1/ About 15,000 National Guard troops will be deployed to DC for the inauguration. They will be armed. What are the rules of engagement ? When can they fire? It seems clear that none of this was clear for any law enforcement in the Capitol Building last week.
2/ And as a result of not having clear rules as to when law enforcement could use its weapons, the rioters got extremely close to taking VP Pence abd members of Congress hostage or even killing them.
3/ No one wants to see mass carnage with hundreds of dead insurgents. But letting them reach members of congress and the VP should also have been a nonstarter.
4/ Part of the problem last week was that law enforcement was unprepared & undermanned. Would firing on the rioters have deterred them from entering the Capitol? Though shooting that female rioter did appear to deter them from reaching members in the speaker’s lobby.
5/ Firing on protesters is a lose-lose. It will look bad and create martyrs for the gop terrorist fringe, aka Trump’s base. But letting them reach US Govt officials, when they are per se violent, is a non-starter. That cannot be allowed. But are we prepared for what comes next?

• • •

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13 Jan
Amazon, Amex, Delta, GM, Google, Home Depot, Merck, Visa, & the NFL are among the groups that financially-supported the election of 120 Electoral College coup supporters in Congress.

165 American companies helped elect 82% of the coup-supporting members of Congress. 1/
The Majority Committee PAC is a congressional leadership PAC associated with US House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who himself objected to the Electoral Vote count. The PAC supports the election of Republican House members. 165 companies donated to this PAC. 2/
Among the House members this PAC helped elect: Andy Biggs & Paul Gosar, two of three US House members who have been accused by “Stop the Steal” organizers of helping them plan the January 6th “march” on the Capitol. Also: Lauren Boebert, Louis Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Lee Zeldin. 3/
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13 Jan
National Association of Realtors @nardotrealtor: You gave $6,580,000 to "The Senate Leadership Fund," a GOP Super PAC that supported the election of David Perdue & Roger Marshall, who supported Trump's electoral college coup. Will you pledge to stop donating to this Super PAC?
Dear @Chevron Corp: You gave $3,655,000 to "The Senate Leadership Fund," a GOP Super PAC that supported the election of David Perdue & Roger Marshall, who both supported Trump's electoral college coup. Will you pledge to stop donating to this coup-enabling Super PAC?
Dear @conocophillips: You gave $1,000,000 to "The Senate Leadership Fund," a GOP Super PAC that supported the election of David Perdue & Roger Marshall, who both supported Trump's electoral college coup. Will you pledge to stop donating to this coup-enabling Super PAC?
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12 Jan
1/ The @SFGiants, @newbalance, @CharlesSchwab helped elect GOP coup-enablers Boebert, Scalise, Nunes & Stefanik. Contact these companies & demand they repudiate all donations to Super PACs that support members who enabled the GOP coup. READ MORE... cyberdisobedience.substack.com/p/boycott-repu…
2/ The Senate Leadership Fund Super PAC tried to elect David Perdue (R-GA) & helped elect Roger Marshall (R-KS). Both men objected to the Electoral Vote count, tried to throw away millions of legal votes & overthrow our govt. Here are the companies that funded the Super PAC.
3/ Companies that helped elect coup-supporting members via the Super PAC: @Citadel @ReyesCareers @RSG_insurance @CharlesSchwab @nardotrealtor @IBKR @Stephens_Inc @Chevron @FoxResponse Mountaire Corp (on Facebook): facebook.com/MountaireFarms/ @newbalance @conocophillips @ValeroEnergy
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11 Jan
1/ In the aftermath of one of the largest terrorist attacks on American soil, you’ll notice a number of republicans complaining that they’ve lost twitter followers recently, as if there’s some secret conspiracy. In fact, lots of us have been losing chunks of followers for years.
2/ Sometimes because we say something dumb, but usually because Twitter occasionally starts to get rid of all the fake accounts out there. Check out Trump’s account — well, maybe not. But back in the day, 99% of Trump’s new followers were fake accounts.
3/ You never heard those of us on the left complaining the last few years when we lost followers because Twitter, rightfully, was culling the heard of all the fake accounts. But now it’s a new talking point of the terrorist-right — we’re being oppressed!
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10 Jan
1/ As bad as things were, imagine what Trump would have done had a hostage situation developed on Capitol Hill, and his terrorists killed a member of Congress, Pelosi, or even Vice President Pence? Now remember how Trump purged the political leadership of the Pentagon last month.
2/ And remember the letter that Dick Cheney and every other living former Secretary of Defense wrote, warning the Pentagon not to get involved in the election dispute. I don't know if Trump was planning a Reichstag fire....
3/ But is it really beyond the realm of the imaginable that Trump would have declared martial law and attempted to call off the electoral vote count, and the inauguration, if the scene at the Capitol had become open carnage?

This is why Trump must be punished for what he did.
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9 Jan
If the Pentagon brass won’t come clean as to why they sat on their collective asses for 90 minutes while members of Congress and the vice president were under attack and begging for help, then they should be brought up on charges themselves.
During the insurrection, Steny Hoyer was hidden away with Nancy Pelosi, got on the phone with Maryland’s governor, and begged for him to send in the National Guard. The governor immediately called the Pentagon, who refused to lift a finger for 90 minutes.
The Pentagon brass left Mike Pence and 535 members of Congress to die at the hands of a violent mob trying to overthrow the government. I want to know who in the Pentagon is responsible, and I want them brought up on charges of sedition.
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