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Fuck it, jinn thread. Inspired by @7kayhan. Was debating whether to post or not because I, unlike Kayhan, absolutely believe in jinn so it was incredibly terrifying to have witnessed what I've witnessed. Also because a lot of it I've tried to bury away in my memory.
Fear is terribly paralyzing sometimes, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I still have nightmares and flashbacks. I truly believe that the house we experienced supernatural activity is forever "connected" to me. My brother and I still have extremely vivid dreams about it.
Anyway. We used to live in Lahore, Defence (U-block by the park + LUMs to get extremely specific). The house wasn't especially old or abandoned, and honestly on some days the inside was actually quite beautiful. But there were definitely certain creepy areas in the house.
Areas that for whatever reason the sunlight never fully reached, and even when it did, there was something ominous and still and heavy about the air.
The basement. The upstairs kitchenette. My closet space. The terrace (e.g. we never felt right hanging out on the terrace, in any season, unlike Pakistani ritual dictates. Somewhere along the way we stopped going there altogether).
It felt like these areas were already occupied. Even when we entered these spaces, we weren't welcome, so we should do whatever we came to do and leave quickly. For example, I never fully used my closet, because I once got a glimpse of someone sitting inside it.
Not a discernable gender, I just saw straight, shoulder-length hair, and very gaunt eyes. And the body was so rail thin. Like they'd been made to starve. They were only just hidden by my hanging clothes. Didn't say a word to me, just stared kind of helpless.
I remember having to shower always facing the door because the few times I showered facing away, I immediately felt someone standing close behind me (and I mean CLOSE behind). Seldom took showers at night, or alone in my room after that. Always had my house help sit in the room.
One part of @7kayhan's story that resonated deeply with me was the mango tree. We had a jaman tree in the front of the house that never gave fruit. Or if it did, it never tasted good. We eventually cut down a lot of the branches.
Similarly, my mother had the gardener plant a chambeli plant in our lawn, and the next day it was completely shriveled up. Jaisay kehtay hain na "jal ke raakh hona"? Literally the next day. Looked like someone lit a fire on our wall, the way it was all black.
Once, my youngest khala and khaloo were visiting us, and they were sleeping in the guest room downstairs. She heard someone praying on very large prayer beads and throwing them on the floor. They were apparently making so much noise that she got up to come out the room and check
and saw an incredibly large and terrifying looking man. She started screaming her head off. Her husband came out to look and console her and hug her and the man disappeared.
One time I was trying to play a movie in brother's room on the DVD player and for whatever reason, it wasn't working. So naturally I tried to hit the tv, I blew on the cd and everything. A voice came from the terrace "yeh nahi chalay ga"
I whipped around to see who the fuck said that, and the DVD player burst into flames behind me. Smoke coming out of it and everything. The voice behind me was laughing.
Uss ke ilawa itnay fazool qism ke jadoo tonay hoay uss ghar mein ke soch ke ghussa charta hai imaan se lol. Saanp, needles se bhara hua bakray ka sarr, ajeeeeb yaar. My mom killed the snake with a stick because she's a fucking beast.
Once, my mom had some pir fakir come to our house to do dua to make all these stupid balaayein go away. This man sat me down and started drawing random lines on a piece of blank paper with a pen. When he showed me the drawing I saw a woman with 12 arms. Flailing them at me.
Apparently I've never screamed so hard in my life. I also do not remember this incident, my mother reminded me of it.
One of our house help women apparently got possessed, and the same man came to extract the entity out of her. He took her in the garden, draw a circle around her with a knife and "confined" her. "Yeh ab yahaan se nikal nahi sakti", and she couldn't! She tried!
She stood there with her arms behind her head, like they were tied or something. The entity spoke on her behalf and said "Mein apni jagaa pe araam se baithi hui thi, aur iss ne meray pe raith phenki. Mein tou nahi janay wali"
Man, it took hours to get that shit out. Poor Chanda. Hope she's okay now.
I'm pretty sure the man my Khala saw lived in our house. Or maybe it was another man. Whoever it was, they would "patrol" at night. Had extremely heavy footsteps and sometimes we couldn't sleep at night because they'd just patrol around our beds for hours.
I feel like there's so much other stuff that I can't remember because my brain is trying to protect me. It's been trying to protect me for years. Sometimes duas work, sometimes you just have to let the fear ride itself out.
But like I said earlier I truly believe the house is connected to me and my brother. We still dream about it, even a decade+ later. Some nights the dreams are deathly scary, other times they're just reminders of what we survived.
Sometimes my brother and I have the same exact dreams. Even though we live on opposite coasts now, we're in each others dreams and in that house, and it's the exact same thing happening in each of our subconscious.
Last post in this thread for now. I went to visit the house (alone, I know, so stupid) by myself in December 2016. It was night time too. Couldn't get inside, so just stood outside and looked at it. I have video of how fucking creepy it still is.
It was completely dark, only one light was on in the upstairs hallway. And I swear as I turned to leave, I saw someone's silhouette on the terrace looking down at me.
Anyway, thanks for reading, hope y'all sleep well tonight. Don't forget your Ayat-ul-Kursi! @7kayhan, I'm calling us the Jinn Gang.
Hello I have an update: previous owner of the house contacted me because of my thread and corroborated my experiences so like 🥲💀🤪

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