goyuu ; spilt milk

Gojo doesn't know what he's doing.

It's not often that he feels like that.

After all, he's perfect. He's perfect at everything because he knows everything.

But, he muses to himself, it makes sense that if he'd fail at something, it would be this.

tags: goyuu, continuation of pt 1 (read that first!!), a tiny satoru pops up and goyuu decide to be pseudo-parents, gojo has some issues but he's working through them, yuuji is a sweetheart, satoru is a ray of sunshine, my headcanon of gojo's childhood is not a happy one

Gojo turns to glance over his shoulder.

Satoru and Yuuji are curled up in the backseat of the car.

Gojo had settled in the passenger seat and shot the driver a look that made it clear what would happen if they told anyone about Satoru.

Satoru will have to be a secret, for now.
"Yes, Satoru?" Gojo replies, noting how the boy has tucked himself into a sleeping Yuuji's side. Satoru holds one of Yuuji's limp hands, clutching it to his chest in a white-knuckled embrace.

Gojo doesn't remember being this clingy as a child.

"Where are we going?" Satoru asks.
Gojo blinks.

"I told you already," he says. "We're going to get a treat. Your Mama likes ice cream but I like crepes, so we'll go somewhere that has both."

Satoru tilts his head and holds Yuuji's hand a little tighter.

"Is this a test?" The boy's voice is soft and wavering.
Gojo's mind had been full of the different shops they could visit but, for once, his thoughts screech to a halt.

"Why would I be testing you?" Gojo asks, trying to ignore the chill creeping over him.

"I don't know." Satoru says, distressed. "But I'm—not allowed to have sweets."
Gojo remembers not being allowed to have sweets as a child.

If anything, one might think that he'd been swimming in sugar with how big his sweet tooth is as an adult.

"Is this a test?" Satoru repeats. His azure gaze is wary. "They usually tell me the rules first if it is."
That raises all kinds of alarms in Gojo's head, but he pushes them aside to try and comfort this boy—really, a younger version of himself—who looks like he's about to burst into tears.

"There's no test," Gojo explains shortly. "And whoever made those rules before is gone now."
Satoru relaxes slightly, visibly deflating and loosening his grip on Yuuji's hand.

"Okay," Satoru says. "But you would protect me if they come back, right? They get mad when I break the rules."

Gojo feels ice flash over his heart.

Before he can answer, though, Yuuji does.
"Satoru," Yuuji calls drowsily. Satoru's head swivels around to look up at Yuuji and Yuuji rests a hand on the boy's soft curls.

"Are you scared?" Yuuji asks gently, tugging Satoru closer and squeezing his little hand.

Satoru nods, tears beading in the corners of his eyes.
Gojo watches, more than a little awed, as Yuuji soothes Satoru with soft-spoken promises.

"Of course Papa will protect you," Yuuji murmurs. "So will I. Mama is really strong too."

Satoru nods into the fabric of Yuuji's hoodie.

"No one will take you from us, Satoru."
"We won't ever let anyone take you away from us," Yuuji repeats. "So, you don't have to be scared, okay?"

"Okay, Mama," Satoru sniffles. Yuuji smiles and pats his head.

Gojo notices how Satoru's eyelids begin to droop as the car ride continues and, apparently, so does Yuuji.
Yuuji's hand drifts down to rub Satoru's back, the same way that someone may soothe a fussy baby.

Satoru's eyes fall shut as he yawns and rests his head on Yuuji's chest.

"I'll wake you up when we get there," Yuuji whispers. "Have a nice nap, Satoru."

Gojo watches quietly.
"G'night," Satoru mumbles, curling his little fingers around Yuuji's hand. "Love you, Mama. Love you, Papa."

The boy's voice trails off at the end as he finally dozes off.

Yuuji looks up from Satoru's sleeping face to meet Gojo's gaze.

"Sensei," he says, emphatically.
Gojo slaps a smile onto his face and turns back around. He snaps his fingers a few times, just to remind the driver who he is.

"Yes, Yuuji?" Gojo chirps.

A glance in the rear view mirror tells him that Yuuji isn't impressed.

"We have to talk about this," Yuuji insists.
Gojo knows that Yuuji is right.

Gojo knows that they really should come up with a plan to keep Satoru and he knows that he'll have to explain why there is no other option but to keep the boy.

There's about two decades of memories that Gojo will have to put on the table.
It's a shame since he'd spent so, so long trying to forget them.

Yuuji is still looking at him, firm and expectant.

"We'll talk about it," Gojo concedes. "Not now, though. Please, Yuuji."

It's not often that Gojo sincerely says "please."

Yuuji softens.

"Okay, Sensei. Later."

• • •

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