Being aware that race is important to biology and identity - healthy

Racial narcissism - mental disorder
We can’t live together
We really can’t live together
Do you really think this can ever be reasoned with? We cannot live together.
It just goes on...
And on...

• • •

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14 Jan
Stop going to political protests. They’re either political masturbation for the powerless, or organized by the powerful as propaganda to “legitimize” their agenda, or used to set you up or attack you.

Spend your time and energy personally obtaining power.
I’ve gone to a few pro 2A protests in CA (which have done nothing), and every time I did my wife was always very apprehensive about it, that ppl act unpredictably in crowds, or people who disagree politically can act like “road rage” toward their enemy in one spot

She was right
But going back to this thread of videos about this apparent agent provocateur... physiognomy check? Image
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13 Jan
1. The problem with people who just want to be left alone is they don’t know how to play the game

Take the Christian bakers who keep refusing cakes for homosexual unions between a man and a woman

You serve everyone, but you say you donate to conversion therapy clinics
2. The rainbow mafia also opened their own bank not to long ago to help fund addadictomy procedures. Would you bank there? You can, but you don’t.

Want to help our people? Open a bank for our wellbeing, anyone can join, but business helps our causes and loans and such.
3. Play the game. It’s not what you want to exclude, it’s what you declare you want to help. Businesses who support BLM don’t say “blacks only”, and I’ve stopped shopping at those business because of who they support. Do the same.
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4 Jan
The horrors of fascism were they threw off the intl bankers ✡️ & locked up the Bolsheviks ✡️ but those who controlled Roosevelt & the Fed Reserve ✡️ teamed up w/ the Soviets ✡️ & used Americans as cannon fodder to spread Communism ✡️ & projected what ✡️ did onto their victim
It’s funny, Tom Nichols ✡️ actually agrees with me but will never put it like that

“We” DID allow for communism expansion
I take that back. He thinks the world had to be so “anti-fascist” because it saw how much worse than communism it was, especially to JEWS, that we all had to put our differences aside & stand up in harmonious togetherness to defeat it, and that allowed communism to spread LOL
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30 Dec 20
Maybe they turn b/c when we said we were a refuge for their wellbeing, you turned on them and called them useless, worthless whores

When our women tell me they’ve been treated worse by “our guys” who should love them than outsider groups, it makes me suspect your motivations
If you guys don’t think the enemy is using the same tricks and tactics on us to drive us apart (pretending to be a based rw dude who relentlessly attacks sympathetic women to drive them away and show others not to be sympathetic), I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona
You know how I got my hot red headed wife from a college educated liberal family to be a full time mom, to give us three children, to home school them, to red pill her mommy friends and their husbands?

By telling her when we first met that she’s a useless, worthless whore 🙄
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23 Dec 20
When reality doesn’t fit their bullshit anti-white narrative, they need fiction to reinforce their bullshit anti-white narrative

We can’t live together
Racial narcissistic gas lighting, false narratives, and projection mixed with revenge porn fantasies - the movie
We live in such an oppressive white supremacist country where even the truly oppressed can make a multimillion dollar movie about their oppression
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19 Dec 20
When one lacks reason, impulse control, self reflection, and accountability, the ethnic narcissist protests in the middle of a Christmas light show for a children’s cancer fundraiser

And when ppl get mad at them, they’re just racist cancer patients perpetuating white supremacy
“Your reaction proves your cancer patient fragility”
“Black people have it so much worse than children with cancer! We’re literally dying for no reason at all!”
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