Wow - skimmed Parler's reply in their "case" against Amazon. Entire platoons of clowns must be searching for their missing shoes, because Parler's one lawyer is wearing all of them at the same time.
I'm basing that on the part of the reply that touches on the section 230 defense Amazon raised.

To refresh your recollection, Amazon argued that they were immune under 230(c)(2) - which I've included here as a screenshot along with Amazon's argument.
In reply, Parler seems to mostly argue that Amazon isn't immune because they're not being treated as a publisher or speaker. That is, sadly for Parler, what 230(c)(1) says, not 230(c)(2).

Amazon didn't mention (c)(1).
That's all I've got time to cover now - we may look at the rest on stream if time permits.

The stream starts in about 30 minutes, at 7:30 Central, at
Seriously, the rest of the thing mostly seems to be "Amazon said they were trying to help us and the suspension is really a termination and anyway you can't confirm that the people busted at the Capitol were our users."

It's not going to fly.
The "nobody who was arrested is a Parler user" seems to be based on this statement in a declaration from their founder.

As you may notice, this paragraph doesn't say how Matzke gained that knowledge. Nor does anything else I could find in the declaration.
Also, I can't find that exhibit anywhere.

Seriously, they've got a hearing tomorrow. Do they think the judge isn't going to notice that they didn't say whether they've checked to see if anyone arrested has a Parler account?

• • •

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15 Jan
If you want to talk about missing points:

Let me spell this out carefully:
Martial. Law. Isn't. Really. A. Thing. Here.

But what the hell - since so many people are so worked up about this, let's take a more detailed walkthrough on it, OK?

I mean what the hell, I did a walkthrough that was really similar to what this is going to be just like three weeks ago when people got worked up because they thought Trump was going to let Sidney "Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs" Powell use the military to "seize" voting machines.
And just for shits and giggles let's ignore just how obviously done Pence and the Republican Congressional leadership are with Trump, and all the stuff the military has put out this week saying that Biden is going to be inaugurated. We'll pretend none of that exists.
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15 Jan
Reassurance Thread:

FFS, y'all - yesterday they were moving stuff out of the White House and everyone was angry about looting. Now everyone is worked up because they're worried that the MyCrappyPillow dumbshit is gonna get Trump to launch a coup in his last 100 hours in office.


Y'all are driving me to drink, but it's going to be OK.
The Insurrection Act isn't the same thing as martial law (although, I will admit that it's possible that neither the MyPillow assclown nor any of the remaining MAGAt dregs in the White House are aware of that) and anyway who did you think would be carrying this out?
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15 Jan
A few people have asked for my thoughts on this. Here they are, in no particular order:
1: Martial law is still not a thing that can keep Trump in power.
2: Really. It's not.
3: The Constitution has no provision for suspending the Constitution; Trump leaves office in 102 hours.
Michael Lindell is an epic douchecanoe, but only an epic one. He's not showing any signs of hitting legendary, and I doubt he ever will. He's a permanent minor-leaguer, tagging along behind Powell and Wood, but destined to forever be a footnote in their saga.
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15 Jan
So it looks like dotJenna probably lawyered up a couple of days ago, because this seems to be the most recent thing (excluding retweets) that she's put on Twitter.

Probably a good call, given that she's now definitely facing charges.…
Of course, it would have been an even better call for her to lawyer up earlier, given that the photo of her in front of the broken video makes an appearance in the charging documents, and her livestream of the seditious riot also gets some mention.
She's currently facing two counts which are potentially misdemeanors. If I was her, I'd be much less worried about those than I'd be about the possibility of additional charges, given the press conference earlier this week.
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15 Jan
Election Litigation Update - Michigan

The response to the motions to dismiss is in - kind of. The plaintiffs responded only to the motion for sanctions component. They say they're going to be requesting voluntary dismissal because of mootness.…
I only had time for a quick skim. But my impression is that:
(1) This is a response to only one of several pending sanctions motions, so even if it's correct it won't get them off the hook for everything;
(2) They're arguing that their stuff couldn't be frivolous because Texas v PA made similar arguments (which, to the extent it's correct, maybe isn't the best argument to be making;
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15 Jan
This guy is actively lobbying for a pardon while simultaneously throwing Trump under a bus. It's a very interesting strategy.

Was interesting the word I was looking for?
He just described Q as a cult without kool-aid.

And I think he just said that the President can go into any federal building he wants any time he wants and while that might be true for many buildings has this goofball never heard of "separation of powers"?
This lawyer is....

...a good fit for his client.
Read 4 tweets

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