One reason it is difficult to drink from the great font of emotional outrage over the DC riots as some have is that the government in that building has been effectively telling me to just hurry up and die for the better part of a year now.
Wow, you guys were trapped in a room, afraid of being the victim of mob violence, afraid of being infected by the plague, unsure how you’d make it through, unsure whether you’d ever see the people you love again?




A year marked by defections at every level of government from the rules enforced on the rest of us, games-playing on relief efforts, and shambolic disinterest in vaccinations, culminates in some of the people who have created that having to experience it for themselves. Tragic.
None of that makes the rioters “right.” But I weep not for those in power rediscovering that a general and a private soldier can meet the same fate, and I do not accept that the representatives of the people are made greater than the people by sacred right of office.
If any part of this sentiment surprises you, I assure you that you really do not understand how bad it is for some of us right now. I have no idea how or if I’m going to make it through this, and I count myself lucky compared to some.

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14 Jan
When I was living in LA mask compliance was basically 100% everywhere I went (including people driving alone) and virtually everything was shut down and had been for months. And here we are, hospitals overflowing, heading towards herd immunity by the direct road.
For months people were told they had to make enormous sacrifices, trust the science, and shame and report shirkers, or else this might result. But if they did what they were told and followed policy that could be avoided- had to be avoided- even at all costs.

Yet here we are.
In wiser times we might look back at how predictable this was and how badly policy has failed to achieve its stated goals, and ask pointed questions about what is and is not within our power. But we are not wise, and we shall not do so, because surely there is someone to blame.
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13 Jan
Trump very much deserves to be impeached, but if you think this ends with him you have not reckoned with the effects of a year of terror, mandated self-harm, and social deprivation on people’s well-being and respect for the competence and decency of authorities and each other.
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12 Jan
I lived the first 35 years of my life in a walkable community and it kind of sucked.
Everything in New York is 45 minutes to an hour from everything else because of basic delays inherent in subway use. The subway itself is as famously unpleasant as you think. Trying to move anything heavy, bulky, or awkward by hand is a mess, especially to a walk-up.
The streets you pass through to get anywhere have you in a constant state of readiness to react which is draining in a way that’s hard to describe. Some of it is crime, much of it is constantly having to be on the watch for bike riders, runners, crazy people, the unaware, etc.
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2 Jan
A couple of days ago, someone made themselves twitter’s guest star of the day by threatening Mitch McConnell. Now this.
This has been my pinned tweet since May. It looks like a warning against the mob and simplistic revolutionaries, and it is. But it’s also a warning to those in power about what will eventually come of their courting disorder and indulging in misrule.

One grows hesitant to rush to the aid of people who tell you that it’s too expensive to keep you alive, and that one set of rules should apply to you and another to them.

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2 Jan
Tweets like this do much to persuade me that present social circumstances are primarily downstream of political economy, and ideological label-fighting serves mostly to cover up for everyone wanting change but no one really being sure how to make that happen, or what kind.
People are having less sex, fewer children, fewer meaningful social relationships, young people have a tiny share of overall wealth and are systematically indebted from a young age for the costs of the basic tools of participation in society- and somehow the problem is fucking?
It doesn’t pass a few seconds of thought. What it is, is cope: people don’t believe serious change is possible, don’t believe they can build anything meaningful which will stay, so they route their hopes into control and denial. Stopping things from happening is always easier.
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2 Jan
Every time I hear or read the word “petty,” my mind flashes back to this song:

There’s a whole genre of these kinds of tunes in Jamaica: mi friend dem bad mind me, mi nah guh bad mind mi fren dem, nah sell out, nah switch, etc. For a long time I wondered what was going on that this much protesting and disclaiming had to be done.

Some men will tell you straight-up that they suspect their friends will turn on them, so they have to turn on them first:

“One time ah smile wi man and wan mi dead long time...”

Read 6 tweets

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