1/ The National Guard is responding to a threat to democracy unleashed by Donald Trump, The President of the United States.


This is how our system of government was designed to work. These soldiers swore to defend the constitution.

They are doing exactly that!
2/ The world is confused because armed forces usually are the origin of almost 100% of the coups we see in the world.

The World sees our National Guard defend the US Constitution from the President of the United States.

The Founders set it up this way.
3/ It is a dangerous moment. One we never thought we will live. One we should never forget. The US is not inmune to the rise of a tyrant.

Right now, We are in a struggle to contain the very first American tyrant; but more will follow.

Stay vigilant. Democracy is not perfect.
4/ More importantly, Democracy is not eternal.

Trump was the product of a political party that failed to have at its core the Republican ideals it claimed to have, and that embraced extremist ideas instead.
5/ Over decades this turned the Republican Party into a pit of resentful leaders beholden to religious and lobbyist interests that disconnected them from the American People and the changes in American society.
6/ Hysteresis set in , the Republican Party leadership unresponsive to societal change turned to populist leadership. The party fell victim to the biggest conman of them all Donald Trump.
7/ He changed the Republican Party to become his own; and then sought to change America to his racist image , like all dictator do; and to do this, all Americans must accept him as dictator. That's is Trump's bargain.
8/ Sorry Mr. Trump, like Lady Gaga in her song Bad Romance, we saw your ugly. We voted you out. We rejected your nepotism, your racism, your Crony capitalism. We prefer honest hard work and to succeed on our own merits.
9/ We reject your predilection for a manufactured fake life of riches that fooled many voters into casting their votes 🗳 for you, thinking you were a successful business man.
10/ Instead we got a Genocidal megalomaniac who killed 350,000 Americans in a pandemic , and just days ago sought to effect a self coup on his own government to overturn the will of The People.
11/ To do it Trump lied to his followers, telling them the election was rigged and that he won. All this because Trump's ego cannot handle the loss.
12/ Trump failed to live up to his own expectations because he is incompetent and lacks the intellectual abitlity to run the simplest of operations.
13/ He is trying to turn our country into a mob operation as if America were one of the hotels he uses to launder $ for criminals around the world.
14/ In the end his failure to get re-elected is his biggest humiliation, and his biggest business failure. Once out of the presidency all his crimes will be waiting for him to answer for them.
15/ Trump’s brilliant solution is to remain in power indefinitely. It does not matter to him if Americans shoot each other in the process.
16/ Trump is a failure and a fraud as president. The election is over. The People have spoken. Resisting the will of the people is sedition . Defeated Japan 🇯🇵 and Germany 🇩🇪 in WWII still had hundreds of thousands of combat ready troops when they surrendered.
17/ when they surrendered it meant they accepted the war was a lost cause, and that lives would be lost unnecessarily if war continued. An election is far more civilized and less traumatic mechanism than war to achieve peaceful change in our society.
18/ That Trump is willing to ignite a civil war ought to alert you to two things : first his incompetence as a leader for he cannot defeat the US Armed forces who do not support him on this.
19/ Second how little regard he has for the life of us common Americans...

...and the 350,000 deaths he caused during the pandemic are proof of how little he values American lives.

This is why we voted him out.

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12 Jan
1/ 1,000 soldiers of PA National Guard are already in DC. I am not certain they are all from 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, but the brigade is made up of 4,000 soldiers .
2/ I do not think they would deploy soldiers from this brigade to give them just riot gear and a rifle - especially in light of the 30,000 strong mob that assaulted The Capitol this past week.
3/ So if you plan to protest in DC, please don’t bring your hunting rifle. Better yet stay away, do not let Trump propaganda manipulate you.

There will be 15,000 National Guard soldiers in DC metro by January 20th .
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1/4 This is GPS metadata linked to videos posted to the platform Parler the day of the insurrection in Washington.

Parler Users Breached Deep Inside U.S. Capitol Building, GPS Data Shows gizmodo.com/parler-users-b… via @Gizmodo
2/4 They penetrated areas normally restricted to the public. Image
3/4 70,000 geolocated Parler posts ( not people) mapped by Gizmodo. Hundreds of those were isolated to January 6th. Image
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11 Jan
Racists in the US have a lot more freedom of expression than they do in Germany 🇩🇪. There they cannot exist, associate or display their insignias. In the US individuals play a big role in monitoring freedom of speech and are held accountable if they infringe the rights of others.
Trump is a racist with a big megaphone whose rhetoric resulted in massacres in the last 4 years in the US. He used his personal account for government business.
Trump controls US Gov resources. He used them to invite violence on other officials. : erin-gallagher.medium.com/katesteinle-ha…
How far can Trump reach with a single Racist tweet that incites violence and could result in loss of life?

Potentially 23 M people!!! (or more)


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11 Jan
1/ Letting terrorists plot their violent acts to disarticulate democracy and society in America is not a litmus test of freedom of speech.

On the contrary is the prime example of fascists using democratic freedoms to attack it.
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2/ Parler should remain off line. Trumps acolytes attacked big tech restrictions just before the assault on The Capitol. Now we know why: they played the victim to have complete freedom of action to organize, plot, and kill.

Don’t believe me? Look at the 350000 COVID-19 deaths
3/ Trump uses of social media to brain wash people into thinking the pandemic was an attack on freedoms and Coronavirus was a hoax. They succeeded, they tried to do the same with democratic norms... but were stooped ... for now
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1/4 El futuro de Honduras sera el mismo de Kirgiztán si no se enmiendan errores.

Aunque los hechos en Honduras podrían ser mas fantásticos...

Populista, prisionero, presidente: un secuestrador condenado gana las elecciones en Kirgiztán

2/4 En septiembre, el Sr. Japarov, de 52 años, todavía estaba en la cárcel, cumpliendo una larga condena por orquestar el secuestro de un gobernador provincial, un cargo que denunció por motivos políticos.
3/4 Una conmoción violenta que estalló en octubre por una elección parlamentaria en disputa hizo que Japarov saliera de una celda de la prisión a la silla del primer ministro.
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10 Jan
2/ They wanted to disenfranchise millions of voters because they are not white.

They took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution but in practice, sought to enforce Jim Crow Laws with their actions.

The must be expelled from The Senate. They want to turn back History.
3/ That History as told by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. with his speech :
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