Important to answer this so will do a small thread

1) I believe that voter fraud in quantities necessary to affect the election may have occured - I’ve studied all the evidence

2) Any conclusive evidence can only be obtained via an investigation

3) Trump mounted the worst legal challenge ever. He listened to the Kraken people. He should of been listening to @barnes_law and @Peoples_Pundit who understand election law/patterns

A focused campaign to push for greater scrutiny of absentee ballots was the was to ho

3) Hence there wasn’t any definitive evidence to use. My analysis of Pennsylvania made it to the “Life, Liberty & Levine” show! You can’t accuse me of not looking for the data

4) You might believe that you sure that fraud determined the outcome, but nobody knows for sure

5) It would be wrong to force Trump through congress and thereby disenfranchise voters without sufficient evidence

6) It would set a precedent whereby Democrats could create scenarios of voter fraud and challenge every election!

The electoral college would cease to function

7) It was a misguided and short sighted strategy which would harms Republicans long-term...the Electoral College is important

Precedents matter

8) To continue and try to convince your supporters that Jan 6th offered any relief was always science fiction

Interpretations of the constitution are a dime a dozen

Give me 10 lawyers and I’ll give you 10 different interpretations of any constitutional statute

9) Trump should not have pushed this nonsense notion that that Jan 6th was the crucial day

10) This doesn’t mean Trump deserves all the blame

Nobody anticipated the events of September 6th

EVERYBODY ignored the possibility of this happening, including security forces

Unfortunately something bad happened, mostly driven by far right extremists

11) Why is Trump partially to blame?

Because in politics, words have consequences

Politically, you are judged by your rhetoric

Inadvertently, his rhetoric led to the storming of the Capital

Politicians are politically responsible for the words that come out of their mouth

12) Trump made a miscalculation. The ensuing events were catastrophic for him.

His most loyal supporters’s behaviot made him a pariah

13) Was he legally responsible? No

Was he politically responsible? Yes, somewhat

14) To come full circle, @DanCrenshawTX is 100% correct in his position

Trump deserves some blame because of the final outcome

But he does not deserve all the blame

He did not want Sept 6th

Also, there are still legitimate, outstanding concerns about election integrity


• • •

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13 Jan
A little thread about Trump and the GOP moving forward

The right is currently divided into two factions:
-Traditional Republicans (TR)

Trump lost because some TRs rejected him

The GA Senate race was lost because some Trumpists rejected the GOP

It's similar to 2016 when the Bernie bros didn't show up for Hillary

What did Dems do? They embraced progressivism and wokeness and got the leftists onboard

So the question is what does the GOP do about Trump?

Trump generated a lot of votes from groups that have never embraced the GOP

Trump was also incredibly popular among Republicans during his presidency

A lot of Traditional Republicans came to like Trump because he gave them policies they liked and stood up to the left

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25 Dec 20
Let's have fun

To All My Followers:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most..

...enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you...

...a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2021, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make...

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5 Dec 20
Gonna share a story

As background I’ve always done deep dives on contentious issues out of my own curiosity

In early 2016, I had a talk with my dad who was furious about Obama and the media...

I patted him on the head and said relax, all is well

You’ll like on

I follow news all around the world - I figured dad was just radicalized by Fox News

He was always quoting Hannity to which I rolled my eyes

I didn’t care about politics in 2016

Then Trump decided to run and I thought “this will be fun”

So did everyone else!

Trump made statements that were so outrageous that they almost required that you look closer

Turns out he’s not crazy

Not sure if his policy recommendations are correct, but he’s not crazy

Maybe I should also look at what Dems are pitching...

Everything is racist...ORLY?

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5 Dec 20
Let me give this some context because the devil is in the details

Here’s the key text:

“Defendants’ expert testified that 11 of the 100 envelopes were inconclusive”

These are not duplicated ballots


But, it’s a bit more complicated

Read on

Expert said the reason for no match was “insufficient specimens to which to compare them”

Also “Every one of them listed a phone number that matched a phone number already on file”

Ultimately the court ruled “The Evidence Does Not Show Fraud Or Misconduct”

Logical leap? Yes

Wouldn’t the logical next step be to contacts the voter to get them to update their signature and confirm that it was them who voted?

I am not sure about Arizona law, but 11% of ballots not having a viable signature match seems like a security vulnerability

Check it out?

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28 Nov 20
🚨PA Absentee Ballot(AB) Irregularities Deep-dive🚨

ABs in PA - even if Biden received:
-95% of returned Democrat votes
-21% of returned Republican votes
-80% of returned Independent votes

He wouldn't have as many votes as he actually received

🕵️Investigation Needed🕵️

Read on
I've been consistent on this issue since Nov 4th

I just didn't know what the final vote breakdown of absentee ballots was until now

Biden's final total of 1,995,591 is virtually impossible to explain given the party affiliation of absentee ballot voters
Don't believe me, let's look at exit polls from election day (Washington Post)

Exit polls show Biden +85% among Democrats meaning

Democrat Voters in PA:
92.50% Biden vs 7.5% others

Let's say this is within the margin of error and 95% is plausible…
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26 Nov 20
I wrote this thread about absentee ballots three weeks ago

Read the thread, it's what we were told

We were promised this about absentee ballots:
-signature matching
-witness signatures

We were told that we could trust them

Apparently, it's wasn't true

People were told by Republican state legislators, responsible for drafting election laws, that we could have confidence in absentee ballots

Now those same Republican state legislators in PA, MI, WI, AZ & GA will be tasked with appointing the state's electors

I would not be in favor of state legislators subverting the will of voters and send Trump delegates

But are they really going to commit political suicide by rubberstamping this mess of their own making?

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