Free gyaan to law students on my timeline. Pl take it seriously - most lawyers will tell you the exact opposite. So take a call.
Most lawyers, specially when they come recruiting to campus talk about how inadequately prepared law students are for ‘real life’ as a lawyer. They will also say this ad naseam. They will also lecture academicians incessantly about how it’s a pain to teach students the ‘real law’
That the curriculum should be overhauled, as it’s not preparing students with real skills. IGNORE THEM.
What you will learn as students, the focus, the depth and width of your learning will never ever be replicated in your professional life. What you learn today will be your foundation - focus on the wrong thing i.e. ‘real law’ and your foundation will remain weak for a lifetime.
What lawyers call ‘real law’ varies from practice to practice and you literally have a lifetime to learn. Research will often be hurried, be on a very narrow point (sometimes literally a comma), and often that narrow research, though adding to your knowledge, be never used again.
By contrast, no matter what you practice, the foundations of Consti, Contract, Property and a dozen other areas will be useful for you for life. Try telling a client that you will look up what a contingent contract is and then advice.
No matter how hard you work, how many ‘real’ skills you have picked up, how good your research has become, the client will run away from you at the speed of light.
Also, if your foundation is good, like in maths - connecting and formulating becomes much easier. You will spot things inside your head (literally from 25 years before from your classroom) and make a point your real lawyer friend will never be able to make.
In short, focus on your studies. A LOT. Yes, internships are useful wine tasting journeys of the ‘real world’ - but recognise them as such and not as an important part of your eduction. They are not.
Finally, avoid shortcuts in law school. I know reading Seervai or Mulla cover to cover is mind numbingly painful. But you will never be able to do it again (never say never though). Don’t just stick to what is assigned as courseware.
At least for the fundamental subjects go for the solid texts.
And have fun outside of academia on the football ground - the real world can wait.

• • •

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11 Jan
How does a government put a legislation on 'hold'? Is there any constitutional mechanism for the executive to 'pause' a validly passed legislation? Genuine Koshan.
So a committee of 'wise men/women' selected by the SC will stand in judgement over the law passed by parliament?
Here is the thing - a law can be stayed based on usual methods, it can be held unconstitutional based on violation of the Constitution. There is no shortcut to this based on the say so of even a large number of people, merely because they are loud.
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Letter from the stock markets to the sceptics: "I may be high, but I'm not crazy." Caution, this thread may not age well, but I didn't really write it :).

~Thread from a twitter economist.
They world is in one of the biggest crisis since the 2nd world war, but the stock markets seem to be on a relentless upward move. They appear completely divorced from reality. Really? Probably not. Here are reasons why the markets may be euphoric, but aren't crazy or stupid.
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See the first line of this article - almost accusing the Pfizer CEO of insider trading. ‘After a surge’ seems to causally connect the vaccine with the sale. Image
The truth is a scroll away. This sale was pre-planned almost 3 months before in a trading plan. These plans are essentially plans to sell a fixed amount or number of shares every (say) quarter. Image
Even if he were to sell AFTER the announcement was made, without a trading plan, he has not committed any wrong. The rule of insider trading is abstain or disclose. There is no requirement to abstain after disclosure. Unnecessary outrage.
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So Andy calling me a Bhakt is a delicious twist. He lives in HK (not Sing) - try searching for his pieces critical of Chinese economic managment of HK or of China. Haha pl send when you find one. Waiting...
Well on merits - India has very limited direct tax base. So the tax has to come from somewhere. We have chosen, and this has always been the case, to tax higher end cars and fuel - a lot. It is a choice we have made. Should taxes on E Class Mercs be 5% - maybe. Can we afford it?
Maybe not.
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19 Jun 20
Today's thread on law for mortals - I introduce you to two people, they sound like they are sisters. But they are in fact not related. They just share the same sur-names. They are called rebuttable presumption and irrebuttable presumption.
Before coming to the two presumptions, it is useful to know what a presumption is, in law. A presumed fact arises out of a basic proven fact. Fact A is given, a presumption gives colour to Fact B which is not known. This inference of the presumed fact is a presumption.
An example - a person is missing for 7 years without anyone making contact. The person can legally be presumed to be dead. The proven fact is absence for 7 years (Fact A). The presumption is death (Fact B). 16.2/n
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Aap chronology samajhiye. Thread.

On intellectual activists ~ by a well known lethargisist.
YoYa, a leading economic-intellectual-activist circulated a draft which was seen by 23 people who agreed to it. Then @_YogendraYadav the most intellectual in the group, circulated another draft which was published on 22nd May at 412pm.
This was retracted by Intellectual Guha @Ram_Guha on 23rd May at 1042pm.
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