Ten things I learned on the road to 10,000 friends on twitter.

Usually $49.99, but free for the next 1 million retweets.

- A Thread-

This is usually where people create a "growth guide" and charge you $49 bucks for this same type of information spread out over way too many pages.

But BYD is all about giving to the people so this is free for you all.

Take notes!
1) Be yourself.

Do not be afraid to let your personality come to life through your tweets or your DMs.

Your content, your twitter handle, your bio, your pictures they should all tell a story about who YOU are.

Never be shy about who you are. You are unique and powerful!
2) Stand Out.

The statues and the crazy pictures of celebrities is cool and all, but in a sea of fish, you want to be the shark.

You should strive for your account to stand out in all its glory.

Your images, your colors, the way that you talk...

People need to recognize you.
3) Create a Brand.

Your account and you are a brand whether you realize it or not.

Take advantage of the social media platforms to build your very own brand for FREE!

Make it stand for something people can root for and something you can be proud of.
4) Focus on connections.

Too many people come here looking to make a quick buck or to grow really fast and I am telling you that is the wrong attitude.

If you get a new job and your more worried about the next job... then you can never focus on the current job.

Make friends
5) Focus on providing value.

If you want to build anything you must first give everything.

Whatever you can add, contribute and do it!

Help others, do good, teach people how to be better.

Start creating a legacy of GIVING value.
6) Show up everyday.

If you want to be successful in anything sacrifices are required.

But here, it takes 10 min a day to pop in and contribute.

Show your brand daily so people get used to it.

Worry about days off later, for now get to work and learn to love the process.
7) Always be adapting.

Your content, your style and your approach needs to constantly be changing as you grow.

It is like that with any profession.

As you grow, the waters change and it is critical that you continue to focus and adapt at all costs.
8) Encourage others.

You will not succeed here alone, I promise you that.

Friends are important here, their support and your support for them throughout this journey is something I urge you to focus on.

Make friends, encourage them when they are down and build each other up.
9) Help others.

Your knowledge is useful and your quickest way to use that is to start helping others.

It can be as simple as offering tips or advice or something detailed like helping them come up with business plans.

But help regardless and help consistently.
10) Make friends.

If you take anything from above and apply it the most, make friends.

Having the right friends makes both worth the struggle and the joys.

I will personally thank and endorse @SalesNotepad here for being my favorite part of this journey.

Thank you sir.
Thank you for reading, as always DM me if you have any questions.

But first please like and Retweet the first post.

Thank you🙏

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Boss Your Day is not about me and it is all about you.

I creating this brand to teach people how to be their own boss and take ownership of everyday decisions

What is this account about?
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