The Nation is divided by lies, lies told by our politicians with the Republicans leading the way in lying and causing divisiveness. Yet it is not all Republicans, it is a group that can be called Trump Republicans. @threadreaderapp unroll
(My own Rep LaMalfa is a disappointment for not standing up for what is moral, ethical, and what is right.) It is time for REAL REPUBLICANS to separate themselves from these Trump Republicans whose leader, Trump, has lied 27K times to the American people and
his supporters in and out of Congress repeat, boost and propagate these lies, why? Why has the Republican Party
become the party of the Confederacy and White (There are not many people whiter than me.)Supremacy? With the events of Jan 6, 2021, where Trump gave
a speech that began at 11:00 AM well before the riot began, not during, violence began at 13:10, this is documented.

I believe it should be a major felony to deliberately lie to the American People by leaders elected and/or appointed

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25 Jul 20
It is the Nation I born in, lived in, served here, and abroad.
Once I felt pride now I feel shame. This not the nation members of my family fought for and or died for. It has become cruel, piety, and vindictive to the foreigner and
@threadreaderapp unroll
our own. My nation has become a place to kill the dreamer's dream, to bury a man debt and debt is slavery.
We have seest to lead but how can anyone lead when there is no light and our leaders have into practice the very things that our enemies
do and have done, the things of the totalitarian rulers use.
Shame on us for not seeing the threat and stopping it and shame on those in power who allowed it and damn those who supported it.
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22 Jul 20
VP Al Gore the problem is too many do not want to believe the truth or just don't care or money and power are more important to them. People must come to the realization that if the planet dies so we and we do not exist separately from the Planet. @threadreaderapp unroll
As the planet heats up it is possible for sea level to rise 277 ft. from where it was in 1974. That would be a disaster to agriculture, fishing, wetlands, and displace millions of people if not billions. There are thing can be done now
but are people willing to make the necessary sacrifices and will to save themselves and the future? Are leaders wise enough to realize this is not a game with a prize it is a matter of life and death? We need to face reality and grab
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22 Jul 20
We have a Congress putting on a 'dog and pony show' over this Trump private and/or secret police by passing more laws that we do not need to cover their political asses.
We do not need more laws we need action, not more talk. @threadreaderapp unroll
It is clear that these secret and/or private police officers if that is what they are, do not have jurisdiction. They are breaking the law. Grow a spine and ARREST these B@st@rds, charge them. and put warrants out on Wolf,
Trump, and anyone else. DoJ policy is not the US Constitution and the Federal Government is violating State Rights. @AnastasiaYeager @Herronisland @WarlockWoods @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @QueenBeeCanadas @GMDH18
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19 Jul 20
1/9 This is flagrant LIE you demon spawn!! You Godless TRUMP REPUBLICANS have done more harm to the Nation and the US Constitution than I dreamed was possible. I am a former Republican
1. You do not defend the Constitution you abuse it.
@threadreaderapp unroll
2/9 2. Globalism you keep giving tax breaks and benefits to those who have left our economy in shambles and taken jobs overseas at 10 cents an hour.
3. We do not need a WALL to protect our border we have a desert.
4. There has never been open immigration in my lifetime
3/9 or my dead parent's lifetime.
5. NO ONE WANT A WEAK MILITARY and people do not want an abusive Police Force,
6. It has been a long time since Republicans have given a damn about equal rights, in fact, evidence suggests otherwise.
7. Your comments about Protest
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12 Jul 20
Today I was reading some articles about US soldiers compared to Greman soldiers, in general. These articles saw German soldiers as superior to US soldiers. They ignore the fact that the German Army was a Veteran army of 3 years
@threadreaderapp unroll
undefeated at the time of our entry into the war. That is what we faced, now add in fear of failure for failure was often a death sentence at the hands of their own Army. Further, when the Germans were reeling from defeat after defeat, they were fighting
now for their homes and a Nation in ruins. These articles also ignored the fact that the US Army improved with every battle, why, because we learned from our mistakes. Our Troops were noted for their rallying faster than their German counterparts
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30 Jun 20
I think it is time to face the fact that Russia is an enemy of the United States and that they are doing their best to subvert us and undermined us at every turn. Putin's Russia is not our friend and never will be, but our President is Putin's friend. @threadreaderapp unroll
President Trump has done and asked for thing of or for Russia that no other candidate or President would have dared done and appear subversive and possibly treasonous. The U. S. Constitution defines treason:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
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