For clarification, I'm not saying disabled people who are or are seen as smart aren't oppressed. All disabled people face ableism to one degree or another.

I'm saying no disabled person is oppressed specifically because they are or are seen as smart.
When I asked for accommodations in school and they wouldn't give them to me because I'm "smart" (which is a social construct btw), I wasn't actually being oppressed because I was smart. I was being oppressed because I was disabled.
If the school didn't see me as smart, I would've been put into special ed, which is often extremely abusive and really its own layer of oppression. I would've been able to advocate for myself even less and much of my autonomy would've been even more stripped away.
I've experienced only the tiniest slice of what people who aren't perceived as intelligent have experienced and even then there's a marked difference.
People often don't see me as intelligent because they mistake my Tourette's for an intellectual disability or severe mental health issue.

For many, I am immediately more humanized as soon as I can speak coherent sentences and they recognize me as smart.
There are many people who society never takes seriously or respects. People who have literally no rights because society dehumanizes them so heavily due to lack of or perceived lack of intelligence.
Not all ableism is the same and we are not oppressed for the disabilities we don't have. We are not oppressed when we don't face intellectual ableism.

In fact, if you don't face intellectual ableism, you probably usually act as an oppressor.
"Smart" is an oppressor class, sorry not sorry. Intellectual ableism is one of the most severe and ingrained types of ableism in this society. And disabled people who are part of this oppressor class will often use this to throw other disabled people under the bus.
All the while crying about how we got so screwed over "because we're smart".

Yet we're often seen clamoring over each other to prove how much we're "not like *those* disabled people".

And I'm just saying we can't have it both ways.

• • •

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13 Jan
Tw: special ed, abuse, isolation

I've been in a special ed program for those with more mild-moderate disabilities once. One day my chronic illness meant I was cognitive issues that stopped me from reading. So they locked me in a back room for hours.
Luckily I'm fine, not very traumatized and you know why I was able to get out of that situation? Because I was often smart so I didn't have to be forcibly segregated (it was one of the many different things I tried to get the accommodations I needed).
But people who with intellectual disabilities and more obvious cognitive disabilities as well as those who don't have access to adequate communication experience this all the time and worse. And they can't escape.
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
This..... this has been bothering me for a while actually. I say this as a disabled smart kid (though not gifted): I am so tired of disabled smart kid tears.

Y'all are not oppressed because society thought you were smart.
Did they ignore your disabilities? Yes. But do you know what society does to people it recognizes as disabled? It's different depending on the disability, but for a lot of people, people sometimes hardly even recognized within spaces supposedly for disability rights...
It basically means you have no rights. I mean, no autonomy whatsoever. No right to education, to vote, to reproductive autonomy, to make decisions about your medical care, to medical care in general, etc.
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
Fellow ADHDers, I'm sorry to burst your bubble cause I know we all like to believe we're so much smarter than other mentally disabled people, but ADHD is, in fact, a cognitive disability and you get nothing by throwing other disabled people under the bus.
However, if you don't have any other cognitive disabilities, you should acknowledge your relative privilege that society so much more often sees you as intelligent because if it didn't, you'd have a lot less rights 😬.
I also honestly think we need to stop centering "gifted kids" so much. Yes, y'all do get screwed over, but you also have voting rights, more reproductive rights, probably won't end up in a sheltered workshop or institutionalized in one way or another, etc, etc.
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
This isn't a subtweet or anything, just something I remembered I wanted to talk about, but please be sure to not fall into ableism and puritan work ethics when criticizing landlords.

The problem isn't how little they do for society. The problem is exploitation.
If a landlord had a "real job" on the side where they, idk made food for people or something, that wouldn't change the fact that they're exploiting people and actively keeping people houseless by hoarding things other people need.
We need to be precise and accurate in our theory and critique. Otherwise we'll both hurt the people capitalism already hurts the most and not be able to fully address the problem at hand because we don't have an accurate understanding of it.
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
A lot of white leftists misunderstand capitalism because they misunderstand this (whether purposefully or not). And they misunderstand this because they're still attached to their whiteness and their colonizer status.
Like y'all wanna be colonizers, but also want to be offended when we call you colonizers. Please pick one cause the cognitive dissonance is painful to witness.
Also, if you don't address colonialism, you will end up with capitalism again because you're going to end up with the same problems of directing resources as the first colonizers did. If you want to do colonialism globally, you need some form of capitalism to support it.
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12 Jan
The answer is that this is actually a thinly veiled excuse for the genocide of BIPOC. The US traps us in poverty and then claims we can't raise our children in the conditions they created and they take the children away instead of changing our conditions.
Colonialism is the core contradiction of our society, not capitalism, but this has capitalist forces behind it as well. But as always, capitalism only exists to support colonialism, as a way to funnel resources away from indigenous people to settlers and settler capitalists.
But it's ultimate goal is to wipe us all out while they hoard the resources for themselves, always in less and less hands.

Of course, this can never work. It's essentially a death cult in the end, but settlers only think of their immediate interests, not long term.
Read 4 tweets

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