I’ve been sharing my covid journey on Twitter for the past few months, so I figured I’d share this as well. Last week I had a doctors appointment and they discovered that my heart rate is *still* abnormal. 8+ months after having covid, I still have tachycardia.
My lung function test was also a nightmare. I do have asthma, but my lung function has never been *this* bad in the 10+ years I’ve been asthmatic. I also have to see a gastroenterologist because I still have absolutely no appetite and can go 7+ days without eating a meal.
Not only that, but my stomach is inflamed now. Something I’ve never experienced pre-covid. The amount of specialists I have to see just because of this virus is wild. I also couldn’t imagine dealing with this uninsured. My medical bills are ridiculous even with insurance.
And I have DUAL insurance and it’s still not 100% coverage for everything. I can’t help but think about people who are being reckless in this pandemic and don’t have any insurance. Like, do you know the risk you’re taking???
While I generally feel “ok” on a daily basis, the constant fatigue is the worst part of this. I. Am. Always. Tired. Because my lungs/heart are working so hard. Walking a few steps literally has me exhausted. I used to be able to work out twice a day. I can’t walk .5 miles now.
And the palpitations that I’ve been experiencing for months now with #LongCovid are frightening. They only last for a few seconds, but still. They happen quite often. At least once a day. I have a cardiologist appointment next week to talk about our next steps.
As I’ve been saying for MONTHS now, covid may not kill you. But your life may also never be the same again. Also, idc what the mortality rate is. Even if it was 0.1%, that is 0.1% too high.
I’m really lucky to have doctors who LISTEN. Especially being a Black woman. My doctor has never made me feel like I’m being dramatic or like any of my symptoms are just in my head. He examines everything. Even things that seem insignificant to me. So I’m very optimistic! 💙

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11 Jan
Estheticians, instead of buying gallons of distilled water and wasting a bunch of plastic, buy a water distiller & you can distill your own tap water. Mine is from here: h2olabs.com/p-50-convenien…

It’s $150 but you’ll save so much more in the long run from not having to buy water.
I used to hate carrying those big gallon water bottles into work omg. They’re such a hassle. They take up so much space too in the treatment room because of how bulky they are. Buy a water distiller and save yourself the headache.
Well, you don’t have to be an esthetician to buy the distiller 😂 there’s other uses for distilled water. So if you use distilled water frequently for whatever purpose, it’s still better to do it yourself with this.
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30 Nov 20
I got an email from someone earlier that really made my day. I’ve been sharing a lot of my non-skincare thoughts on here more often & idk why I was nervous about that. Anyway, the email said that I “help them learn so many new things because I explain things in such simple ways.”
They went on to say that it really makes a difference in them unlearning years of what they’ve been taught and conditioned to believe. And that they generally avoid reading long threads like mine because they’re filled with big words and jargon that person doesn’t understand. 🥺
And that I help to simplify topics they find confusing and would otherwise avoid reading about, by me talking about them in layman’s terms. No big deal I’m just crying now 🥺😩 no one has ever told me that before. It meant a lot.
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30 Nov 20
I have a thought about thanksgiving leftovers and people shaming others for keeping them longer than they should be kept.
It’s classist.
It’s classist because there are families who’ve had to save money for weeks (if not months) to be able to put a thanksgiving spread on their table. And they may not have money to throw it all away and cook brand new, safe food.
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30 Nov 20
The whole concept of “earning” sick time is....I don’t even know where to start with unwrapping that. So many layers. So, so problematic. Nobody should ever have to “earn” time to take care of their health. This is how people end up suddenly dying because they NEVER had time.
I went MONTHS dealing with migraines that would cause me to have to pull over while driving because my eyes would be crossing so badly and my vision would be blurry from the migraine. I still had a corporate job at this time and I didn’t have the days off to see a doctor.
I went months having to go to work daily. Work through a migraine (not knowing if it was anything more serious). And the worst part is that, because I had to drive myself to work, it made me put others on the road at risk because I was driving with poor vision during migraines.
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29 Nov 20
I need to be more careful with manifesting 💀 I got into a fight with someone important to me and I said I don’t want to speak to them for at least a week. But I didn’t block them. They’ve been texting and calling me all week and I’ve somehow received NONE of their calls/texts.
And I double checked to make sure I never blocked them. So I have no idea how this happened. But today makes a week since I last spoke to them and today is when their call went through 😭😭
I called them back and they were like “wow I thought you were ignoring me this whole time even on thanksgiving” and I’m like...I’ve received nothing from you 😭 thanks universe! We love protection.
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29 Nov 20
Our response to covid sometimes makes me feel like we’ve been too lax about other common viruses, like the cold and flu. People would go to work/school and casually talk about having a cold, while not wearing a mask and not really distancing from others. That needs to stop.
Especially since I feel like most people weren’t considering how their cold can potentially be fatal for others, like covid is. We need to start protecting vulnerable people period. Regardless of whether it’s a cold or covid. Wear a mask if you feel under the weather in any way.
The amount of times I’ve gone to class with a common cold just because I couldn’t miss the class is wild. It’s another reason in person attendance should never be enforced. People have to make decisions between infecting others and risking losing their investment in that class.
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