Joy in Liberty stands for peace:

We pray for peace.
We support peace.
We work for peace.

Here are some links to our content dating back to 2019 that show how passionate we are about seeking non-violent ways to expose and address corruption.♥️🤗

"If you see ANY tweets encouraging violence or even hinting that violence may be a good solution, do all you can to shut that down. Patriots want justice, but remember that the deep state is trying to frame us as violent. We want PEACE."

"let's get organized and out in the streets too. Let's show our support for Trump and America, and our disdain for dishonesty. (Peaceful yes, but forceful.)"

"What the media tries to portray is that this fight is somehow physically violent. We the people who are trying to expose the truth are the peaceful ones. We view the fight as a spiritual one or an intellectual one."

"I studied it all out for myself, and formed my own opinion based on evidence I saw.

Now I pray daily for a peaceful resolution to corruption.

Naturally, that makes me dangerous as per the MSM."

"We need to band together in new ways, and work together more closely than ever before, away from prying eyes, if we're going to win this war.

Am I advocating violence, racism, or any other bad thing? Hell no.

God is love."

"I just mean power, goodness. It’s a wonderful thing to see so many people with a renewed sense of patriotism. Certainly not implying any desire to create unrest or cause violence."

"we won't be rioting, just gathering peacefully to support justice and expose election fraud!"

"Dear Father in Heaven, we thank you for this great event. Please help all attending to get there and back safely. Help us rise up peacefully and save this nation."

"We are the peaceful side, the digital army who deals in truth and service rather than destruction and deceit."
- 9/8/20

"I hope patriots will continue to stand up for good causes. I recognize that some present at these events don’t have peace or truth as their goal. I pray truth and justice prevail. #SaveOurChildren"

"#saveourchildren is an organic grassroots movement that has sprung up [...] I am not in charge of any events tied to it. I just am trying to help people learn about it and attend peaceful rallies/protests because I oppose child trafficking."

"I support Q and I loathe violence and terrorism of any kind.

The FBI Phoenix field office doc:…

Some Media Matters supporters have committed violence too. Are you a terrorist organization?"


"While the MSM paints Q and Q's supporters as [...] violent [...], I know that's a lie. I've spoken with thousands [...], and am one of them myself. We're your family, friends, neighbors. Just average people who question the mainstream narrative."

"No mater what the people do, leftists and clowns will attempt to paint the wrong picture of us.

I say we peacefully assemble in our towns and cities [...] and show the world we will not be silent, but stand united! #savethechildren"

"where are the Q posts calling for violence - that is, actually authored by Q? There are none. They do warn the corrupt in power that they will face justice someday. But I'm as pro-Q as it gets and I wouldn't hurt a flea."

"As digital soldiers, our task is, strangely enough, a peaceful one in its day to day bread and butter.

We study, we think, we create, we share.

We don't wish or plan violence on anyone - quite the opposite! We struggle to achieve peace."

"The Constitution doesn’t support violent or riotous protesting. It protects peaceable assemblies. Police should enforce the law while respecting human and constitutional rights."

"God is connecting us all, unifying us, so we can fight together better.

Leftists need not worry - our weapons are words and ideas, our task one of education not harm."

"Do SOMETHING. We are the ones with the real power!

And no, any skeptics reading this - I don’t want violence. I want peaceful demands for justice and exposure of the truth of the corrupt elite."

"Sometimes it takes a jarringly grievous assault to the Constitution to wake enough people up to put down tyranny. (No, shills, we don’t want violence; that’s your constant fantasy, not ours!)"

"the MSM is so desperate to paint you and me as crazed, unhinged, violent, etc. anything but inquisitive, sane, peaceful people seeking to know how the world is really run and how to end corruption."

"[Q] calls for peace, unity, research, sharing information, imploring.

The radical left, owned by the deep state elite, screams for violence and accuses Q of being violent.


"Heck no! Violent response not ok in my book."

"Q doesn’t inspire violence. Q’s posts describe awful behavior, but by way of warning or exposure.

The dangerous ones are the evil elites in power over the people.

Read Q’s posts and think for yourself.

"why are there millions of peaceful people who love studying Q’s posts?

Where are the Q posts encouraging violence?

Why are Q’s posts being censored instead of discussed openly?

Why the fixation on talking about Q but not quoting Q?"

"Hi @twitter and @TwitterSupport:

I write about [Q] a lot, as an investigative journalist.

I also abhor violence and observe Twitter’s rules."

"I believe that Q is badly mischaracterized as violent.

Have isolated individuals claiming to support Q caused harm to others? Yes, on a few occasions.

Have Twitter users ever caused harm to others?"

"Cue has brought me great joy as I've studied and learned truth, and found so many good people also looking for truth and ways to peacefully combat corruption and evil."

• • •

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