Okay, last night’s gnocchi recipe in one single Instant pot:
You’re gonna need gnocchi. I happened to have some that I rolled a while back, hanging out in the freezer. It’s cold mashed potatoes, flour, egg. Simple. But also, store bought is FINE!
Boil them JUST until they float. That’s, like, long enough to get out the rest of what you’ll need.

When the little potato dumplins float, scoop then out gently with a wire strainer like this one, and place them in a colander you’ve sprayed with cooking spray. They are sticky.
Pour out the gnocchi water except dor about the last cup and a half, the really cloudy bit. Set it aside. I use a yeti tumbler so it stays hot. You’ll need it later.

Don’t mistake ‘tater water for a hot beverage, though.
Get your instant pot back on the low-low setting, and put in a goodly-but-not-scary amount of butter. In this case, a teaspoon. Then another teaspoon of duck fat. (Or just a bigger scoop of butter if you don’t have duck fat).

The duck fat I used is from Fatworks:
To that, add a cup of whole milk, or if you’re me, a cup of 2%, and a hearty splash of half and half otherwise intended for your coffee creamer.

Now comes the thawed drained spinach. You want to press out all the green-brown water, and plop that whole block in:
Now’s where you add a little of you to it.

Everyone has those cabinet seasonings they put in everything: adobo, Tony Chachere, whatever. Put some of that in so you know it’s yours, and a hearty scoop of minced garlic, fresh ground pepper, and some chicken stock base. I use this:
Whoosh it up. Taste it. Make sure that spinach isn’t sticking. If it looks too thick, add that gnocchi water you saved in quarter cup intervals. The sauce will be a bit thin when you’re done. That’s intentional.
Now, here’s the cheating part. You could have made a roux to start with, and added buttermilk powder and fresh basil or a scoop of pesto concentrate or whatever, but we’re not trying to be fancy, we’re trying to get fed:

Put a packet of this in the pot. Nobody will judge you:
Stir it all up good. If it’s sticking, turn that heat down to the *keep warm* setting.

Taste it again. Add more chicken concentrate if needed. Add about 1tbsp of white wine vinegar and another of lemon juice. I love garlic, and use onion powder when I’m not up to chopping.
It should be thin to the point of almost soupy, like a broccoli cheddar soup. Now gently, tenderly fold your gnocchis in. They’ll help absorb some of that extra liquid.
If you want to add fresh grated parmesan, hit it. We like Pecorino rather than Reggiano (sheep vs. cow) but I’ve done this dish with lots of hard salty cheeses and it always works.
As for the OPTIONAL polenta-crusted chicken:
Put a quarter cup of dry grits, another of flour, and all your favorite seasonings in a bag, and toss the shit out of some chicken pieces it, and shallow fry HOT. It’ll look like this before you turn it. Jonathan made you a gif:
And then you pile it all in a bowl and make a cheese Mountain on top and eat your starchy, creamy, comforting, iron-rich supper.

• • •

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More from @pinkrocktopus

13 Jan
Forgive the picture of my Tuesday night supper, but:

Here’s *That Chicken Spinach Thing* Jonathan asks for: hand-rolled gnocchi in a basil and white wine Florentine sauce with duck fat, topped with polenta-crusted, flash-fried garlic chicken; smothered in fresh-grated romano.
I need my panel of judges— @MollieKatzen, @TheGifKeeper, and @EmilyRNunn to give me my score in the Somethin I Just Threw Together Olympics.
In my opinion, it’s actually better without the chicken (but I had some that needed to be cooked), and I always used Kerrygold until I got duck fat.

So it’s not terribly difficult or expensive. I make the whole thing in an instant pot.
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22 Nov 20
Someone you love:

•Had an abortion
•Struggles with sobriety
•Is sick of talking about their weight
•Doesn’t bring their partner around because homophobia
•Never told you about the abuse from that cousin

And it took a pandemic for them to get some relief this Thanksgiving.
Let’s keep going:
Someone you love is relieved that the pandemic means they won’t be fat-shamed, told their disability is all in their head, deadnamed, reminded of a painful thing from childhood that makes everybody laugh, forced to eat a thing they know will trigger a reaction—
Someone you know could weep with joy that they won’t have to see the uncle that they were forced to hug when they were little. Their allergies won’t be exacerbated by pets or foods. They won’t be asked about their ex. Nobody will read FB out loud to them, since they quit FB.
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22 Nov 20
People in the comments really just working super hard to invent meatloaf
They’re so close, they’ve almost got it
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22 Nov 20

I just got a letter from a PI, inviting me to participate in a survey/study about political candidacy.

I have never been asked to participate in an IRB-approved study before, and the PI’s research focus is on elections, so, yeah. Tough year.

I’m 1) so freaking thrilled to be a research subject even though I’m not a squid or a nudibranch, and 2) I want to read all the data when it’s compiled.

Should I send presents with my survey return? What would a post-doc really love to receive from a stranger?
How do I make this researcher’s day, is the question?
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10 Nov 20
While everybody was losing their minds that @GaSecofState was meeting minimum standards of his job, I forgot to tell y’all a wild-ass story about a *different* GA Secretary of State, fighting a contested election with a whole other pack of racist honking geese!

Ben Fortson was the longest-serving SecState in GA history. TEN governors he served with (90% of whom were total shitbirds, Jimmy Carter being the reliable exception).

I’m not trying to rehab the reputations of old-timey segregationists here, but Ben Fortson was a BAMF. Benjamin W Fortson, Jr, Geo...
I’m going to tell you a story from the late 1940’s, but the background history you need to know is this:

Georgia did not always elect a Lt. Gov, but in 1946, the state figured there ought to be a backup.

(Of note, Gov/Lt Gov are still elected independently. Not a ticket race.)
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3 Oct 20
Sometimes I get messages asking about yard signs, especially now that my opponent has put them up everywhere. Folks want to know where mine are.

Answer: I’m not doing signs. I don’t want to spend YOUR money to put hundreds of pounds of polypropylene in the environment.
Coroplast, the corrugated plastic sheeting generally used for signage, is recyclable, *if* it makes it to a facility. More often, campaign signs Find their way to landfills or just languish in rights-of-way, creating visual clutter and putting more plastic in the ecosystem.
I’m not saying campaign signs are wrong or bad; I have one in my yard right now for another candidate.

I’m saying that it was a conscious decision for *this* campaign, and for the environment we share, not an oversight.

In the future, I hope there’s a more sustainable option.
Read 4 tweets

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