tw gore implied character death n kinda incest n necro ? tojigumi

megumi doesn't know what drives him to fingerfuck the hole in toji's head after the curse's eyes have gone empty & its breath has stilled, but it feels compulsive, like feeding an insatiable hunger, like a curse.
liquid heat drips out around his knuckles, slips of red-grey viscera cooling quickly in the open air. megumi's knees are numb and cold where he's kneeling in the blood pooling around the corpse's shoulders, but there's a lancing electric heat running through his veins
when he looks into his father's face.

that razor-sharp flicker of a smirk remains etched on the man's too-still features, and his final words echo thru megumi's mind as he feels the last (and only) warmth he'll ever receive from his father suck at his fingertips, wet and soft.
his own breath stutters, his heart beating rabbit-fast, helpless in his chest. he curls his fingers through grey matter toward the inside of toji's skull and something velvet and slippery parts around him. a starved shadow coils in the depths of megumi's belly, pulsing and hot,
and he realizes he's hard.

this is /crazy/, he feels /crazy/, but adrenaline from the fight is mixing with wretched old resentment & longing & the loneliness that's seeping out from where it's been buried so long, so deeply in megumi's bones, and he's defenseless against the
noxious /need/ running through his body. with his free hand, he runs stained fingers through the dark hair at toji's crown (can't help but notice how like his own it is) before shamelessly palming himself through his pants. a desperate, wounded animal noise slips from his throat
at his own touch, the pressure on his cock combined with the slip of this stranger's (his /father's/) insides through his fingers almost too much to endure. megumi rocks his hips up into his hand again & again. he's gasping for air as he folds forward over himself, over toji,
fingers deep in his father's skull.

moisture's blurring in his eyes but he doesn't look away from toji, taking in every inch he sees: each scar, each line on his face, the worn, rotted fabric of his clothes.
something like despair bubbles in megumi's throat as tension spikes hot and pleasurable in his gut.

megumi whimpers -- he's so close to the edge --
rubbing against himself harder, he pulls his fingers from toji's skull and smears the liquid shining on them along the corpse's lips, over the scar that bisects them.

he thinks, "ah - i have my father's mouth --"
and then he's cumming with a ragged little whine, orgasm splitting through him like lightning, /so good/, running its relentless course before leaving him emptied. megumi collapses onto the still chest in front of him, closing his eyes and blinking back sudden tears.
a wave of sick shame & bile rises in his throat as his head clears and the wet stains seeping into his pants start to dry tacky. he swallows it down.

fushiguro? sure. in name, at least.
but something tells him his mother's family doesn't practice reconciliation quite like this.
---- endddd ----
does this make literally any sense with the canon timeline? no. was it written in a horny fog? yes. at least there's some punctuation

• • •

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