I was at Centre Point a few months back to buy some clothing. I saw an attractive T-Shirt on the shelf. Normally Centre Point keeps some sample sizes on the hangar for people to try out. 1/n
This is to prevent people from soiling all the dresses.

Unable to find one of similar size on the hangar, I called across to a Filipina Sales Lady and asked her whether I can get one to try the size. 2/n
She asked me to take one from the shelf.

I responded "I don't want to give you additional work. If you have one on the hangar, I would rather try it than make you fold the one on the shelf again". 3/n
The look on her face was one of sheer happiness, relief and amazement.

She came to me crossing two rows with a huge smile and saying,

"Sir, that is first nice thing I have heard in this job for a long, long time. Some one genuinely cares for my work", 4/n
she personally took out my size from the shelf, removed the packaging and opened it out for me to try with a huge huge smile.

On my way to trying out the T Shirt for size, while I was happy that I gave her something to cheer about 5/n
(though what I did to make her so happy, I still could not fathom), it left me wondering as to why is it that such a small comment made a big impact on her. Is it that she is treated shabbily in the workplace and by customers? 6/n
Is it that customer take sales people for granted and order them around?. Why can't we all show a bit of humaneness and old world courtesy in our interactions?.

The world will be a much better place. 7/n
Ironically, on the same day, I had gone despite poor health, I had gone to drop a Friend at the Airport. On the way out of the Parking lot, there was a small queue at the exit barrier.

I saw an old man in a GMC on my left row 8/n
& out of courtesy to an elderly person, I waved him to go ahead.

Next thing I felt was a slight bump. The guy behind me had deliberately bumped to show his protest. Since my car that day was old and identifying another scratch would have meant resurrecting Sherlock Holmes, 9/n
I did not react.

Once I got out, this guy overtook me, cut in front of me, shook his fist and drove off.

That was the thanks I got for being courteous to an old man.

Life is Beautiful!!! n/n

• • •

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14 Jan
The Newly Wed Couple who got married last month is setting up their home in Bengaluru.

I already furnished them the list of House Hold Equipment they may consider and shared it here

Now I am giving them the list of Basic Groceries (They are Vegetarians). Just sharing here 1/n
Thuvara Paruppu 1 kg
Kadala Paruppu 250 g
Urad Dal - Broken - 250 g
Urad Dal - Whole without Husk for Iddly - 1 kg
Dhaniya - 250 gms
Venthayam (Uluva) - 250 gms
Jeerakam - 100 gms
Pepper - 250 gms
Milagai Vattal - 250 gms
Manjal Podi - 100 gm
Milagai Podi - 100 gm 2/n
Garam Masala Podi - 100 gms
Salt - 500 gm
Sugar - 1 kg
Tea Powder - 250 gm
Filter Coffee Powder - 80-20 - 500 gm
Bru Instant - Small Bottle
Tea Bags - 50 nos
Rice - Thanjavur Ponni Puzhungal - 5 Kg
Iddly Rice - 2 kg 3/n
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14 Jan
We were all revering Cows and other animals much before all these 'Activists' cropped up. Respecting the environment, the trees and animals are a way of life for Hindus

On the eve of Maattu Pongal, here are a few personal Cow Remembrances 1/n Image
I was all of 4 when we moved to Vadakara. School was still a year away. We lived in a House named 'Kottaram' (Palace), which had a long backyard. Beyond that was a small house where a Brahmin Family Resided. Mami had a cow. 2/n
Around 2.30 pm, she will call "Konthe" (Colloquial for Kuzhanthai or Child), and that was the sign for me to run across pulling up my half trouser.

A Half Wall separated the houses and I would climb up to watch the guy who milched their cow. 3/n
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12 Jan
A friend recently told me that he bought a diamond for his wife (such kind of husbands do exist🤣) and it brought good luck and appears his time is good

I smiled.

He asked me why I was smiling

I told him that I have a theory on this 1/n
See he thought the Diamond bought him good luck and is an indicator of good times.

I view it differently.

He thought of purchasing the diamond ONLY BECAUSE his Time was Good. or

Only if your Time is good, you will be able to possess these precious things 2/n
I got Valampuri Sanghu for my Father for his 60th Birthday and had it capped in Silver. This was in 1990. He had retired by 1985. My father was going through a very good period astrologically. Within a year, he constructed his own house, 2 more for my sister (with her money) 3/n
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11 Jan
I was asked a question recently by a recently married girl as to the significance of wearing 'metti' on the leg by South Indian married women.

This is a silver ring that is worn on the second finger from the toe on both the legs, at the time of marriage and since. 1/4
'Metti' is worn on the second finger from the toe. I understand there is a nerve that connects the second finger to the heart that also passes through the uterus. 2/4
It is believed that wearing silver and the friction it causes while walking or doing household chores activates the said nerve (of course in olden days, ladies used to walk barefoot) 3/4
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10 Jan
Leaders must inspire. It is essential that a leader performs exceptionally well at a personal level. But that alone is inadequate. He should create synergy and lift his team to a higher plane. 1/n
Take Modi. He ticks all the boxes. Not easy to take a Country of 1.38 Billion people with you

On the Cricket Field Virat Kohli performs exceptionally well at a personal level. But does he inspire his team to perform at a higher level? I have serious doubts. 2/n
Rahul Gandhi neither performs at any level not does he create synergy and lift Congressmen. They are resigned to their fate all the time.

I had an exceptional Regional Manager who was brilliant in his work, and guided and motivated us. One would die for him. 3/n
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9 Jan
This happened long ago

An Old Pastor died and was replaced by a younger one

He was away for a week, and gave instructions that he be intimated in the event of any urgent event

On his return his designated helper (kapyar) handed him a letter 1/n
It was a communique from Bishop asking the Priest to meet him 4 days ago

Aghast, Priest asked the experienced helper, why he was not intimated

Helper played helplessness saying he is illiterate 2/n
Priest gave him 41 days to learn to read and write.

Helper was in his late 40s and too old a dog to get literacy

He didnt know any other job and felt doomed

On 41st day he was asked to give up his job as Priest didnt want an illeterarte helper but fave him a small amount 3/n
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