1/WHY are bars, restaurants snd houses of worship being targeted? Not just for epidemiological reasons as the science for this is thin if rooms are ventilated, cleaned. But because people can speak to one another freely and even more dangerous, met new people and gather new intel
2/...without digital surveillance or being restricted to their existing contacts as on Zoom. And that would shift this paradigm. Because massive amounts of money are confirmed being spent on propaganda to paint the world outside your home as terrifying. If you gathered with new
3/ people or in a larger community, over time, sure enough people would notice (as I did when I had dinner at an unmasked community that gathered in smallish but varying groups regularly) that whole communities are NOT getting sick or they would learn that of 100 people, two...
4/ or three under 70 had indeed been ill but it passed, and that young people and kids barely get very sick, while one or two very elderly people may have died of it who would have died soon if something, no disrespect, which is my experience with my community. And the joys of...
5/ community would remind us that life is like that most of the time; there are risks in the world but community sustains us in very human way. And then this multi billion dollar propaganda machine that isolated us and feeds us only scary charts, which literally just reproduce
6/ the situation I described, but makes it seem catastrophic, would be ineffective. We are like the prisoners in Plato’s Cave right now as long as we agree to isolation snd the taboo in gathering even safely and carefully. We can be told anything by our gatekeepers and all the
7/ messaging is to terrify. That’s why pub owners are being driven out of business, restaurants owners, that is why prayer in groups and town meetings and dinner parties are outlawed. It’s not public safety. It’s because in those contexts humans inform each other of facts about
8/ the world outside and remove the cobwebs from each others’ eyes.

• • •

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3/ These small business owners , mostly immigrant entrepreneurs or niche communities like those serving the drag queen community of NY, hard working people bringing life and diversity and complexity to the city, employing dozens...they are dead. Who is alive and doing fine... ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Everything in this Salon hit piece on one of the signers of the Gt Barrington Declaration is wrong and notably they asked a ⁦@JohnsHopkinsSPH⁩ scientist to rebut. However even HE noted that you can’t tell the actual fatality rate of COVID because salon.com/2020/11/19/thi…
2/ no one in the US has done a study of random population to identify a/infection rate and b/death rate. ‘When we compare this with past pandemics, the latter were generally basing their rates on deaths among those who were ill; there weren't widespread sero-surveys for the rate
3/of infection ...among all those infected, at a minimum you need to check the number infected in a random sample of the population – as far as I know that hasn't been done anywhere (and certainly has not be done in the U.S.)" That’s what a CRITIC from conflicted Johns Hopkins
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Third in @DailyClout’s series ‘Profiles in Courage’. Can’t-Miss intvw with Canadian ER physician ⁦@DrP_MD⁩, who testifies movingly about deaths, illnesses, child suicidality due to ‘lockdown’ policies. Will make you cry. Made me cry. A true healer.
2/ He describes a Canadian immigrant family, who lived from the income of the dad, a hairdresser, eating Mr Noodle as the dad was not considered ‘essential and is forbidden to work. Hunger in Canada...he describes high rates of depression and suicidality among KIDS! Who are...
3/ isolated from their friends so have no safe haven if their homes are unsafe...patients ‘riddled with cancer’ because they were too afraid of COVID to get screenings...the effect of telemedicine leading to patients not following doctors’ directions or taking their medicine...
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One of the most important interviews of our time, first of 4 DailyClout Profiles in Courage: ‘Cybersecurity Expert Steve Waterhouse Warns that N America is Under Attack’ via @YouTube
2/ @Water_Steve, thank you for your patriotism and courage in warning us all how the pandemic has allowed for a massive ‘hack’ of the human capital, IP and government proprietary information of the West, by our enemies. Between this interview, @MichaelPSenger’s/Gen Spalding’s...
3/ letter to law enforcement snd intel agencies about the ties of ‘lockdown’ proponents to the Chinese Communist Party, and the exposure by scientists such as @goddeketal of the corrupt peer review process that led to the paper that justified a ‘lockdown’ invented by our most
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1/ After reading @MichaelPSenger’s and Gen @robert_spalding ‘s, others’, brilliant letter to intel agencies abs police about China’s network of Western ‘lockdown’ enablers, plus seeing @BrianOSheaSPI ‘s powerful evidence about how China/Big Tech/Big Medical Data ally to profit...
2: from crippling Western ‘lockdowns’, I realize why this time has been so uneasy. We are witnessing ‘solutions’ that are Marxist or totalitarian and not Western. The West has a lot to answer for historically but we should not lose sight of what’s beautiful about free societies..
3/ and Western intellectual traditions. It should not be un-woke to value the Enlightenment, liberalism, scientific process, free speech, ‘liberte, egalite, fraternite’ and all the gorgeous legacies of Western humanism. Every society has things to treasure and cherish but now...
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1/Just had an interview scheduled with @goddeketal, Dr Simon Goddek, the post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics in the field of biotechnology, at an unnamed Dutch university. This researcher has been publicly pointing out that the paper that...
2/ the PCR test as the gold standard underlying global "lockdowns" was passed after maximum ONE day of peer review, as opposed to the average at that same journal of 172 days in 2019. Also that several authors have conflicts of interest. Unfortunately we were forced to cancel..
3/ because he was strongly advised by his university to maintain silence and not speak publicly -- to step back from this issue. I learned from a source that his university was heavily assailed by many complaints. Other scientists who have signed the review criticizing the PRC..
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