@jjhorgan @adriandix @keithbaldrey @steeletalk @PennyDaflos @LisaLaFlammeCTV This evening, I spoke to an RN who works at a city hospital in Vancouver and on Covid units. She is married with children and we chatted for awhile as we were both out shopping. Her husband lost his job
when the pandemic began to appear in BC. So, as a result she is working extra shifts as she said to me many nurses are and also working up to two weeks without days off. Imagine the stressors of the job these days and then not having regular days off. I spoke to her about the
availability of counselling and although as I worked in the same hospital as an RN too (now retired) I was aware there is off site counselling available and was when I worked there too. She requested a counselling session and was told it was going to be available for her
IN SIX MONTHS TIME. Is this satisfactory if an RN is overly stressed yet still having to work in such stressful circumstances, maybe having her mental health deteriorate knowing there is not any help for her at all in the way of support? I strongly believe there needs to be an
immediate task force to establish for each of the hospitals a stress management program and site for nurses to access with available counselling 24/7 as well. Let's see some actual active support for nurses with stress management lounges on site. It is absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE
these overworked RN's are not being given the support necessary NOW. If this is not done, I predict we will have announcements of suicides of these same nurses who did not receive support needed. Let's get going on this now. A request for @UnrollHelper please and thank you.

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11 Jan
@Schwarzenegger I have just listened to your speech. It is factual and based on your own experiences in life and in politics. As a Canadian who has been horrified at the lack of accountability of someone who indeed should be a public servant in the WH these past four year, why haven't those 1/2
@Schwarzenegger like yourself spoken up loudly and sooner? This is what I find most perplexing. All those with power to halt the destructive actions of this undeniable sociopath who was elected in 2016 have done so little. During years of watching ICE deport those who even had served in the 2/3
@Schwarzenegger US military as non-citizens but had been promised citizenship found themselves as DACA children being deported to a country in which they didn't even speak the language. Nothing much was said or done to object. When the most heartbreaking news and even videos of parents and 3/4
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10 Jan
@MaddieBStewart Not sure if you believe in a power or a God but this is a verse I found in a wonderful book by @LamaSuryaDas called, Awakening To The Sacred which is about the philosophy of compassion, caring, living in the moment; which is a part of the philosophy of Buddhists.
It was something handed down through a family. I liked the sentiment so much I copied it down and have it visible in my home. It is this:
I am the place that God (or you can substitute any higher power even Nature here) shines though,
He (or it) are one, not two.
He (or it) needs me where and as I am
I need not doubt, nor fear, nor plan.
If I just be relaxed and free,
He'll (or it will) work his plan of love though me.
the author is unknown.
I have this memorized and maybe you can do the same. Those at your AA meetings may enjoy
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8 Jan
A general question if anyone knows policy of @gofundme account fundraising. I knew of an account to raise money for someone with cancer to cover their medical costs. it was begun in 2018 by the common-law partner. The person, a long time friend of mine in NYC died in April, 2019.
Since then, I did expect this fundraiser to be closed down. Last week, I discovered now she is collecting more donations for an entirely different purpose which seems not ethically the purpose of any GoFundMe website for donations. This friend has been gone nearly 2 years and I
suspect the money donated now is being used for her living expenses and other projects which she is undertaking. It's impossible to reach the GoFundMe via an email to inquire and their online chat is with a robot which pulls out a few words of an inquiry and provides prepared
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8 Jan
@Ginella_M Wanted to extend my appreciation for the excellent writing in your article honouring a few of those Canadians, among so many, we lost with the shooting down of Ukranian Flight 752 where 55 were Canadians of the 176 people on the flight who all died. To profile those
adults and children who died personalizes the loss for not only those who were family and friends but for all Canadians to remember them too. I attended a candlelight vigil in my community where there were a few of those lost lived and were especially mourned. We all need to take
a moment today to remember those lost on that flight, all of them and not just the Canadians lost. They were husbands, wives, parents, children and all have been missed by their loved ones this past year. May their souls be at Peace. Now: your article which I do hope others will
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8 Jan
@keithbaldrey IF the seniors in care homes have been stuck in their rooms for all these months without much other than a bed, dresser and chair, only seeing care workers, they did not contract Covid from anyone other than the staff. This speaks to the news release today that one
cause was to have Covid+ staff actually knowing they were positive and caring for these seniors. This is enough for major lawsuits from family of those seniors either seriously ill and maybe recovered or those who have sadly died. The other fact is, if the staff have been the
seniors only contact, then it is them who have spread the Covid from themselves or from tranfer from other patients to the next senior by poor isolation technique and probably NOT changing their gloves, their gowns or masks. This is mandatory technique in hospitals with each
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8 Jan
@LightfootInHwd I heard the latest statement by the WH sociopath on our CBC radio just now. I have to laugh when I consider he incited the violence, even named the date. Yesterday stated he loved them all (the thugs and his supporters) and now is 'playing' stern leader. What kind of fool 1/2
@LightfootInHwd does he think every 'thinking' American (or even this Canadian) is and that they would believe this person who has told lie after lie after lie through these 4 years. To have a statement of doing an about face, to state he wanted to know it was a fair election and now he's 2/3
@LightfootInHwd stating it was fair? Unbelievable the extent to which he insisted on all the lawsuits, recounts with all of them rejecting his idea of having won the election. He's an actor and doesn't mean a word of this recent statement. However he has been told to do this and as a good 3/4
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