1. “Who Is George Soros Funding In Ireland?” Thread 🧵 1/20

🕵️🔎 One Irish University, Migrant Rights, HIV, Sex Workers Alliance, Amnesty International, Family Planning etc
2. The George Soros Foundation, also known as the Open Society Foundation (OSF) in 2 yrs has donated a whopping $2,115,489 to various causes in Ireland from 2016-2018

3. The bulk of the donations have been donated to NUI Galway. $832,154 has been donated in total in the shape of Scholarships and to the International Disability Law Summer School.
4. Interestingly it has donated more than a quarter of a million dollars ($263,000) in the shape of scholarships for a Masters of Law degree. The course comprises of criminal law, human rights, migration and refugee law, peace operations, humanitarian law and conflict.
5. Once you dig around the university web site it does say that there are scholarships from the Open Society Foundation yet it doesn't say that the OSF is being bankrolled by George Soros.
6. Scholarships
7. Scholarships
8. The OSF has also donated $569,154 to the International Disability Law Summer School. Much of the content seems to be derived from the UN.
9. Disability Law Summer School Donations
10. Under the guise of "Democratic Practice" $162,696 was donated to support charitable and educational activities of EU governance and the charter
11. As we can see there is a consistent theme running throughout with the funding from OSF. $318,395 to Migrant Rights Centre Ireland.

12. HIV $85,000. Soros has been funding AIDS and HIV through the UN since the beginning of this century

13. Salva Vita Foundation $2,130
14. Sex Workers Alliance $100,000.

Why is the world's 29th richest person funding a campaign by Irish sex workers?👇

15. Amnesty International Ireland $235,114. The Times in the UK claimed that his donations were unlawful

16. Irish Family Planning Association $200,000

Who is George Soros and why has he been dragged into abortion row?

17. The Involve Foundation $80,000
18. The Film Collaborative $100,000
19. Like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros invests a lot of money in Ireland. This is under the guise of Human Rights. Law degrees in Human Rights, Family Planning, HIV, Migrant Rights, Amnesty international Etc.

It all looks very philanthropic, doesn't it 😉🤔
20. Thanks for reading. You can find all my 🧵 🧵 🧵 and lots of 🐇 🕳️ 👇

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12 Jan
1. "Will There Be A Day Of Reckoning For Ryan Tubridy & RTÉ When All Is Said & Done ?" 🧵 1/19
2. Ryan Tubridy is probably one of Ireland’s most recognisable celebrities fronting “The Ryan Tubridy Show” on RTE Radio One and “The Late Late Show” on RTE 1. He reputedly earns €495,000 per year. Unfortunately, he is also a pawn in a far bigger game.
3. Ryan is undoubtedly in a position of power, being watched and listened to by so many. However, with “great power comes great responsibility”. Sadly, there has been little or no responsibility. His paycheck depends on the propaganda he is told to push.
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1. “Who Are The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funding In Ireland 🇮🇪?” 🧵 1/17

🔎🕵️ Ireland’s 💉 Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Humanitarian Response Agency, Online Learning Platforms, Family Planning & Sustainability
2. The BMGF have donated a whopping $4,119,931 to various Irish universities and companies since the inception of the BMGF. These figure are just taken from the BMGF web site so there could be more undocumented elsewhere.
3. I wrote in a 🧵the other day about how many members of Ireland’s academia are involved with the WEF. It also seems to be the case that BMGF have their fingers in the pie as well especially when it come to "Global Health".

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1. “Who Are Ireland’s 🇮🇪 Agenda Contributors To The World Economic Forum Implementing The Great Reset In 2021 (Part 2) ?

🕵️🔎 Academics from 🇮🇪 top unis, TCD, UCD, UCC, DCU, NUI & UL 🧵1/43

Before I jump into this large 🧵 I just wanted to say thanks for the R/Ts from Part 1
2. I was surprised it was that popular as I thought the topic was a bit dry with just links to profiles but obviously not. Delighted people found it useful and please R/T this one which is Part 2. If you missed Part 1 👇

3. The Irish Agenda contributors are those who write articles or do research for the WEF site on specific topics like immunology, economics, sustainability, psychology, science etc. What struck me from the very outset was that nearly every contributor are from Ireland’s top unis
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1. “Who Are Ireland’s Members Of The World Economic Forum Implementing The Great Reset In 2021 ? 🧵1/28

🕵️🔎 Politicians, Musicians, Clergy, Bankers, Journalists, Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Corporations & Agriculture
2. In previous threads I have looked at 🇮🇪 key players in the Trilateral Commission as well as 🇮🇪 people who have attended the Bilderberger meetings. I also looked at the 🇮🇪 in the Young Global Leaders which is a site run by the WEF. You will see a lot of crossover between them.
3. The purpose of this thread is to compile all the Irish members into one thread for ease of access and reading rather than having to dive through the WEF site. This is by no means definitive and I will be adding more over time when they pop out of the woodwork.
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1. “Why Would This Ad Appear On The Front Page Of The Irish Times On January 23rd 2020” ? 🧵1/18 🕵️🔎

Just looks like a regular ad, doesn’t it. Well it isn’t 👇
2. If I was looking at this ad for the first time I wouldn’t pay much attention to it unless I wanted to test drive a Ford. Something then jumped out at me. 201 Event. Swap it round and you get Event 201. A test drive for Event 201 🤔
3. Just in case you don’t know what Event 201 is and when it took place. Event 201 took place on October 18th 2019 in New York. It was attended by the WHO, WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & John Hopkins Center for Health Security

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4 Jan
1. “🇮🇪 How Has Professor Gerry Killeen From UCC Fared In His 2020 Predictions For Covid” 🧵 1/25

I said I was going to look at our “esteemed” Doctors and Professors and their predictions over the last 9 months. First up is Prof Gerry Killeen.

2. Prof Killeen is the AXA Research Chair in Applied Pathogen Ecology at University College Cork. The first thing to note is that AXA is a World Economic Forum partner. Why do all roads lead there 🤔

3. On 9 Sep 2020, Prof Killeen was on Today FM with Matt Cooper talking about his case predictions.


This is what he had to say
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