Jim jordan opening sentence proves that he will say nothing substantial on these articles of impeachment. He will, instead, be a bloviating blowhard, repeating over and over again the same obfuscatory talking points from December 2019.

Which is exactly why republicans chose him.
Republicans seem not to understand that Lincoln's failure to convict every single general and officer of the confederacy is part of why we're where we are, today.
What are Republicans playing at, reserving all their time? Gonna go all at once, after the Democrats speak, trying to get the last word?
Oop, there they are, calling for "unity," again
Guess today is the day for Ken Buck to just stand up and lie a lot.

Can someone push back on this?
"Its a little much to hear that these people wouldn't be trying to kill us if ONLY WE WEREN'T SO MEAN TO THEM." - @RepRaskin
How is Matt Gaetz so consistently THE WORST?
Republicans lying on the floor and conflating damaged property with racialized oppression and loss of life going face any consequences whatsoever?
McCarthy out here doing the "one reasonable good man" routine like his fawning, toadying support of trump's rhetoric isn't a large part of what brought us here.
"may ring hollow" is a neat trivk there, trying to undercut opposition to these people's obviously self-serving calls for "unity."
In addition to her disingenuous conflation of racial justice protests with an insurrectionist coup on the US capitol, I am genuinely concerned about what Lauren Boebert, who set off mag detectors today and gave locations to rioters, is going to do on the floor of the house, today
Oh that's going to be the republican line up and down: Saying that Black Lives Matter Protestors are somehow just as bad as the insurrectionist coup.

Oh fuck them.
Again invoking Lincoln with that "better angels," and again: Not trying every single officer of the confederacy for treason is part of why we're here.
Yes, Beth, americans ARE losing jobs and being evicted, because YOUR PARTY wouldn't approve assistance to them!
Cori Bush saying the words clearly and loudly that we have to remove the white supremacist in chief if we truly want to "heal" this country.
Once again, Republicans straight up lying about very recent, verifiable history and calling for "healing" and "unity" and ONCE AGAIN conflating protests against racial injustice with a literal insurrectionist coup
Republicans AGAIN intentionally obfuacating the difference between impeachment proceedings and those of civil and criminal litigation
Now repubs trying to say that Black Lives Matter protests are somehow connected to the insurrectionist riots on January 6, trying to imply without SAYING that dems knew of this in advance
And yeah, repube are trying to hold onto a huge block of time in which to rant, at the end.
I really hope Nadler sees that.
Stube out here lying and misrepresenting the findings of the Russia investigations.

Get 'em Hank.
Republican Cawthorne with the "stop asking for rights, and we'll stop beating and shooting at you" appeal.
Another republican with the "My way of life is more important than your literal life" take.

So. There's that.
Krishnamurthy as the children of immigrants speaking right after a republican who specifically called out immigration as a supposedly valid fear that incited the Jan 6th insurrection. Solid move by dems.
Taylor Greene conflating property damage with violent insurrection again.
Levin, from Michigan, where a there was a plot to kidnap the Governor, last year, calling out the lies of trump over last year which incited violence.
Clyde taking up the republican line of "Trying someone for murder is the REAL disruption to society."
I'm reporting mostly on Republican talking points, because they need to be seen and torn down for what they are:

Empty attempts at false "unity" at best, and disingenuous and deceptive attempts to blame protests for racial justice, at worst and more often.

This is who they are.
How are these people allowed to be congresspeople while failing, fully, to understand the process of one of the most grave responsibilities of the house of representatives?

Each impeachment determines its own rules as to what shall count as evidence and process. EACH TIME.
Reminder that some of these people talking about protests against racial justice as being as bad as an insurrectionist riot are people who hailed kyle rittenhouse as a "patriot."
Republicans have arrived at the "lying about trump having accomplished anything" stage of their game.
Repubs literally applauding themselves for asking whether the insurrectionist rioters— carrying trump, gadsden, & confederate battle flags, & SAID ON CAMERA they were there to "stop the steal"— had been brought before congress to answer whether they did so "because of [trump]"
I just…

I keep asking what the living fuck is wrong with these people that they so have this naked lust for power and control, but at this point, "naked lust for power and control" is it's own answer.

jesus christ.
Yes, Barry, Impeachment will, from this day forward, be a political process, because it is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN ONLY A POLITICAL PROCESS!
Mother of GOD.
Republicans and conservatives in support of trump have and are trying to kill people.

Conflating the stock market with the economy ain't gonna help you now
Lizzie Fletcher calling out republican gaslighting for what it is.
.@RashidaTlaib: "[Republicans] have stoked the fire and then handed the gasoline to Donald Trump."
Again, Repubs are playing for as much time as they can store up to get the last word before the floor vote.

