Way back in 2019, I presented to maybe 200 social studies teachers in Baltimore County for professional development. Most of them were White.

I showed them articles of how the @BaltimoreSun repeatedly use "Negro Invasion" to justify white supremacist violence & segregation. A collage of 4 articles from the Baltimore Sun. All for have
I could sense the discomfort radiating from many of them. But I kept going. I talked about how the white supremacist propaganda from the newspaper was linked to mob violence and racial segregation.

At the end, I said: "You've got to teach the children this history."
I continued: "Using primary sources such as these, you can help our youth understand why they are seeing the language we're hearing today (regarding Central American immigrants/refugees). You can help them understand how propaganda leads to violence & racist policies."
I got a pretty nice applause at the end of my presentation that day. I know a lot of folks in the audience were mad and probably hated me. LOL. Oh well!

But even if they felt that, they couldn't argue with primary source evidence! I had revealed the M.O. of how racism works.
It is crazy because everything I said turned out to be not just true, but predictive!

The propaganda from Trump and outlets like Fox News kept increasing. Sure enough, it triggered racist policies, but after awhile, it triggered the Jim Crow Coup a week ago.
What happens in social studies and history courses in K-12 (and often in higher ed too!) is that the curriculum is bereft of America's true nature!

Many teachers keep giving students the Similac version of history and we wonder why American democracy is falling apart right now.

• • •

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12 Jan
I predicted in my upcoming book that America was at risk of falling apart:

“The nation is currently teetering on its axis as American Apartheid threatens to tear the nation apart. America is splintering politically because it is fractured spatially.”
When you redline and subprime Black neighborhoods in hypersegregated cities (and then hyperpolice them), while maintaining demographically dominant White suburbs & rural areas, you create spatial geographies that produce divergent cultural realities instead of social solidarity.
Ultimately America’s government-enforced racial segregation produces frictions and contradictions that tear apart the fabric of society.

American Apartheid is the wall that was built long ago and it’s that wall that is at the root of what we’re seeing today.
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10 Jan
I've said it repeatedly. People on the Left would do well to proudly embrace the legacy of the Union Army.

We've let their sacrifices and efforts just fall to the dust. We need parades, holidays, statues, reenactments to tell the story of what really ended chattel slavery. ImageImageImageImage
This is why @kcarterjackson's book about militant armed Black abolitionists is so important as well.

It correct the historical narrative and shows how Black people used protective violence to force the conflict that would end chattel slavery. ImageImage
We've got the tell the story of how we made it over (to the degree that we have). First militant Black abolitionists said "Hell naw, we gon' be free."

Second, Black people changed the tide of the Civil War by defecting from plantations and joining the Union Army. Tell the story.
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13 Dec 20
History is repeating itself. After the Civil War, the North largely stood down (except for a soft Southern occupation thru 1876).

Former Confederates ratcheted up a campaign of massacres and terror. Not just the Klan, but new white supremacists groups: White League & Red Shirts.
What I see right now is Democrats standing down and GOP-Proud Boys ratcheting up. Democrats started attacking progressive activists instead of stepping up with a strong campaign to address police violence and stop the Proud Boys and other groups looking to overturn the election.
Democrats are more interested in slogan bashing “defund the police” (thereby attacking its proponents) at every turn rather than confronting the surging threat of white supremacist violence, both from police and vigilante groups such as the Proud Boys.
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8 Nov 20
If I were a moderate/Blue Dog Democrat (which I'm not), I would have gone on TV today saying:

"We're excited for the chance to move America forward. We're going to sit down with our progressive friends, who helped us win this election, and see how we can find common ground."
"We're not going to agree on everything, but we're committed to seeing how we can bridge our intraparty divide between our hypersegregated urban areas and our more moderate rural communities.

We know racial segregation is the root of America's division and we must address it."
Like, that's an intelligent, honest, and strategic thing to say. We could actually sit down and figure out what we could accomplish given the political landscape.

But instead, they made it a point to chastise progressives more than they did the folks who gave us Trump.
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7 Nov 20
I rarely "pull rank." But today I had to say: "I'm Dr. Lawrence Brown. I'm at the University of Wisconsin. I'm a researcher who studies health disparities. Research says Black people's pain is ignored, even mores for Black women."

Now they want to get on the good foot.
I shouldn't have had to do that! I was *thisclose* to cussing them out. I had to give them the business about their shoddy and raggedy "medical care."

So if y'all are in medicine, nursing, etc. Take heed. Your systems are just as raggedy and racist as the rest. FIX IT.
Health care systems are almost as segregated in their labor and care as they were in 1960. Racism in health care often manifests as inferior care for Black patients, denying standard of care, and ignoring Black people's pain.

Well, I ain't having it. Ol' Jim Crow medicine folk.
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6 Nov 20
This research came up during the Great Rebellion over the summer. It was used to try and say that the militant protests and uprisings would cause Democrats to lose the 2020 election.

Also, there is no such thing as "protester-initiated violence" when sparked by police violence.
Although I believe Dr. Wasow later said these protests were different (with a larger amount of White involvement), I think the initial thrust of this research was used to try and stifle how Black people were rising up against police violence.
My point is that the framing of this research was off from jump. It was concerned with how Black urban uprisings affected White voting habits.

The question should have been why Black grief and hurt was not viewed as legitimate. Not framing it as though WE caused Dems to lose.
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