Starting a new thread for the formal debate on the second impeachment of Trump. If you'd like to follow along and watch, here is the CSPAN link:
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Sorry I didn't get to hear the time Dems/Reps had just now because MY HUSBAND was very loudly saying that if Jim Jordan was assigned to the Republican side, he simply could not watch this. Honestly, who can blame him?
Mr May is literally trying to rage quit this impeachment, and I told him no.

He is asking me to clarify that it is "on the thought of Jim Jordan -- wait, are you tweeting this?"

i told him no

my husband has run away. coward.
Jim Jordan: "In 17 days there will be a peaceful transfer of power, but the DEMOCRATS are trying to impeach president Trump for a second time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭why? WHY?? THEY WANT TO CANCEL THE PRESIDENT"
Yes, that was a direct quote from Jim Jordan. "They want to cancel the president. And anyone who disagrees with them! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 The president can't tweet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭The attack on the first amendment has to stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭CANCEL CULTURE!!!"
Jim Jordan is literally standing there arguing about cancel culture like he's in high school and the cool kids have stopped talking to him

Jim Jordan yielded back his time.

Me: Yes, you coward
Jerry Nadler is saying "We will bring the rioters to justice, and hold the members of congress who helped them accountable." (This is a paraphrase)
All I heard was "the gentleman from California" on the Republican side and I said, "OH GOD, IS IT DEVIN NUNES?"

Mr May was like, "No, thank fuck."

But it's Tom McClintock, and that's little better.
In case you're wondering what Tom McClintock is arguing, he's shouting that Donald Trump inciting an insurrection was "freedom of speech".
I just realized Tom McClintock is wearing a mask that says, "This mask is as useless as our governor," in case you're wondering how fucking wild this dude is
At this moment I'm glad I'm not actually a journalist doing this for my job, so I am perfectly free to tell Tom McClintock to eat shit.
Andy Briggs is arguing that impeachment will make Trump a martyr. He's calling it reckless. His mask is drooping. I heard little else.
Louie Gohmert is incoherent.
Louie Gohmert "HALF OF ALL IMPEACHMENTS OCCURRED UNDER THIS SPEAKER 😭" I mean, to be clear, no other president has been impeached TWICE.
Rep Cedric Richmond: "President Trump put the terrorists on notice by telling them to stand back and stand by." He finishes with "We told you so. Richmond out."

Debbie Lesko 😒
Debbie Lesko is just recycling her arguments from the last impeachment with a few "11th hour" and "7 days before his term is up" sprinkled in.
Lol Hakeem Jeffries just called Donald Trump "a living, breathing impeachable offense."
Pete Aguilar (My rep! 🙌) says "This mob was radicalized by the president's lies, and the conspiracy theories that I've heard on this floor."
Jim Jordan keeps reserving his time, and I am DREADING the inevitable deluge of Republican speaking points.
Jim Jordan gave a minute to Jeff Van Drew, who is dressed like a toon gang character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
James Clyburn is up. As a reminder, Clyburn said last week that he was alarmed by the fact that the insurrectionists somehow knew to find him in his unmarked office, and did not touch the office with his name on the door.
James Clyburn: "This president must be impeached, convicted, and he must be prevented from seizing power ever again."
Ken Buck is up and for some reason is talking about how Robert DeNiro wanted to punch Trump in the face, and last I checked Robert DeNiro is not a politician and also WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING
Jim Jordan just yielded to Matt Gaetz and I am begging the sun to consume the earth at this very moment
Matt Gaetz is just angrily shouting a bunch of election conspiracy theories and really, once you've heard one angry Matt Gaetz speech, you've heard them all.
Matt Gaetz got an additional 45 seconds to talk, and why? Why would you give him this? This is like asking someone to blare a bullhorn for 45 additional seconds.
I see Lauren Boebert behind Kevin McCarthy, and she should not even be sitting in this congress after tweeting out Nancy Pelosi's movements last week.
Kevin McCarthy is just advocating for censure, and being given a great deal more time than I have patience for.
Lauren Boebert is up, and she is a student of the Jim Jordan School of IF YOU SHOUT ALL OF YOUR POINTS I THINK IT SOUNDS BETTER
lol Boebert was very quickly cut off and thank christ
Rep Dan Newhouse says, "With a heavy heart, I will vote yes to impeachment." He is the first Republican to speak in favour of impeachment.
Let me clarify that last tweet. Newhouse is the first Republican to speak *today* during the debate in favour of impeachment. Others released statements yesterday, but haven't spoken yet today.
Rep. Herrera Beutler says: "I'm not choosing a side, I'm choosing truth. It's the only way to defeat fear."

