yall made off us? U think we didn't know? Mafucka, we the vibranium that made Africa pop. We werent stole. We were sold.
Yall sold us. Then yall hv the audacity 2 come here, pass as American niggas, lecture us about racism & white supremacy, police our emotion, critique our anger & then U have the bravado 2 lecture us about fighting when yall let Europeans come & take yall shit? Fuck out of here.
Immigrants by nature unpatriotic. When times got tough, you left your country. You abdicated the responsibility to make your country better. You didn't fight. You ran. We didn't leave. We stayed. We fighters. Yall runners. Ain't know runner can tell a fighter about a damn thing.
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