Dems need to hold back at least 30 seconds for concise rebuttal.
Steve Scalise for the repub close, calling the insurrectionists "anarchists."

"Tone down," "heal," & "peaceful transition of power" as the repub stand-ins for "stop trying to hold us accountable for our actions just because we kept playing w/ magnifying glasses near dry kindling
Now CLOSING with the Lincoln "better angels" quote, and AGAIN I say: If Lincoln had prosecuted every confederate officer, we'd be in a very different situation today.
Strong Impeachment debate closing remarks from Democrats by Steny Hoyer, but i fear that his high-minded appeal to lincolnesque republicanism isn't going to land w/ these new breed republicans whose only problem with the 01/06/21 insurrectionists is that they weren't leading them
Reminder that getting Trump out as quickly as possible is ONE benefit of impeaching & removing him, but the other benefit, & a long-term goal, In the chance to vote to ensure that he can never hold office again.

Rebuke him & then do the same for every Republican who got us here.
And so only 10 republicans out of literally hundreds have decided to say "inciting seditious insurrection is bad, actually" and vote for impeachment.

Jesus fucking christ.
Again, I beg you not to forget that "Tone down," "heal," and "peaceful transition of power" are the republican stand-in phrases for "stop trying to hold us accountable for our actions just because we kept playing with magnifying glasses near all this gasoline and dry kindling."

• • •

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13 Jan
There needs to be soul-deep, daily, uncovered Revelational Reckoning with who we are and how we live. What our values are and what it is we want in this world.

You expect us to teach in this? You expect us to learn, institutionally, in this? You expect us to work in ALL OF THIS?
We need a reckoning. We need space to grieve. And we need time to process this.

In the US, certainly, but I mean globally, right now.
Grief and a reckoning are not incommensurable things.

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@SarahV2K Mostly this bit. All eugenics is tied up in a misunderstanding of the idea of evolutionary "fitness," which was then bound to notions of cleanliness and health which invariably saw minorities, immigrants, the poor, &, of course, the disabled, as "dirty"…
@SarahV2K …or "broken," or othewise "unfit."

In the early 20th century, this began to be tied to notions of the Pure Land, or "unspoiled nature," and philosophers like Heidegger began to form the basis for how the Nazi ideologies would incorporate the American & British eugenics programs
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At some point we're gonna have some real conversations about

1) how mediocre food forms a leg of the disciplinary and punishment program that is the american prison system, and

2) the intersection of "clean eating," eugenics, & eco-facsism.

But y'all ain't ready for them yet
Okay, maybe some of y'all are ready. Start w/ a personal example:

There are some things i literally cannot eat or I'll have a bad time, to put it mildly. If I'm jailed for a crime I didn't commit, or held political prisoner, I'm not likely to get other options. So I'll get sick.
These things aren't necessarily "dirty" or processed foods. In fact, many processed foods make certain i get enough nutrients in my system without hassle so that i can, y'know, LIVE.


The food that they serve in prison is meant, in its form, to be a part of the punishment.
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11 Jan
The part that fucks me up— the part that too many of you still aren't really coming to grips with— is that Donald John Trump told us that this is who he was, every day, for 35 years, and then tens of millions of people voted for him anyway.

And the questions you need to be asking yourself, right now, are

1) How many people would STILL vote for him AGAIN?


2) What the fuck do we DO about THAT?
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10 Jan
So. Something just occurred to me:

Anyone got the rundown on exactly how many tweets Nunez, Gaetz, Cotton, Jordan, McCarthy, Graham, Cruz, Rubio, et cetera have all deleted?

Because some of their feeds are lookin mighty empty today, for how chatty they were these last 2 months.
See this is the kind of shit I'm talking about:
These republicans & @FoxNews pundits are actively trying to rewrite history, & even @npr @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @cnn & @MSNBC reporters & various tv personalities are trying to act like they didn't have a hand in normalizing this fascistic violence as it rose.

Don't let them.
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9 Jan
Some concerning pieces of context around 01/06/21:

Trump very recently pardoned several Blackwater agents.

Blackwater kit strongly resembles the attire of the insurrectionists carrying zipties.

And while they MAY just have been playing mall ninja, here's this from @WhipClyburn "…My office, if you do...
Remember when Rep Clyburn said people couldn't have found his non-public office without help? Well:

And then there's this from @AOC today:

"I didn't even feel safe going to that extraction point because there were QAnon and white supremacist members of Congress who I felt would disclose my location and create opportunities to allow me to be hurt."
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