1/17 Generally speaking. The left hates the right FAR more than the right hates the left.

The right will disagree with the left, but die for their freedom to say whatever they believe. The left will disagree with the right, but mercilessly kill the right, & piss on their ashes
2/17 This is why the left has historically dominated media, academia, & popular culture. They are authoritarian minded individuals who do not tolerate dissent. This behavior naturally orients them toward positions where they can lecture others.
3/17 They are like the Borg on Star Trek: “Resistance is futile,” submit or die.

We’re currently watching this behavior play out culturally in real time. Conservatives are being mass banned & censored on social media, essential services like banking & web hosting are being...
4/17 revoked, and congressional members are calling for the expulsion of dissenting conservative colleagues.

The left could use this moment to call for calm & unity. But, instead of “burying the hatchet,” they choose to twist it deeper, and inflict more damage.
5/17 That’s because they view “unity” as the crushing of dissent, not reconciliation. They are bringing all their institutional resources to bear, in a TYRANNICAL push for UNQUESTIONED DOMINANCE.

Their apathy toward the protection of free speech should TERRIFY anyone who...
6/17 has ever mouthed the words of the Bill of Rights to defend an argument. If you will not defend the First Amendment now, I don’t want to hear you discuss the other 27 EVER AGAIN. It’s evident, that whatever previously purported claims you made to “support and defend the...
7/17 Constitution of the United States,” were nothing more than glorified theatrics in pursuit of a selfish agenda. YOU DISGRACE YOURSELVES IN THE EYES OF THE FRAMERS, YOUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN, AND GOD ALMIGHTY ABOVE. POWER HUNGRY TYRANTS YOU ARE!
8/17 If RINO conservatives think they will receive any mercy by capitulating to left wing intimidation, they are in for a rude awakening when the left simply executes them later (eventually, the left will rationalize justification to come for you. That is the...
9/17 danger that lays in the darwinian evolutionary nature of “progressivism”).

To them, your either a tool, or an obstacle, in the way of achieving their agenda. Hence philosophical rhetoric like, “silence is violence,” and “anti-racism”.
10/17 Basically, anyone who isn’t an unreasonably hysterical screaming far left activist is an “obstacle,” that sooner or later, will need to be dealt with. The left leaves no one alone. You either work for them, or you shouldn’t have a right to breathe.
11/17 They’re unhinged, and overly dramatic about EVERYTHING. Why? Because there’s perceived power in “victimhood”. It emotionally justifies ANYTHING they want to do, even in the absence of clear rationale to do so.

RINO or not, If you’re conservative in anyway, and bow to...
12/17 these “ends justify the means” thinking people, they will simply cut your head off, and take it as a trophy. Think back to how they treated people like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, during their Presidential pursuits?
13/17 Bottom line. The left wing political machine is out to completely obliterate the character, serenity, and life, of ANYONE standing in the way of them, and the power they crave. They’ll only stop pushing if, and when, you stand your ground with others, and push back.
14/17 Moving forward, anyone who considers themself “conservative,” would do well to heed Benjamin Franklins warning: “If we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately”.
15/17 You cannot live in a civilized society with people who would alienate the rights of their fellow citizens the way leftists currently are. They are championing the same logic used by tyrants like Kim II Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, & Hitler to “unify” their nations
16/17 This version of “unity” is one that see’s the end goal of eliminating dissent, eventually culminating in the justification of whatever means are used to achieve it.

Historically speaking, that’s meant a lot of censorship, re-education camps, and mass graves.
17/17 Give Marxist’s and Marxist sympathizers (Democratic Party) enough time, and they will eventually come to embrace these means of “progressivism”.

#HoldTheLine #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #StopTheSteal #FightBack #MAGA #Trump #FightLikeAFlynn

• • •

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12 Jan
1/5 Progressive thinking individuals tend to have this nasty personality trait, where they perceive any dissenting speech that challenges their viewpoints as “inflammatory”. That’s because it personally “inflames” THEM, and THEIR egocentric view of the world.
2/5 Unfortunately, their egocentricity also renders them incapable of noticing this.

This type of reasoning generally precipitates the formation of tyrannical behaviors, & dominates the attitudes of many in big tech, Hollywood, academia, & the media echo chamber.
3/5 That’s why so many of them just can’t resist speaking to others in condescending tones.
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11 Jan
1/10 In case anyone’s wondering. Yes. The government has the power to regulate social media under the Commerce Clause. As a libertarian. I’m generally inclined to believe private businesses should reserve the right to run themselves accordingly.

However, SCOTUS has already
2/10 interpreted the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to mean government has the power to regulate interstate commerce. It’s how they forced restaurants in the south to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to serve blacks during the civil rights movement (the federal government
3/10 claimed it had a compelling economic interest to do so in Katzenbach v. McClung).

In a unanimous 9-0 decision, the Court held in Katzenbach v. McClung, that discrimination in restaurants posed significant burdens on: "the interstate flow of food and upon the movement
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7 Jan
1/5 So when exactly are Patriots suppose to stand their ground & fight back? When tyrannical progressives start shoving economic suicide via Green New Deal, Medicare for all, MASSIVE entitlement spending, unscientific lockdowns & subservience to the CCP by defaulting on our debt?
2/5 What about when they expand SCOTUS, eliminate the electoral college, nuke the filibuster, give DC & PR statehood, and impose nationwide mail in voting to game elections forever?

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6 Jan
1/68 Sure Shia. You, Brad Pitt, & the cast of Fury just “happened” to be at the same hotel as the Bilderberg Meeting with ppl like George Soros & the Koch bros. Right, & I totally believe u came up with that whole bizarre “He Will Not Divide Us” stunt all by urself back in 2017🙄
(2/68) Understand, at least 90% of Hollywood production is controlled by NWO/Illuminati interests that are allied with the CCP. There is no authentic grassroots rise to fame in Hollywood film, or music anymore. It’s the most corrupt industry on the planet. You either fall...
(3/68) in line with the agenda, mirror the hard left trends, sleep with whoever they say, or you don’t get casted. It’s as simple as that. The whole industry works exactly like a mafia.

Take it from a Hollywood insider. Almost everything you see on tv, or hear on the radio,...
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26 Dec 20
1/7 Not very clear pics. But The Star of Bethlehem (Saturn and Jupiter) was shining bright over my evening jog in the great Pacific Northwest earlier this week. A beautiful reminder that God and his infinite wisdom guide the universe in complex and mysterious ways.
2/7 Its important to keep this in mind as things unfold because it’s a theme that reoccurs continuously in the Bible.

At the moment, we do not know why God chose DT to lead this fight, only that he has. We can only have faith that it will all work out and make sense in the end
3/7 Perhaps Trump was chosen precisely because he isn’t a perfect person. He has flaws and makes mistakes every day just like you and me.
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21 Dec 20
1/4 Patriots. American politics have had a whole host of cancerous tumors growing within it since the Clinton Administration. Someone should go back and analyze the origins of Ross Perot. He gave us Bill Clinton (twice), Hillary Clinton, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
2/4 Since then, these tumors have metastasized to terminally infect the core of left wing thinking, government bureaucracy, media institutions, & many other avenues of American life. Yes even the once fiscally responsible Republican Party has begun to show signs of this poisoning
3/4 Donald Trump has been like chemotherapy for the country. Is it pleasant? No. Is it necessary? Yes.

Because, should he fail, we have to amputate. For it is better to live freely with one arm, than die with two. Unless contained, the modern left’s cancer will consume us all.
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