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I’ve been hesitating posting this thread because I don’t want to induce more negativity into the current climate, but this is something I can’t keep quiet about anymore.

Please don’t continue reading if you’re extremely sensitive to acts of evil / violence.

My friends in #Anonymous have spent years—countless hours of their own unsolicited time—finding and reporting pedophile-related profiles to Twitter to get the accounts suspended.

Twitter has made it beyond difficult for them to do this efficiently and effectively.
I want to first point out the obvious that, not only is it a noble endeavor to sacrifice ones time and sanity to potentially save children from one of the most horrendous acts of evil any sane mind can imagine—which should be Twitter’s job in the first place—
—but what also can’t go unacknowledged is the amount of trauma this work has on any normal, empathic soul having to even partially lay eyes on this sort of content in order to be able to report it at all.
I am by no means comparing this to the trauma endured by these victimized children, so bear with me.

What my friends came to realize early on is that it wasn’t enough for a mere one person to report a page containing CP (child pornography) for Twitter to suspend the account.
Because of this, they were forced to share the discovered CP pages with followers, asking them to also report the accounts to effectively get the attention of Twitter.

Now this trauma, however moderate, is being multiplied to every person who simply wants to do what’s right...
Anonymous has written letter upon letter to Twitter, pleading with them to make the process easier.

Twitter has in fact responded with excuses and empty promises, and nothing has ever been done to solve the problem.
One question we have to ask ourselves is why doesn’t Twitter have a division to remove pages containing child pornography that’s as expedient as the one that removed our President and hundreds of thousands of conservatives from its platform in just the past few days?
Why must we also face the irony that many of those same people hunting down pedophiles got their own profiles suspended by Twitter in the past with absolutely no explanation as to why?
It’s no secret that Twitter has been more than effective at hunting down Anonymous, Qanon, and conservative pages over the past year and removing them from the platform.

So what could possibly be a valid excuse for not also targeting pedophiles?
In short, these groups have been identified by Twitter as bigger threats to society than pedophiles who sexually abuse children, traumatize them beyond measure, and rob them of their futures, while further exploiting the kids by publicly spreading the content across the platform.
Imagine if these were your children. Are we really still pretending that Twitter is acting in the best interest of our society by silencing non-violent conservatives?

For every child currently being abused, and for our future generations, who is the real threat?
Sexual abuse of children is the pinnacle of evil. It’s the worst kind of violence.

Can you honestly think of a more dangerous threat to society?

Something really needs to be done about this.
Every time I see someone supporting the current level of censorship being promoted by Twitter, thinking it’s in their best interest, I truly want to ask why they’re not using their voice to protect these children instead.
I don’t know the solution to finally get Twitter to take action, or to answer why they don’t consider this a priority. The only power I have as an individual is to spread awareness.

If even one person speaks up, maybe it can have a ripple effect that will save a child’s life 💔

• • •

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