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Thread: (Read the whole thing)
"In brief, models can play a contributory role in thinking through possible mitigation measures, but they cannot be more than an ancillary aid in deciding policy." -- Until now, when all the so-called experts, knowing this, LIED.
"Political leaders need to understand the likely benefits and the potential consequences of disease mitigation measures, including the possible loss of critical civic services and the possible loss of confidence in government to manage the crisis." -- Until this time.....
"hospitals have often accelerated the spread of contagious disease because of the presence of highly contagious patients and their close proximity to the medical staff who care for them and to other patients who are ill and vulnerable to infection." - WE KNEW this would KILL.
"Second, hospitals must establish strategies for coping with what will presumably be a large and relatively sustained surge in demand for medical care. At present, hospitals have little capacity to meet such demands." - We DID NOTHING despite FOURTEEN YEARS warning.
"General respiratory hygiene, such as covering one’s mouth when coughing and using disposable paper tissues, is widely believed to be of some value in diminishing spread, even though there is no hard evidence that this is so." - We KNEW masks did not work; ZERO evidence.
"A World Health Organization (WHO) Writing Group, after reviewing the literature and considering contemporary international experience, concluded that “forced isolation and quarantine are ineffective and impractical" - STAY HOME orders are worthless and they know it.
"The aim of voluntary home quarantine is to keep possibly contagious, but still asymptomatic, people out of circulation. This sounds logical, but this measure raises significant practical and ethical issues." - They knew THAT won't work either -- and did it anyway.
"Travel restrictions, such as closing airports and screening travelers at borders, have historically been ineffective." - And we knew THAT doesn't work, but STATES, locals and the US *DID IT ANYWAY*. (You getting the pattern here yet?)
"But a policy calling for communitywide cancellation of public events seems inadvisable." - Closing restaurants, bars, concerts, etc -- all known INADVISABLE and having SERIOUS disruptive consequences. We did it anyway and still are.
"However, to close schools for longer periods is not only impracticable but carries the possibility of a serious adverse outcome." - We knew THAT was a bad idea too, but did it anyway.

(Getting the hint yet that this was all INTENTIONAL and every bit of it known worthless?)
"It has been recommended that individuals maintain a distance of 3 feet or more during a pandemic... such a recommendation would greatly complicate normal daily tasks like grocery shopping, banking, and the like." - Yes, we knew that wouldn't work either. And didn't care.
"But studies have shown that the ordinary surgical mask does little to prevent inhalation of small droplets bearing influenza virus. The pores in the mask become blocked by moisture from breathing, and the air stream simply diverts around the mask." - DUH. Known 14 years ago
"Thus, cancelling or postponing large meetings would not be likely to have any significant effect on the development of the epidemic. " -- Again, KNOWN WORTHLESS.
"Quarantine. As experience shows, there is no basis for recommending quarantine either of groups or individuals." -- WORTHLESS
"Screening passengers at borders or closing air or rail hubs. Experience has shown that these actions are not effective and could have serious adverse consequences; thus, they are not recommended." - WORTHLESS.
"An overriding principle. Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted." - INTENTIONALLY IGNORED.

That is not an accident, it is malicious, it is outrageous, it is MANSLAUGHTER and just cause for EVERYONE to tell the government to fuck itself at ALL levels; fed, state and LOCAL

upmc-biosecurity.org/website/resour… Image

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31 Dec 20
Oh, so pre-exposure (vaccine-style) prophylaxis with Ivermectin doesn't work you say? The drug is just an "animal wormer"? Perhaps you should read this and then shove it up your doctor's ASS; these GHOULS have killed 150,000 Americans on purpose. ejmed.org/index.php/ejme…
That's a roughly NINETY PERCENT effective rate of prevention, EQUAL TO A VACCINE, costs pennies, is available RIGHT NOW IN MASS QUANTITIES and has a decades long safety record. The NIH, Fauci, Birx, and YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR AND HOSPITAL are **deliberately** killing people.
"But its just an antiparasitic"? Uh, no. Over the last 40 years it has been proved that: "..Ivermectin possesses broad-spectrum endo/ecto-parasiticide activity as well as antiviral, antibacterial,and anticancer effects[3]. Moreover, this drug causes immunomodulation[27]."
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15 Dec 20

Basic twatter AND GENERAL PUBLIC insanity:

Me: "There's a cheap, easy, safe prophylaxis for Covid that the science says works. If we used it we'd have cut off viral transmission."


Me: Here are 10 RCTs and 24 studies, all positive.
Them: You're anti-VAXXXXXX and don't tell me that's HCQ or this discussion is OVER your Trumper!

Me: Uh, no, vaccines work generally. This one just hasn't been tested to know if prevents death yet. Prophylaxis that works obviously does.

Oh, and it's Ivermectin, not HCQ.
Them: But there are NO DOCTORS who recommend this and Fauci says VACCINE!

Me: Uh, EVMS. That's East Virginia MEDICAL SCHOOL. Which is full of DOCTORS, I think. At least it was the last time I looked.

Oh by the way, the EUA on the vax would be illegal if this was recognized
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