"The transformation of competition into monopoly is one of the most important—if not the most important—phenomena of modern capitalism." - Lenin, 1916.
"Official science tried, by a conspiracy of silence, to kill the works of Marx, who by theoretical & historical analysis of capitalism proved that free competition gives rise to the concentration of production, which in turn, at a certain stage of development, leads to monopoly."
"Although commodity production still “reigns” and continues to be regarded as the basis of economic life, it has in reality been undermined and the bulk of the profits go to the “geniuses” of financial manipulation." (1916)

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15 Jan
We'll see a lot of these takes from the pundits in the coming weeks, in effect demanding Big Tech censor the public under guise of 'holding publishers to account'. Image
A fine one to talk about "defamation" having labelled every prole opponent of despotic lockdowns "a granny killing anti-semitic flat-earth fuck", from his massive teevee platform.
2019 UKGov Online Harms White Paper:

Needless to say, the Govt and Big Tech have long been preparing to ramp-up online censorship, under guise of 'duty of care'.

gov.uk/government/con… Image
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14 Jan

Marx was an avid proponent of 'bourgeois freedom', see his work on the very bourgeois American Revolution for example.

The point for us is to EXTEND this freedom to the masses, not help a tiny class of bourgeois parasites keep it for themselves.

Without this 'bourgeois freedom' being extended to the masses, there can be no socialism-communism.

Why do you think we support formally bourgeois States against medieval imperialism?

Imbeciles all around us.
They take a concept like "freedom" and ahistorically classify it as "bourgeois" in the wholly negative sense.

Or say the 8 hour day being instituted under capitalism apparently means wanting to only work 8 hours "is bourgeois", & we should advocate Jack Ma's medieval 9-9-6 rota.
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14 Jan
Another one who raucously demanded the fascist State throw poor kids out of school, isolate them from friends and family support, & deprive their parents of work, now crying crocodile tears over the obvious consequences.

Shameless pundit creatures.

September, @GlumBird crying about the Regime not closing enough schools and not forcing enough parents out of work. Image
All you lockdown proponent 'socialists' @GlumBird

You OWN this poverty, you ENABLED the State starvation of poor kids when you demanded that State lock them out of school & isolate from any social support.
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11 Jan
Childish individualism. 'They' have 80,000 armed police, 100,000 armed soldiers, many more politicians and presstitutes, civil servants, agents and informants.

By all means disobey them, but don't pretend it's just some simple frame of mind.

Don't "forget the police", know thy enemy and act accordingly. The public cannot "turn on them" by the mere magic of pious thoughts, we must be organised and prepared to fight.
Ask Iraqis how the Despotic British Authorities deal with disobedience, and then ask yourself if you and yours are prepared to meet such violence.
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11 Jan
Remember the Great Plague of 1993?

Yea me neither...
The despots & the bedwetting dupes cry: "This proves lockdowns work!"

At the same time as wailing: "People are dying! These lockdowns are too soft!"
My apologies, it seems the UK will see approx. 35,000 more total deaths than in 1993.

But there were approx. 20 million more people in 2020.

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11 Jan
The ONLY reason we are not yet in an even harsher permanent lockdown is because of protest & resistance, and yet most of the pundit 'critics' are still outright refusing to support any attempt at public protest. They want you to think digital groveling will do the trick, it wont.
Or, in the case of wealthy lawyers, they want you to think mere wishful thinking will do the trick. That fascism will simply "fall apart" of its own accord.

Don't let these people lull you into a false sense of security, we must fight for our freedom.

Well, precisely.

The pundits know that for them to advocate a mass-struggle for democracy is to really risk their careers.

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