White person: ‘Don’t worry this politician is only being racist for the votes.’

Us, looking up from racist beating: ‘Thanks so much this hurts a lot less now.’
Doing racist stuff makes you racist those are the rules.

Your motivations are relevant to people who want to exonerate you.
Also in what world is ‘I’m just doing racism for power and profit’ a morally better position.

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13 Jan
The Deputy PM of Australia just declared for white supremacy and white people are still discussing if he’s repeating white supremacist slogans by accident or ignorance.
Slogans to oppose one of the biggest civil rights movements in history and people wondering if he, the deputy PM of a country, has heard about it.
Like remember when a white senator said ‘final solution’ in their maiden speech then attended Nazi rallies and WP were still wondering if he knew what those words meant.
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1 Jan
What I love about Chinese food is the origin stories like ‘the Emperor saw a beggar eating a weird dirt-covered chicken and wanted a taste’.
Or ‘we threw these into the river to appease the fish so they wouldn’t eat our favorite poet.’
Like people are fascinated with who ate the first oyster but what I want to know is who figured out sticky rice stops vampires.

Who left that sh*t out during vampire season huh?
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5 Dec 20
Trying to pass off 4 years of complicity with a fascist, white supremacist government as a teachable moment is as bold as they’ve been for this entire administration.
Also no one writes hundreds of sympathetic OpEds framing white supremacists as some sort of underclass by accident.

This is active, willful, inexcusable complicity.
If it’s true and you can be gulled into being an arm of propaganda for a white supremacist leader this makes you unfit to tell truth to power.

But we don’t accept it because marginalised people were shouting this the whole time and you refused to listen.
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19 Dec 19
If you find yourself agreeing with a racist politicians position on a non-race issue just remember that there’s no need to post a ‘normally I don’t agree with them but...’ post.

There are plenty of other non garbage people that you can amplify.
They don’t need more airtime, or their apparent political opponents contributing to their narratives as reasonable, working class or whatever they’re angling for.
In fact, many racists ‘good’ positions are inevitably tainted by racism.

They may demand decent healthcare, good jobs or climate justice but keep in mind they generally only want them for white people.
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30 Oct 19
White supremacists co-opted the 'ok' sign for the very reason that it allows white people operating at different stages of white supremacy to propagate, defend, detach it from context and use it within safe social boundaries.
This is why anti-racism must be an *active* process - it requires hypervigilance and the re-examination of symbolism and meaning within context of hate.
So while there might be innocent use of 'ok', doing nothing to oppose white supremacists claiming it as theirs while also proclaiming its innocence actually just supports white supremacists ability to message.
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16 Oct 19
‘Public interest’ is really suggesting that harm to marginalised people is necessary for someone else’s (likely then people who marginalise them) benefit and dissemination.
If your freedom rests on someone else’s marginalisation then it really isn’t freedom.
But yeah if Twitter is capable of flagging something as harmful yet keeping it up anyway it isn’t innocently providing conversation space.

It’s facilitating further harm.
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