CCP thugs holding an old man down & forcing him to take #coronavirus test he did not want to take
[accent puts it in / near Xingtai, 2h south of Shijiazhuang (ongoing outbreak); see Miller (1990) medical fascism IMHO planned for & by USA under KML]
Medical fascism, forced 'vaccinations' Miller (1990)

Surgeon General:
"Congress grants the Surgeon General authority to conduct his 'War on Sickness'.

Crime is not a disease.

Disease is a crime."

The health police join the peace force in the urban pacification efforts.
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11 Jan
@benshapiro @SeraphicSecret IMHO the only apt comparison to the 1930s is the aftermath of 1933 Reichstag Fire, we are seeing the American version of the Reichstag Fire decree pushed by those who power in now in ascendancy…
@benshapiro @SeraphicSecret "In immediate response to the Reichstag fire [. decree nullified many of the key civil liberties of .de citizens [..] used as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of [and] to suppress publications not considered "friendly" to the Nazi cause."
@benshapiro @SeraphicSecret Evidence #1 : Neutralizing alternative social media by FAANG oligopolists
> @parler goes offline following suspensions by Amazon, Apple & Google

> 70TB user data (also drivers's licenses] leaked [DB: blacklist & severe doxx risk] ImageImageImage
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7 Jan
@lumidek From what I can tell so far
pre-planned US version of the Reichstag Fire 1933
W the help of mendacious reporting, staged pictures (best one ) & induced coordinated moral panic

What they want to achieve is a Reichstag Fire Decree…
@lumidek lol what did I tell you - the mo is so predictable
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3 Jan
@ciaranmartinoxf @smoothimpact @washingtonpost #fakenews Lies by omission (it's a 1 hour call), very likely deceptive splicing - it's the WashPo DJT mo for years
@ciaranmartinoxf @smoothimpact @washingtonpost "DJT v clearly believes that he legitimately won GA, & wasn’t asking Raffensperger to fraudulently “find” enough ballots to make up that margin. DJT discussed [..] the examples of fraud [..] backed up by video evidence, affidavits, & statistical analyses.…
@ciaranmartinoxf @smoothimpact @washingtonpost by @LegInsurrection
"When WashPo released a highly & deceptively edited 4 min version, it appeared that DJT might have been seeking to have Raffensberger do something illegal by “finding” votes [when] transcript was released [..] showed no illegality"…
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3 Jan
@robinhanson @gwern @acfou Evidence massive digital ad spending is a insider seller collusion fraud
via @Forbes

> @ProcterGamble turned off $200m in digital ad spending
> Chase likewise 99% decrease
> 2012 eBay
-> no change in business outcome… ImageImage
@robinhanson @gwern @acfou @Forbes @ProcterGamble K Frisch, @Uber ex-Head of Acquisition discusses $100m historic ad fraud via @nickdothutton…
"For the first time, Kevin starts pulling log files & auditing vendors. Turns out their vendors were making shit up"
Thread by @nandoodles Image
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6 Nov 20
@LenGrunstein B"H" R. Grunstein, I will use your wonderful drash (concealment, test & character traits) as a springboard for a short Shabbas wort of my own. HKBU who is good, may he forgive us & may it be His will that our mouth not say words which are not in accordance with His will. 1/n
@LenGrunstein That picture in post above is Rembrandt most famous work, called The Nightwatch. I used to use it in my classes to illustrate a reality framing principle - how it is v easy just to see darkness, if one is presented with or chooses to focus on unrepresentative black patches. 2/n
@LenGrunstein This relates to current events as portrayed to create a false reality. This is not new
That this would happen at this point in time (pre-)moshiach era was prophesied by Chazal millennia ago (in the name of R. Aryeh Kaplan ) 3/n
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5 Nov 20
@frayankees @realDonaldTrump @TBeansprout Amen v Amen
"From the very forest itself comes the handle of the axe that fells it." TB Sanhedrin 39b
@frayankees @realDonaldTrump @TBeansprout eg corrupt swamp tried to cheat w ballots (predictably & badly I may add)
Watermarked & recorded w bullet-proof (for court) chain of custody mo (blockchain possible yet unconfirmed)
Official recount & audit will show this
ht @78Morpheus @DumetellaSuperb…
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