Let's talk about Mehdi Hasan, cancel culture, and redemption arc.
Years back, a video surfaced of Mehdi Hasan spouting the most abhorrent hate speech one can find with very extreme Islamists. I'm not gonna dive into what he said, you can find it yourself.
Mehdi also worked for years for Qatari state funded media outlet Al Jazeera, where you can find incredibly questionable articles and video, especially for their Arabic speaking audience. In 2019, they released a Holocaust denial video practically celebrating Hitler.
Mehdi offered an apology for the video depicting him speaking to a crowd. Whether that apology was self-serving, a lesson of what is not acceptable speech (but not necessarily a change of heart), or a genuine heartfelt atonement of one's past, is irrelevant. Apology was offered.
Mehdi also wrote an article about the prevalent antisemitism in Muslim society in 2016, which he brings up quite often against any charges of antisemitism against him. The article is good and worth a read, but has never stopped him from associating and promoting antisemites.
One example, is Mehdi sitting besides Linda Sarsour in an ISNA conference, nodding in agreement as she asks the audience to not humanize Israelis. He never once condemned her and many others. He does speak out when political convenient AS shows up on the right.
Mehdi Hasan continues to receive jobs and positions with main stream media like MSNBC, and many other outlets who provide him with echolocates and a platform to present his ideas, thoughts, and analysis. His popularity is in an upward trend and so is his reputation.
Why am I even saying all of this?
I still do not understand how some people make mistakes, and pay for them for the rest of their lives. Some the price is their own lives, some their livelihood.
Some, seem to skate through society's moral potholes with great ease and grace.

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14 Jan
Because to commies, Jews aren’t humans deserving of rights.
The only time Zach Carter mentions antisemitism, is to let us know that "anitzionism is not not antisemitism".
This guy goes to Yale university and cannot comprehend the basics of Jewish identity. Image
Went to Palestine museum once!

Seriously, could Zach be anymore typical white guilt white savior douchebag? ImageImageImageImage
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16 Dec 20
Let me tell you the story of my doxxing on twitter by a bunch of Jewish men and women who also work for Jewish organizations. This is gonna long so bare with me as I take you on a ride of righteous lefty Jewish activism.
As you know, back in August, Tasha Kaminsky was offering a cash bounty for my personal information. She used a false claim about a hate crime to justify her move. Her friends cheered on and agreed. Including: Rabbi Andy and his wife, Ilana, Max Sparber, and many more.
After contacting her husband in private @BigElad who was not pleased, he asked on my behalf to remove those tweets and apologize. Publicly she did but what did she do in private? Well, enter mr. Russel Neiss and David Wolkin.
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15 Dec 20
In libel cases there are several aspects. First, 1) proving that statement is false. Well, with calling a Jewish woman a Nazi part it’s not hard in itself.
There are clear qualifications that make one a Nazi and most Jewish women are not.
Then you should distinguish it from what is called a 2) fair comment: when people assume stuff about someone they argue with (journalists use this as a major line of defense when they pen an opinion on political figure, for example).
It means a reasonable person can imply or infer something from the words or actions of another person about whom they're defaming without stretching too far. Third quality - 3) established fact, meaning that the person knew beyond any reasonable doubt that what was said is a lie.
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15 Dec 20
You are comparing young Soviet refuseniks who attempted to take an EMPTY civilian aircraft to escape to the West, to your terrorist friend, Khaled????
They were escaping the soviet, while the PFLP travelled to the soviet to get their funding, indoctrination, and arms.
Escaping the USSR was considered high treason, punishable by death.
After international protests the Judicial Commission commuted the capital sentences of Dymshits and Kuznetsov to 15 years in prison, and reducing the length of prison terms for several other defendants by 5 yrs.
International condemnations caused the Soviet authorities to significantly increase the emigration quota.
1960-1970, only 4,000 people emigrated from the USSR; after the trial, in the period from 1971 to 1980, 347,100 people received a visa to leave the USSR, 245,951 were Jews.
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25 Nov 20
Let's talk about terrorism as a legitimate form of resistance.
I'm gonna use: IZL, LHI, ANC, PFLP, PLO, and Hezbollah, to see the commonalities and the differences, as well as what happens when you succeed and receive legitimacy. Thread.
LHI and IZL were underground Zionists groups who used terror in order to fight colonial British rule. The widely condemned King David hotel bombing primary objective was to destroy confiscated documents, not mass civilian casualties like blowing up airplanes, synagogues, etc.
The ANC operated on their own land with very targeted actions to harm gov operations and later apologized for unintentional death as a result of "insufficient training".
The ANC and Mandela fought for voting rights in South Africa.
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15 Nov 20
Ode to Dihya, Jewish queen of the desert, the sorceress, the brave warrior, al Kahina, who liberated thousands of slaves, and headed the resistance to the Muslim invaders of the Ummaya dynasty, who conquered the Maghreb towards the west during the 7th and 8th centuries.
Born to a Jewish Berber tribe, her battles dated 687-697, against Hassan ben Naaman, military commander of Khalif Abd Al Malech. With 45,000 soldiers under his command, he was still not prepared for an army of Berber tribes headed by a woman.
Hassan ben Naaman demanded Dihya acknowledge the authority of the Kahllif and adopted Islam, an ultimatum she rejected scornfully. As a descendent of a priestly family deported from Judea by Pharaoh Necho in the days of King Yoshiahu, she did not intent to add another conversion.
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