Okay okay fine I guess it's egg time
There's a lot of pressure here. If I end up not liking this show I'm gonna lose follower and be cring
I'm actually not sure how easy this is to live tweet. I mean I'll TRY but I may end up watching the whole thing and then coming back. Live tweeting works better when the show is... bad
I will say: it's very quiet. And it's quiet because it's using anime as a visual medium very well to establish characters and exposition without having someone explain it to you, and I appreciate that.
Because I feel like with Light Novel adaptations they just replace the narrator in the book with a narrator in the anime. But everyone's just talking all the God damn time when one of the best things about anime is its ability to just


and be
The show passes the "King's Raid" test of not holding the egg off until E11
It's also just v pretty
I have an Akudama Drive screenshot specifically for this moment
so it's currently moody as fuck which means I now totally understand why all my mutuals love this show

(I'm not throwing shade I love y'all)
the robot shinji, get in
so this is petty, but this shot is zooming in, and I appreciate that it was actually animated instead of just making the cel bigger. This has become a pet peeve of mine that doesn't really matter but yeah nice
love this
The OST is good too
I'm p sure you're trippin balls rn so idk
Thinking about if my nightmares were another world.

There would be a lot of failed exams lol
I have an Eizouken screenshot for this very moment

I am on POINT with the screenshots today. Go me!
(she's referring to having friends)
so if they both say no, they're gay. This is the scientific process of dialectical materialism in action
is true
Now this is definitely just making the cel bigger, but I can forgive it because it still looks fine and the background is really complicated
Egg (good ending)
let a bitch catch a break 2021 challenge
love this
probably 10-12, given that there are 12 episodes in the show
dark-skinned love interests are fucking pog as fuck


egg good

Kinda depressing. It's fundamentally a show about bullying, suicide, and relationships. But it's someone's masterpiece. And you can tell it's someone's masterpiece because of care and effort went into making sure everything is perfect
I was actually surprised this was getting 12 episodes because it just feels like a movie? And it feels like you can't sustain this level of craft for that long. But I am impressed, so I guess I'm along for the ride.

There's hope for anime yet, it seems

• • •

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13 Jan
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I think at the core of my frustrations with isekai is that, for the past decade or so the genre has become an increasingly narrow box of repeated ideas. The narrower the box gets, the easier it is to be different, which only highlights how similar all the shows are
Basically, modern isekai does three things

1. Target audience of 15-30 year old virginal, suicidal Otaku
2. Video game mechanics as a central part of the world
3. Fantasy setting, based in part or in full around medieval Europe

Avoid any combination of these three and boom
But no isekai dares challenge these three tenants.

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Uh so I've spent all morning on "The Great Reset" trending section on Twitter and I wanna make a thread.

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This time, they plan on using COVID (which they say is fake or 99% harmless) and climate change (also fake, ofc) to seize power
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Several politicians have also mentioned a COVID reset in some form
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I mean I grew this account from 0 to 250 followers in less than a year
Idk people tell me "Mo you deserve more followers/subscribers" and I guess? But this is way more people than I thought would ever give a shit about me
And there's little things too. Like on YouTube even though I can't post as consistently as I like, the numbers say a higher than average percent of my subscribers basically always comes through to watch whatever I can put up, even if it's like 80 people
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So I need to make a thread about Chicago because I'm sick and tired of hearing white people talk about this city when it's obvious they've neither been or read a single thing about it.

This is gonna be LONG so strap in.
When you think of the most violent cities in America, of course Chicago comes to mind. And then maybe NYC.

But does Hartford, CT?


How about Houston, TX?
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None of these cities even break the top 10 most dangerous cities in the country.

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