The republican speeches today are familiar to any abuse survivor.

"I hate that you made me hit you. I've never hit anyone before, so that's how awful you've been to me to make me do that. And the way you keep pushing this, it feels like you're trying to make me go there again."
"We're never going to be able to work this out if we keep rehashing who did what. Why arent you willing to work on this, because *I* am? You're the one breaking us because you wont let go of the past. I already said Im sorry and you still wont let it go."
I'm listening to the "yes, things got bad, but you're only trying to make it worse now. Im asking us to stop the cycle and make this better, but you seem determined to keep increasing the anger and the hurt between us" talk now so the #speechesfromabusers trend continues
Just heard "Look, I actually have a real job with real responsibilities since I have to go make the money you depend on, so I can't deal with you keeping me up all night hashing out this drama. I have REAL stuff to deal with, not this nonsense you're harping on. Im going to bed"
This is literally the worst "Greatest Hits" album I have ever heard.
Now we're on "I've apologized again and again for hitting you but what about what YOU did to ME when you raised your voice at me and when you nagged me all the time and when you criticized the way I spend our money? When are we going to talk about THAT?"
A rousing rendition of "Yes, I hit you, but are we even going to talk about WHY that happened? Can you imagine how much I had to be destroyed and pushed to the absolute end of my rope to even GET to that point? Do you not care at all about what this has done to ME?"
"Im not denying I hit you, Im not denying it was wrong, but you're acting like I viciously BEAT you or something. You're blowing this so far out of proportion and Im not even mad, Im just really SAD... sad you're doing this to us."
"I agree with you that this went too far, but calling the cops is such a HUGE escalation. Are we just going to start calling the cops every time we have an argument now? Where would it end?"
"Yes, this was bad, but what Im saying is lets STOP the fighting and STOP the anger. Let's sit down together calmly and talk. Getting the police involved will only escalate this more. I'm asking us to bring the volume DOWN on all this and remember why we love each other."
"Why do you ONLY point out the fact I hurt you. Why is there NO recognition of the flowers I bought you, or the times I made you dinner, or the way I go to work each and every day to pay our bills. You're not telling the WHOLE story here!"
Y'all, never in my life did I imagine live tweeting some House proceedings C-SPAN could be THIS triggering.

What a day...

• • •

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13 Jan
Dear school district: you can't ask me to show "understanding" that this pandemic has made it too difficult for you to fulfill your *legal* obligation to get my kid's IEP/504 set up & implemented, & then also refuse any understanding for the ways the pandemic is affecting my kid.
We are almost half way through the school year & he still has ZERO accommodations for this year (which quite literally gives me grounds to sue) but you want to insist my 11 year old should be held accountable for not understanding the 6 different programs his assignments are in?
You poked the absolute wrong mama bear.

The mile of grace and understanding I had for y'all ran out the moment you refused even an inch of it towards an 11 year old kid who's desperately trying to cope with this pandemic you yourselves claim is "too much."
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If you’ve never been a victim of online “brigading,” let me tell you right now - it’s scary, it’s overwhelming, and it’s exhausting.
I still don’t know where exactly my name/info was posted to send this my way, but its clear this isn’t just the normal angry responses that slip in when I post something that gets a lot of shares. This is a coordinated brigading effort to scare me into deleting my accounts.
I’m grateful that friends who have experience with this have been supportively walking me through this.

But I would be lying if I said I haven’t been very tempted a few times last night/today to just give and delete certain posts or delete my accounts all together.
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