People are going to try their damnedest to tell a story that Trump was the cause of this crisis and a total aberration.

The truth is that America’s history is lousy with fascism, that the Right and the wealthy created an environment of fascistic lies to expedite profit and power
This symbolic outrage from a party who has gleefully used Trump to dismantle government, fundraise, and stock the courts right up until the last week of his term will help build that narrative.

This lie will only grow the very real danger we’re in.
We’re facing fascism because of our weaponized mythologies of American exceptionalism that spurred on oppressive empire and hid white supremacy, we’re here because of planned economic inequality and because fascism is a means of suppression of reform.
Trump has to be punished. We have to reject and rebuke him. But any honest conversation about this crisis has to go deeper and explain how we arrived at Trump and how the Right fomented this moment intentionally and with no regard to human life, decency, or democracy.
We can have better lives, a better country, a real and just and human society, but we have to move past easy explanations and scapegoats and the spectacle and these mythologies of exceptionalism.

We have everything to gain and everything to lose.

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20 Jan
Just a reminder that Donald Trump is a completely untalented man who has been so privileged that he became President of the United States because he thought he deserved it and never actually tried once to do the job.

Just a total failure, embarrassment, and shame.
Truly and honestly, no man has ever been the total embodiment of all the worst and reviled American, and human, traits. Trump’s existence is an indictment and a living, breathing warning should we not look upon him and immediately reconsider our culture and history.
This has been a moment of chosen ruin. A catastrophical mistake which a cult poisoned with white supremacy and weaponized conspiracy theories embraced and inflicted upon us.

The tragedy so far is unfathomable. It will only be worse if we don’t heed this warning.
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19 Jan
You know, forgiving student debt isn’t just about erasing debt.

It’s admitting college, a necessary function of open society, has been captured for perverse profit and opening the door to reform.

It’s a massive, desperately needed, stimulus that costs literally nothing.
Forgiving college debt is the first step in a needed confession that the economic changes of globalism created a captive class who were held hostage by profiteers and that did real and lasting damage to not just the debtors but the people who didn’t go and the country as a whole.
One of the steps to fixing this fascistic crisis is to reckon with the intentional divide between the college educated and those who couldn’t afford it. We need to vanquish this debt, admit it was a massive profit scheme, and begin the process of opening up education.
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19 Jan
If you want to understand the purpose of this 1776 Project garbage, I’ve already had it emailed to me a handful of times by people either threatening me or asking when I’ll publicly apologize for my book American Rule.

It’s a war on reality for people who want to war on reality.
When Trump pushed “patriotic education” he was being used as a puppet by people who wanted to cement exploitation and keep people under the sway of propaganda. It’s knowingly and malevolently twisting history into a weapon of white supremacy.
The 1776 Project is white supremacist propaganda seeking to inject poison into the educational system. It’s ugly and gross and just unbelievably, embarrassingly shoddy to boot.
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18 Jan
The putsch at the Capitol wasn’t the end of something, but a beginning.

Whether this situation today is a false alarm or just a called-in, passing threat, we cannot live in denial any longer that we have a crisis on our hands and it demands addressing.
First things first, the Inauguration needs to be from a secure location. Stop playing around with this thing and take the attack on the transfer of power seriously. After that, we have to address the conditions and individuals that created this crisis.
If we get past January 20th without a massive tragedy we should consider ourselves incredibly lucky but also understand that this crisis doesn’t have an expiration date and that it is much larger, much more complicated, and much more threatening that most want to believe.
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17 Jan
Man. Alive.

Even a CONVERSATION about paying a living wage is causing a lot of people to reveal how much they secretly love exploitation.
I’m all for this and this is why the political debate needs to include aspirational discourse. There are so many people who, like corporations, understand they have to pay lipservice to human dignity and progressive ideals in order to continue in power.

Let’s find out who’s who.
Let’s talk about living wages and universal healthcare and student debt forgiveness and free education.

Let’s see who believes in a better world and who has made it part of their personal brand to seem progressive while undermining reform at every turn.
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16 Jan
Keep telling yourself the coup attempt was just a rural uprising of the uneducated and gullible and stupid all you want, but that narrative massively and intentionally obscures the reality, as well as the actions of the wealthy and the GOP to create this situation.
The people at the Capitol weren’t uniformly poor or rural. There were wealthy there, politicians, white terrorists, a total and comprehensive swathe of the American Right. This situation isn’t as simplistic as people are trying to sell you.
The Right is a teetering pyramid, a movement of the wealthy and powerful focused on exploitation and power that uses white supremacist paranoia to construct a base of the very people they exploit. Any narrative otherwise just obscures and empowers this.
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