Fine. I'll call you out since you want to play this game

I'll use the five methods of sex determination. Something that for some reason is forgotten now because we've suddenly stopped using common sense and utilizing our advancements in technology, especially utero determination
Case 1.

Karyotype - XY [SRY][M]
External Genitalia - [F, Vagina.]
Internal Gonads - Arguably Null, dysfunctional internal testicles that can't perform a typical function.
Hormone Profile - [F, due to conversion due to insensitivity to androgens]
Internal Reproductive: Null.
Case 2:
Karyotype - XX [No SRY present][F]
External Genitalia - Ambiguous doesn't mean not Female. No penis, fused aspects.
Internal Gonads - Ovaries [F]
Hormone Profile - Null, salt wasting makes this hard to factor
Internal Reproductive: Mullerian, [F]
Case 3:
Karyotype - XY [SRY][M]
External Genitalia - becomes more male like after puberty kicks in and the initial delay is offset. [M, can arguably be null]
Gonads - Testicles, internal or external. Functional. [M]
Hormone Profile [M]
Internal Reproductive: Wolffian[M]
Case 4
Karyotype - XX [SRY translocated][M]
External Genitalia - Penis, no vagina. [M]
Gonads - Testicles[M]
Hormone Profile - [M]
Internal Reproductive Structure [Wolffian, despite infertility]
Case 1: Female
Case 2: Female
Case 3: Male
Case 4: Male

Not hard, stop dictating that bodies have to look and perform a certain way to be male or female all for the argument of transgender people. We are not your tools.

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11 Jan
Going to bed with freeze burning in my chest, chest hurting and excessive difficulty breathing... These are the nights where I question if I'll wake up the next day.. sometimes even wishing I don't wake up. the damage done to my body haunts me and I wish this on no one.
Thankfully, it has mostly passed.. I just feel pain in my chest but can breathe again after a few hours of rest. This following the day I lost consciousness randomly is just yet another reminder I will never have a healthy body again. That and my nerve jolts in my leg and arm..
Is it the fact my being intersex was neglected and I wasn't put on essential treatment? Was it the fact I was put on cross-sex hrt during my endocrine profile being suppressed to negligence? Both? No idea. All I know is my body isn't healthy as a result and never can be.
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10 Jan
Another thread so soon? This one's going to be about a classic argument, sex determination. There are five methods of sex determination and I'm going to go into depth on my arguments on why I state that sex is able to be determined in all cases. #intersex
As you know if you follow me, there are five factors in sex determination. I've briefly gone into this in other threads but this thread is dedicated entirely to dissecting this whole thing apart. You only need one, or two for 99.98% of people when they are born.
However we're going to talk about those who are "ambiguously sexed" like myself and that brings me to my next argument and point.

The five determination methods in question:
Karyotype, Presenting Genitalia, Gonads, Hormone Production, Internal Reproductive Structures.
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9 Jan
I can't believe this needs said but yet another thread on why a third marker for intersex people that isn't chosen by them, or requested as an adult is something bad and will only cause harm. This will mostly be my own opinions.
There is no good that can come of it. Being born with a congenital condition of sexual development or being intersex is alienating enough but imagine looking no different from your peers and having everyone know these personal details about you, about your life and your body?
Intersex children are already isolated and picked on when they do have physical differences from their peers, look at any intersex man's or woman's story and you'll see just that. Accounts of harassment, bullying, discluded and especially being made fun of.
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27 Dec 20
Update with the niece: So in terms of what happened there's this.

I've been using a cream to slowly treat this.

My sister and her husband told the kid that sabotaging my toiletries was equal to a transphobe doing it to someone trans for the literal case of being trans
- No longer allowed to opt out of family nights.
- Cellphone was replaced with a tracphone, approved contacts only.
- Computer now has a 8:00 PM curfew before internet shuts off.
- Only allowed on computer outside of school for 2 hrs.
- Therapy is being looked into.
I talked my sister into letting the kid at least have game console[no internet] access until bed time if no family stuff is going on. My brother-in law apparently is going to tell the kid "your aunt's the only reason you even get to use the switch." Because oh boy, he was furious
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23 Dec 20
Update: ... My dad got in a huge fight with his friend, said he never wants to see them again. This happened after I had to endure hours being referred to as if I were trans/questioning by this person. This'll be a mini thread.
I'm not comfortable disclosing everything but basically a clearly unpassing middle-aged trans woman showed up at our house that my dad knew for years. I was aggressively referred to as he/him and mostly just stayed there quiet, uncomfortable with how forced it was.
My dad and his friend focused on my "happiness" as a trans man and how much better I was. Eventually the topics shifted to calling JKR a murderer, how detransition is fake and "detransitioners" should be moved to supportive environments to resume their transitions.
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10 Dec 20
This is my take on the intersex being as common as redhead myth. As someone who arguably was born in that 0.02-0.05% range to the degree of being surgically altered as a baby and nearly put through reassignment procedures.. these will be very ugly thoughts.
To start with, Anne Fausto-Sterling wrote in an essay in 1993 that sex should be on a continuum and this continued to her publishing in 2000. She argues a case involving a 1840s individual who was reported to have a penis, testicles while also menstruating. This case isn't clear.
Levi Suydam was a 23 year old "man" in Salisbury, Connecticut, however the only records is that Levi Suydam was looked at by a doctor and was confirmed to have a penis, now given how poor technology, especially medical was back then? This claim isn't much to go off of.
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