So....a lot of people still think this is about the virus.

I don't blame them.
Its pumped on MSM 24/7...even facts they know are lies like 1 in 3 are asymptomatic.

Yet they don't want the truth to stand in the way of the fear machine or their growing bank balances.
In March Covid was highlighted in the UK and deaths shot up dramatically only to fall as dramatically.
This is slightly odd as there is evidence that it was widely circulating in the UK in early February.
Yet deaths in February were less than the 5yr average.
Odd for a highly infectious, deadly virus.
There was a big cry out of 'where did this come from' driven in part by Trumps 'china' accusations.
Yet again oddly enough after over a year of research this question hasn't been answered and rarely gets asked these day's.
Maybe that's due to China all but returning to normal
Then we had the summer when respiratory viruses tend to die out yet we were still informed daily about Covid deaths and our need to adhere to restrictions.
Even as they informed us of the low number of deaths they refused to admit Covid was seasonal and told us we would be safe soon as a vaccine was on its way.
Then as winter approached testing was increased so cases increased and deaths increased.
The Government blamed the students, blamed the children, blamed the non compliers.
It seemed to ignore that it was in charge and could have used private hospitals, in 2 hospital cities it could have equipped one purely for Covid patients, bought more beds for the NHS, employed more agency staff, recruited the retired nurses it had previously spoke of doing.
Yet it did none of this....in fact bed capacity was reduced from 2019 to 2020, agency nurses were cancelled, private hospitals carried on as normal and ex NHS staff were never contacted.

Yet we are told how bad things are.
Just another thing that doesn't add up.
The fear will only be ramped up.

We are openly being told the vaccines are not the pariahs we were led to believe so what's next.

I Imagine masks everywhere.
Even more sinister is the mention of detention centres.
That may seem extreme but it disturbs me that similar Bills were proposed in New York & England at roughly the same time to allow for the removal and detention of possibility infected individuals

So what is it all about...I believe there is a virus as there are numerous unknown circulating viruses.

People ignore that in just the winter months of 2017/18 there were 50,100 excess deaths, blamed on the flu by MSM and ONS but it wasn't the flu.
The western economies have been failing.
The debt based capitalist system has been broken for a while and has been kept on life support by more debt.
The dollar has lost over 95% of its value since its creation.
All currencies fail in the end as do all social systems.
As the US power wains, China rises.
The WEF set out a plan years ago to change society to a tech driven, tech controlled system, where personal freedoms are discarded and privileges are handed out by the governing factions.
As Klaus Schwab said 'this pandemic creates a great but short opportunity for a global reset'

The Government is going along with this plan.

It bought into a satellite company similar to starlink and has been rapidly introducing 5g as infrastructure for the tech society.
It will destroy the wealth of the middle class.

Restrict our freedoms.

Alter laws and regulations.
Alter how business can be done.
Alter how education is taught.
Bring in purely digital banking and a new digi currency.

All done within the space of a few years
What is China's role?
China already has moved away from the dollar and has its new digi currency the Renminbi.

It's already a tech driven communist society but it needs global trade.
You will see on the news how Europe condemns China's concentration camps yet behind our backs they strike new deals with China.
China used its resources to infiltrate western companies, banks and Government's to push through socialist/communist ideas in preparation for what's happening.

Its reward is a rapid rise to the no.1 superpower spot and a decline in western freedom laws.

If you don't believe this then just look how far left towards socialism the west is leaning.
As at the death of all systems the rich clamour to accumulate as much wealth as possible to cushion their transition into the new system.

Our Government has sold us out.
We needed a new system just not necessarily their new system.

@buzz_chronicles save as end of capitalism

• • •

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12 Jan
As someone who followed NHS stats since Covid was in Italy I had noticed how low deaths were in certain causation groups

Until Covid struck we had ~4000 less deaths than average in 2020

Respiratory illness deaths were below average and normally we have ~70k of those a year
Usually the winter period sadly kills off the vulnerable, this is most prominent in poorer communities.

In the winter of 2017/18 we had 50,100 excess deaths in E&W.

Yet in 2018/19 we only had deaths 23,200 the lowest since 2013/14.

2019/2020 excess winter deaths 28,500
My point being
After having 2 mild winters with low excess deaths, did that just help extend the lives of the most vulnerable until the Covid virus( whatever it is ) came along and claimed those lives.
As you can see before & after March/April excess deaths were below average
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12 Jan
The people labelling citizens who ask counter government narrative questions should ponder a few themselves.

How can there be numerous Covid related COI for senior MP's & advisors yet no one is held accountable?
How can senior MP's be proved to be lying yet no sackings or resignations follow?
Why does the opposition not take advantage and hold Government accountable?
Why does media not hold Parliament accountable?
Why use exaggerated modelled figure to scare the nation?
Why did Government advisors deny herd immunity when the Barrington Declaration championed it yet now the same advisors promote herd immunity?
Why no mention of NHS discharge figures?
Why are the US and UK death/case figures so high compared to the rest of the world?
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