Remember the man who threw his shoe at Bush?

We underestimate the impact this tiny event had.

With one small act of rebellion, he said to the world, "no, you will not destroy my country, install a puppet, leave it in ruins, & pretend everything is okay."

It changed EVERYTHING.
"This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog!"

The brave man, an Iraqi journalist, was duly hailed as a hero. Calls across the Middle East to put his shoe in a museum. The US army eventually destroyed them.

Similar protests sprung up.

Never let evil go unchallenged.
The CapitoI protest was like that x1000.

Thousands saying "Enough!" to a corrupt system.

Like the Iraqi journalist, many will spend time in jail, as do all who get caught resisting tyranny.

But America has been fundamentally changed after January 6👍🏻

Nothing will be the same.

• • •

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10 Jan
I'm going to share some good Infographics that I made for an old video of mine (video at end).

Please save these images & feel free to share online or in person to friends & family.

But this is who was behind Communism.
This is who runs the world.

And the world should know.
Who was behind Communism?

Who made up 70% of the first Communist Government "Politburo"?

Who ran their tyrannical NKVD?

Who ran their propaganda "Pravda" newpapers & media?

Who were these "BoIsheviks?"
Who totally owned FDR & Winston Churchill to make sure they sided with the Soviet Union in WWII to drag their countries into destroying Europe, Christendom, and NationaIist nations?
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5 Dec 20
Some WEIRD stuff is going on in Georgia & America.

Hesitant because it's almost impossible to verify, & sounds so outlandish to be foolish to believe or share it.

Basically, theory is there's some real warfare going on between Trump/SpeciaI Forces vs GIobaIists/ClA/Deep State.
Article 👇🏻👇🏻

Synopsis (brace yourselves): Trump's new DoD & SpeciaI Forces led a raid on anti-America ClA base behind 2020 Election hacking in Frankfurt, GER.

There was a real firefight, w/ ClA losing one along w/ five Army mercenaries protecting base.…
CRAZY right?

Background info: SpeciaI Forces is ELITE. One of last RW Patriotic units left in Military.

Trump JUST made an SF guy head of DoD, and elevated SF within Pentagon 👀

And the firefight?

Reports of 1 ClA 💀 "in SomaIia" & 5 Army 💀 in mysterious "helicopter crash."
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29 Nov 20
Some in AIt-Right reasonably dislike Trump, & want him to lose so we can build a real movement.

But if there was systemic fraud, wouldn't exposing it be a good thing?

Whites would see Diverse™ Leftist cities breaking rules of democracy & be radicalized to ditch the rules, too.
I actually agree w/ most of their criticisms of Trump.

He's not /OurGuy/, he's not The One to save us, & we should remember that.

But his struggle will expose so much of the GIobaIist J👀wish system of fraud & control that when The One comes RW Americans will be better prepped.
Lastly, if Trump/GOP cannot maintain power in 🇺🇸, the AIt-Right/WN don't have a chance.

In Germany, Nat SociaIists didn't get power alone. They used existing GOP (Hindenburg, etc.) to get in door then take power.

/Our Movement/ needs the GOP & their voters to win down the road.
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5 Nov 20

Pattern in swing states w/ Senate races.


Trump: 2,637,173
GOP Sen: 2,630,042
Dif: 7,131

Biden: 2,787,544
Dem Sen: 2,718,451
Dif: 69,093

When you account for 3rd party vote, seems like tens of thousands of mysterious Biden votes w/ no down ticket votes. ImageImage
In Georgia, it's even worse.

Where they're currently "finding" new Biden votes.

Trump: 2,432,799
GOP Sen: 2,433,617
Dif: 818

Biden: 2,414,651
Dem Sen: 2,318,850
Dif: 95,801

Again, after accounting for 3rd party vote, HUGE amount of mysterious Biden votes w/ no down ticket. ImageImage
For comparison, check out a non-swing state, like Wyoming.

Trump: 193,454
GOP Sen: 197,961

Biden: 73,445
Dem Sen: 72,720
Dif: 725

No massive flood of mysterious empty Biden votes.

It's fraud.

The Democrats are committing voter fraud in the Swing states. ImageImage
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19 Sep 20
Will be posting my favorite tweets of the night here.

I want to savour every moment of this night.

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19 Sep 20

FeeIs good, man. ImageImageImageImage
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