“Virility” as a fascist ideal is a significant feature of strongmen leaders, as @ruthbenghiat writes in #Strongmen.

The way rape language dovetails with white supremacy is the drumbeat of war.
And remember this misogyny is between men.

The plan is rape and pillage, where Black men are the enemy and religious men like Pence (& lawyers, academics, “Deep State” reps, Jews, libs, lizard people, RINOs, etc) are coded as “pussies.”
As for the women in the Capitol siege, ex-skinheads and neo Nazis like @cpicciolini are interesting on this.

Some young white girls, at moments of max vulnerability, fall in w/neo-Nazis & get their physical protection in a brawl.

This can bind them to Nazis for a long time.

• • •

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11 Jan
Beautifully said.

And once the issue is our limbic systems, temperature, hormonal regulation, seizures, metabolism — the body — the internet is aimed at our persons, and subject to the same regulations as assault.
For what it’s worth, my views on this have “evolved.”

In 2016 I argued at booklength that humans could adapt to the hyperarousal promoted by internet speech.

I still know that with time we can learn to read the internet rather than live it.
But the firehose blast registers to too many as an actual firehose instead of a symbolic order with intensive cognitive requirements.
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8 Jan
The exhausting debate about whether to call them insurgents, terrorists, fascists, a militia, rioters or god forbid “protesters” is not about Twitter hairsplitting.

It’s about tactics & how to respond. Was this an act of war, a Skokie march, a terrorist attack? It matters.
As I understand it you respond to acts of war with military action, terrorism with intensive police action that follows money and captures the ringleaders, and unpeaceful marches with arrests of the unruly and unlawful.
Are we labeling it based on what response we’re up for?

No one calls it Fort Sumter b/c no one wants a a war. Fine, but call it what it is even if we choose a non-proportional response. Biden’s choice of Garland, who prosecuted domestic terrorism, may indicate how he sees it.
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7 Jan
Three people died yesterday in “medical emergencies” related to the insurgency. Who are the people, what are the medical emergencies, how are they related to the insurgency, and why don’t we know.
OK got it: Benjamin Phillips, 50, Roseanne Boyland, 34, and Kevin Greeson, 55.

Greeson, who seems to be a longtime advocate of seditious violence, is said to have had a heart attack in the excitement of the day.
Boyland was from Kennesaw, Georgia, an avid consumer of conspiracy theories and superfan of Kelly Loeffler. She seems to have died in the crush.
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7 Jan
Adam is absolutely right here. I also got charged with Trump Derangement Syndrome, Russophobia and monomania by my more measured—that is, normalizing—old friends & colleagues in journalism.
Will never forget that @kausmickey, my old running buddy & former Slate colleague, said publicly that I was a museum-quality example of TDS and had "gone insane."
BUT. Even if we seemed to break ranks, which ffs wasn't very costly from posts at TNY & the LAT, Adam & I were hardly out front OR alone. So many lawyers, academics & most of all concerned citizens here on Twitter sounded alarms with clarity and courage & never stopped.
Read 8 tweets
2 Jan
Can we come together to agree that the speakers’ circuit is a big bloated racket?

God bless anyone who makes $150k for telling people to follow their dreams or diversify their portfolios, but there is nothing earned about a speaker’s fee.
Coupla stories form my brief years on the road:

1. I spoke to a pulp & paper trade group for $10k. 15 people came. No questions. Learned later that the group has a line for “education” in their budget to give cover to their meetings, where they dine, drink &...fix prices.
2. Saudi prince, or so I was told, booked me to speak in Jeddah. Got security, veils, burka, eye makeup, transportation all lined up. Then he canceled but paid $12k anyway. Then he rebooked. Canceled again. Another $12k. Huh?
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28 Dec 20
Ideas for profiling a white-nationalist terrorist.

Do NOT get quotes fr/neighbors in his segregated zip code.

DO speak to people who encountered him in other zip codes & online.

Words like “nice,” “from a nice family” & “quiet” add nothing, as they’re proxy words for white.
My neighbor is a white cop who flies Trump flags & describes herself as “tired of Black Lives Matter.”

She has guns, ATVs & CPS issues with her teen daughter, whom she hit, but also has two cute toddlers & a cute dog.

When I run into her on the street, she is very “nice.”
So “Anthony Warner is maybe best described as “a reclusive felon with a drug history whose mother recently accused him of grand larceny.”
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