She is the second Republican who has spoken during this debate in support of impeachment.
Rep Bill Posey is apparently blaming the "resist" movement for the insurrection?????? I don't even know. He tried, I guess. Bless his heart.
CORI BUSH! She called Trump the "White supremacist in chief" and a bunch of Republicans sounded super pressed.
Yvette Clarke is wearing A RED GLITTERY MASK and it is SO BEAUTIFUL that I gasped
Steve Cohen is bringing up the fact that Trump did not make a statement condemning the violence.

Jim Jordan says "BUT HE DID!" and read a statement that Trump made *checks notes* like five minutes ago.

Scott Perry begins with "WHAT DID THE SPEAKER KNOW?" And I was confused, and now it sounds like he believes the Democrats knew this would happen and he's....blaming them??????? Yes, it was preplanned. It wasn't spontaneous. But he's saying this as if Trump is absolved.
Jason Crow is speaking. Let me remind you that he was comforting a congresswoman on the floor of congress as that mob banged on the doors. The picture has stuck with me all week.
Rep Anna Eshoo has a BLACK GLITTERY MASK it is so beautiful
Does anyone know who the lady is that is acting as the Speaker right now? Because her polite, but extremely firm "THE GENTLEMAN'S TIME HAS EXPIRED" is so good, she should moderate TV political debates
Rep Greg Steube: "you may think [Trump] is inciting violence because he thinks there's election fraud, BUT IT'S JUST HIS OPINION!!!" lol ok Shouty McShoutface
I just want to point out that someone who hates Greg Steube must have dressed him today.
Madison Cawthorne is talking and all i can think about is him calling Hitler "the Fuhrer" and visiting his holiday home because it was on Cawthorn's bucket list, so!
wait wait wait wait did i just hear "BLM was founded by Marxists"???

Because lolllllllll ok
Marjorie Taylor Green is up, her mask says "censored", she's a Q-Anon supporter, and today she just called "Democrats the enemies of the American people", so she can eat shit, thank you and have a good day
Each side has around 20 minutes left, FYI.
Do Republicans need a tutorial on how to wear a mask? because it goes OVER the nose.
Chip Roy was basically like, "sure, impeachable offenses were committed, but if we impeach, then all the people in congress who also incited this mob will be removed" which, yes, Chip. They should be. The Capital was attacked, Chip. PEOPLE DIED, Chip.
If you made today into a drinking game where you drank every time someone spoke with a mask set BELOW their nose, you would pass out
Um????????????????????? I didn't catch that Republican gentleman's name, but he asked whether any of the people who invaded the capital came before congress and said it was because of the president?

And then he proceeded to STAND IN UTTER SILENCE for the rest of his time.
I actually thought my screen was frozen. I was like, "uhhhhhh???? what is happening? Why is that man just standing there?????????????"

and then he went, "It seems I will receive no answer."

Me: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😒

My computer refreshed for a second.

Mr May: OH THANK G--

The computer stabilized.

Mr May: NOOO
Both sides have about 10 minutes left.
Wait, did Lee Zeldin just say, "I thank the president for his efforts to defeat MS-13 in my district"?? Um. He represents the 1st congressional district of New York.

That includes the Hamptons.
Both sides are wrapping up the debate now.
Rep Steny Hoyer is quoting Rep Liz Cheney a great deal here. Which, OK, but I feel like she should have come in and said these things herself.
OK, with respect to Steny Hoyer, even *my* eyes have started glazing over. Wrap it up, man.
They are voting on Trump's impeachment now.

• • •

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13 Jan
Hey, everyone. Today is the debate and vote on the second impeachment of Donald Jᵉˢᵘˢ ᶜʰʳⁱˢᵗ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᵃ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵘᵖ Trump
OK, they're starting impeachment. 2 hours of debate today, es todo. Then a vote.
Rep McGovern speaking about the events of the 6th. "This was not a protest; this was an insurrection. This was a well-organised attack on our country that was incited by Donald Trump. I will never, ever forget what I saw when I looked into the eyes of the attackers. I saw evil."
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How is it possible that I turned on the House debate JUST as Jim Jordan started speaking? Why have the gods cursed me so?
On the PLUS side (there is a plus side), since Jim Jordan is in his own house (this is a remote debate), he is not YELLING. He still sounds like an asshole, but at least my hearing will not suffer.
Sorry, I forgot to be clear, they are currently debating the 25th amendment. The article of impeachment will be considered later in the day, possibly at bedtime for me.
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11 Jan
Pro Forma session is about to begin. CSPAN link below. The House will be introducing a number of resolutions pertaining to the insurrection today.
The Sergeant of Arms of the House of Representatives has just submitted his resignation.
House resolution to execute 25th amendment. Immediate objection. So it failed.

And the House is now adjourned.
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I see a lot of people saying "now is the time to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters", and I'll illustrate why that makes me angry with yet another NYTimes article following a Trump voter that you should absolutely not click on and give more views.
The cruelty is the point.
The cruelty is all they have.
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An entire town built on Ayn Randian ideals? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG*

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