CFPS can synthetise the "spike-protein" in the bottle and NOT by engaging YOUR GENETIC SYSTEM. Hence their solution is a FAKE. Check:…
Check the Central Dogma: as long a protein is involved it cannot act on DNA [well except if that's an enzyme or peptide which can act as a venom-soup... but that can be verified]……
And here is an article exactly about that CFPS proteic vaccines: but.. that was NOT the plot. The plot is to GMO you!
💉💉⚡️⚡️ AND NOW THE BOMB - Even if the vaccine is CLEAN FROM GMO, and made by pure proteins (like natural) it will kill you by the ADE mechanism /// pathogenic-priming when you meet the REAL VIRUS! ++👇👇
That is a specificity of all corona and especially that COVID-19. We presumed this year the FAKED the pandemics. When the population will be mass-vaxed, the ADE/PP is enforced. Then they have only to release the printed COVID-19. 👇👇
Mass-extinction can occur by "mutated virus"... (but in fact planned ADE via vax). Fulfilling "Georgia Guidestones". Check:… ++…
SARS-CoV-2 has some unexplained pathogenic features . Exposure to these peptides - via either infection or vaccination - might prime patients for increased risk of enhanced pathogenicity by exposure via universal vaccination programs.…
That's why they faked the pandemics 2020! If the majority is vaxed, the ADE mechanism is triggered when they release the PRINTED vector. And so mass-extinction occurs. THAT"S THE PLAN. I BET.
The content of is completed [including that thread] and I resume the editing. Check, download. Available on Wayback machine too.
Howto fulfill Georgia Guidestones by a GMO VAX=VECTOR combo. Bioengineered ADE/PP bulletproof mass-extinction.
Via @cristinadobre:
Covid antibody-dependent enhancement [ADE] > >…
Questions about antibody-dependent enhancement, which has ALWAYS been a worry as the coronavirus vaccines have been developed.
Via @cristinadobre:
Japanese paper quoted the director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology: “Concerns over ADE still remain.I am an elderly person myself,but if I were asked,I would say I don’t want to get a shot."

• • •

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14 Jan
I want to contribute to the new Pfizer Corporate Design. Here is the SLOGAN: - "Just do-it, or else!" -
[P.S.> created the C.D. of another top 10 Chem, 20 years ago] Image
Update to Corporate Design: Image
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Parler removal so all migrate on GAB? After ALL other servers acts as a MAFIA-CLUB? What I said to you earlier this month? GAB will become a "honeypot" for Secret Services. And a sole choice for users.
The WEB (1989/CERN) is not designed for democracy! TBL is a LUCIFERIAN (check his faith: Unitarian Universalist like Darwin + Newton)…
Berners-Lee was raised as an Anglican, but he turned away from religion in his youth. After he became a parent, he became a Unitarian Universalist (UU). When asked whether he believes in God, he stated: "Not in the sense of most people, I'm atheist and Unitarian Universalist".
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🐫🐪 [A-RAHAT] ne explica cum, pentru a ajunge la 66,6%, trebuie sa pui stacheta putin mai sus!
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Silicon Valley is an extremist monopoly on tech; worldwide. Image
Apple "revelation of the method" at the inauguration of the FIRST home-computer: 1984... +33 years. UPDATE on THEIR 1984 publicity>
About what we talk wen we mention the 1984 Apple launch? We speak about 666. Check 33 years later... : Image
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🧨🔥EXHIBIT A: Gates funds Moderna for "mRNA technology "…
EXHIBIT B: Moderna goal is to create a "plug & play" OS with mRNA (they patented all possible vers, see below)
P.S>> Is a Troyan virus not an OS in your body.
Yes Moderna mRNA OS it's a TROJAN VIRUS. You body HAS HIS OWN operating system. From God.
How Moderna PATENTED all possible mRNA combinations inside the mRNA WINDOWS System is leaked by a gene-hacker here (he denied his own statement but check the patent! ) :
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The ADE of virus infection is a phenomenon in which virus-specific antibodies enhance the entry of virus, and in some cases the replication of virus. ANGULAR…
Dangerous coronavirus experiments led by Dr. Anthony Fauci went on in the U.S. until 2014 when Obama ordered the work to stop due to safety violations at three biolabs. Fauci then moved to the Wuhan lab in China and continued coronavirus experiments...
I wanted to share the link but TW minitrue dept. don't let me; 100% censorship> Image
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