On the one hand, this person is a conspiratorial nut who should be expelled from Congress. On the other hand, Democrats might happily keep her around so that she can continuously embarrass and discredit the opposition every day on her Twitter feed. Tough call.
Also, I get that we've been traumatized by Trump, but he was a world famous celebrity icon with a national cult following when he ran for president. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a threat like that. She's a nobody who is known, if at all, for her crazy. She's got no prospects.
*Republicans move to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene for being an embarrassing fruitcake*

DEMOCRATS: Hey, cool it with the cancel culture, let's hear her out (*ostentatious wink*)
This is also your periodic reminder that we've always had crazy people in Congress, it's just that now we have social media, so their craziness is more apparent. Before, most folks didn't hear about nutty congresspeople. Now the crazy is broadcast on social media for all to see.

• • •

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11 Jan
Why Twitter will always be broken & mislead millions:

1. People prefer the joy of going viral or having their political biases confirmed to being truthful
2. There are no formal or informal consequences for sharing comforting lies
3. So incentives all run in the worst direction
I appreciate @ddale8 fighting the good fight here, but trying to market facts to Twitter is like trying to sell Yankees tickets at a Red Sox game
We could change this. If we collectively created informal social media norms that stigmatized users who share viral falsehoods and refuse to correct them, people would stop doing it. When you mock, sanction, and block people who do something, you disincentivize people to do it.
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7 Jan
It's nice that Twitter has belatedly banned Trump from tweeting his flailing efforts to subvert our election. Now maybe they can ban Chinese government accounts that are bragging about their genocide of the Uyghurs.
The thing about Twitter's labels and bans is that they're not really based on principles. They're based on what embarrasses the Twitter higher-ups among their (American) social circle. So Trump's subversion is no good, but China bragging about putting Muslims in camps is fine.
You all know I basically never use Nazi analogies, but this here is basically "look at all the Jews we've gainfully employed in our camps!" stuff
Read 4 tweets
7 Jan
A note to progressives: If you really believe that we are in an emergency for our democracy, you should be willing to work with people like Romney, who share that urgent commitment to democracy even if they hold policy positions you disdain. The alternative is what we saw today.
People like Romney are never going to be Democrats. They are never going to convert to your political worldview. But they are people with whom you can defend democracy, build a shared society based on laws, and hold the far-right at bay. You can't do America alone.
Also remember: Twitter is disproportionately full of angry people who would rather burn the country down than compromise on their own perceived purity. These people are a loud minority, and they don't represent the rest of us.
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
Mitt Romney loses the 2012 presidential election. Runs for Senate and wins in 2018. Votes to impeach his own party's president in 2020. Becomes one of the most powerful people in America in 2021. Quite an arc!
The Senate is now tied 50-50, so a lot of stuff will come down to razor-thin votes that hinge on moderate lawmakers. Romney is one of the few swing-voting Republicans, and will thus exercise outsized power in the coming Congress, especially if Biden wants bipartisan involvement.
You might ask, who could have possibly predicted that Romney would become one of the most consequential lawmakers in Congress? Well:
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5 Jan
.@repcleaver is a Methodist pastor who knows exactly what "amen" means. When he said "awomen," he wasn't saying it had anything to do with men. He was making a pun to acknowledge particular women. But this site rarely has context or a sense of humor, so we got a meltdown instead.
@repcleaver The rabbinic sages used to pun on biblical words and phrases all the time! It was done playfully or to provide pneumonics, and wasn't about the literal meaning of the words. They would not have done well on Twitter, apparently.
@repcleaver I'm kidding about that last part. The rabbinic sages would have rocked Twitter. Hillel the Elder was a hugely successful poster. I mean, people are still quoting and stealing his most famous quips.
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3 Jan
By focusing on Georgia & refusing to raise the profile of Trump's ineffectual flailing, Biden is letting the Republican party fight itself while Dems fight to retake Congress. Amazing how folks still distrust Biden's political instincts no matter how many times he's proven right.
All progressive paths to fixing our democracy run through Congress. There is no solution without it. Biden knows this, and as ever, has his eye on the ball. He's not ignoring the problems; he's assembling the toolkit to deal with them.
Why on earth would Biden say anything about this when he can just have Republicans fight this battle among themselves and blow up their own party on the eve of a hugely consequential Senate election? Trump and his enablers created this mess, now they have to lie in it.
Read 4 tweets

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