This is one of the most dangerous uses of social media by a researcher. (Well, there was that other guy that posted extremist content to his own feed to test moderation on fleets.) ugh.

Research ethics now. We must hold each other to account.
I have written about the policing functions of doxing and private info before this moment, including dumpster diving. What’s different here is the remarkable capacity for misidentification to produce misinformation, when people do this in the open and it reaches many more people.
Misidentification can cause so much grief as we saw with the Reddit case of the marathon bomber:…
Also, I am starting to feel like the Karen of this research field because I also wrote this piece with @hypervisible about researchers misusing facial recognition.

It's the same researcher who used facial recognition that is doxing in the wild:…
To be clear about my personal position on researchers and archivists aiding in identification of criminals. There are WAYS to do that privately, where it's not on fully display for those who are unfamiliar with what is happening, see…
I am most concerned with the misidentification of journalists, who were in the fray and may very will be wearing an earpiece while also trying to blend in (aka not get assaulted).

• • •

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14 Jan
The one thing I will say about “infighting” in this moment...

Women who are forced into the position of confronting men in our field often do it out of a duty to the public.

It’s not self-serving.

Our aim is true.
For example, there is one man in this disinformation field that has consistently kept me out of meetings and collaborations. He ran an entire whisper campaign saying I was “not technical” and “don’t understand data.”

Meanwhile, count the number of peer reviewed papers he has?
So many women that he tried that on told me. They were surprised to hear he has never spoken to me. Not a word.

Women talk to each other.

Meanwhile, these men tell funders and colleagues that *we* don’t have the experience and *we* are the ones who are hard to collaborate with.
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10 Jan
Taking a deeper dive into Rep Hawley and his vision of technology policy. No surprises, he conflates time spent on a device with pathology and addition. He seems to be working on legislation with the Center for Humane Technology:…
But, this is a good example of why lawmakers are afraid to pass regulation about technology. This policy is not based on academic research and asserts baseless claims that people are addicted to devices. One psychologist calls the bill a “silly and practically unworkable idea.”
Further, there is no input from community based orgs or advocacy groups about what kinds of technology regulation is needed to protect them and support alternative media. Nothing about the business model incentivizing disinformation, scams, and hoaxes.
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9 Jan
Like war playing out in my mentions.

I see you, friends.

It’s cool.

If you can’t handle the assertion that accepting funding and data from platforms troubles us all, then it was never about field or empiricism.

This is why we avoid conflicts of interest in academia.
Ask a queer fat academic what it’s like to be told by the former head of FB cybersecurity retract her tweet in 2021, and you’ll hear a loud sigh and that she only cares that we arrive at the truth through ethical methods.
Independent research must mean something if we are going to get to the web we want and move beyond this moment, where the merchants of data seek to protect their empire by any means necessary.
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9 Jan
I wrote this awhile ago, but it helps make sense of why content moderation is largely focused on mainstream platforms.

There are other opportunities for moderation across the tech stack, but infrastructure obfuscates...…
Now, defense against a coming insurrection depends on a corporate denial of service to Trump and his extensive network of disinformers.

If we had learned any lessons after the wave of deplatforming following Charlottesville, it would have been to create robust regulation
This is what I had to say about that moment...
"When discussions of content moderation take a turn for the technical, we tend to hear a lot of jargon about “the tech stack” (Figure 1). It is important to understand how the design of technology also shows us where the power lies."
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27 Nov 20
There is a no holds barred media manipulation campaign to make MAGA folks believe that Trump’s lawsuits are working, when in fact these cases are being dismissed and will not be passed on to the Supreme Court.
Disinformation campaigns are successful when they set mainstream media agendas, but without broad buy in from major pundits on Fox and speculative articles from digital and print journalists, the narrative doesn’t cohere. Nevertheless newsmax seems pleased with the surge in attn.
But newsmax and oann will never rival fox unless they figure out how to blend partisan opinion makers with some straight news, while also becoming so influential that CNN and MSNBC must acknowledge them as true competitors.
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25 Nov 20
Trump just called into the PA Senate hearing after hours of speculative testimony. Says the election “must be turned around.” This is the Kraken?
Claims that the poll watchers were pushed out ans treated “rough.” He is claiming there are many cases where people showed up to vote ans were told their “ballot is already in.”
Trump is claiming that ballots “flooded the market” where dead people were requesting ballots. Claims “judges are afraid to make a decision.”
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