That was NEVER the "thesis" of Hoyland : he aimed to answer Crone/Cook in "Hagarism", as whether NON-Islamic sources confirm early Islamic historiography, and YES, they DO.

In fact he EXPLICITLY refutes "revisionist" academics like Wansbrough on early Islam (see chapter 13).
Gregor Schoeler, a German Orientalist, in the intro to his "The Biography of Muhammad ﷺ: Nature and Authenticity" (2010), says that his "revisionist" school (Crone, etc) is DEAD considering the "recent epigraphical, papyrological and numismatical findings" :
@Aabhas24 as you don't read, take THIS from Schoeler above :

"He [Hoyland] shows that they [non-Islamic sources] are hardly suitable to support an alternative account of early Islamic history; on the contrary, they frequently agree with Islamic sources and supplement them."

• • •

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More from @im_moderate_

11 Jan

Commerce/the merchant in Islam VS the West, in Ahmed Paul Keeler's "Rethinking Islam & the West: A New Narrative for the Age of Crises" :

"The role of merchant was embedded in the society, and numerous passages in the Qurʾan are addressed to the merchant."

***PDF @ END*** ImageImage

"In China and Christendom, the merchant inhabited a lowly and even despised position in society. However, in Islam the virtuous merchant was held in high regard.
Unlike the West where business is competitive, in Islam it was a collaborative endeavour." Image

"The merchants of Islam, deeply imbued with the knowledge and love of their religion, carried Islam as far as China in the East and present-day Nigeria in the West." Image
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31 Dec 20

See Kuffar still using Crone's arguments in "Meccan Trade", that Mecca was not the commercial hub as described in the Islamic tradition/historiography.

Here, Mikhail Bukharin's chapter in "The Qurʾān in Context" (2010, ed. Neuwirth) - *Orientalist* work - which refutes it :

Introduction :

"Crone’s work has been subjected to a careful analysis by R B Serjeant, who has concentrated primarily on the Arabic sources."

Sources Bearing on the Caravan Trade between the First and Seventh Centuries ce: A Short Review :

"A mere enumeration of the sources [...] would suffice to show that Crone’s position is formulated too categorically
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30 Dec 20
A Hindu nationalist perspective on the Islamization of India.

Source : Harsh Madhusudan & Rajeev Mantri, "A New Idea of India: Individual Rights in a Civilisational State"
Projections for 2050, also notice the growth of Christianity, which has been on-going since independence esp. in the northeast :
Differential in TFR b/ Hindus & Muslims per state :
Read 4 tweets
29 Dec 20
Don't know how it's a gotcha moment : as Goethe, Carlyle, etc noted the Qur'an has a "cosmic" appeal - we're asked to contemplate the creation, from stars to the leaf -, only book in sacred literature to have that imperative, if you except second Isaiah (ch. 40-66) in the Bible.
Ofc, others do have cosmogonies/creation myths (Enuma Elish of the Babylonians, etc), but without a tendency towards contemplating the universe & witness the signs of the Creator (for Iqbal, this would ultimately give the "scientific method" Roger Bacon took from Ibn al-Haytham).
Also interesting the materialist measure used : the bigger you are the more important you are, apparently, which is another way of posing the supremacy of the body over the soul, so no wonder for these social Darwinists "a God wouldn't care for such small *things*"
Read 4 tweets
26 Dec 20

These days we remember the Soviet/radical atheist invasion of Afghanistan, which began on 24 Dec 1979, so excerpts from the chapter "Mujahideen" in Brig. Yousaf's book, who was "head of the Afghan Bureau of Pakistan's ISI & effectively the Mujahideen's commander-in-chief".

"THERE were some 15 million people in Afghanistan in 1979 when the Soviets invaded. Today that figure has shrunk to around eight million, with up to two million dead, and over five million refugees in Pakistan and Iran."

"Courage, physical courage, is central to the Afghan character."
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24 Dec 20

Nigeria is a good example on how Sharia favors a higher TFR, as it's a country evenly divided with Christians, and where both groups take their religion seriously : Image

"Ideal number of children" Image

Conclusion :

"Legal implementation of Sharia may sustain the high fertility culture by preventing modernisation as a result of opposition towards the Western influence and increased desires to preserve cultural differences in respect to the rest of Nigeria’s population." Image
Read 5 tweets

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