Here's ABC editoral policy manager, Mark Maley @MM1956 back in 2017.

He is loudly defending the use of live footage of a young woman being stoned to death because he claims:

". . . we should publish it, not censor it"

Women being killed are important for the public to see.
And here's the ABC's Mark Maley @MM1955 defending the broadcast of a union official's partner using the term "cunt-struck" when referring to his female partner.

Of course he's fine with the public hearing a woman described this way for the public's "understanding" of the story.
However when it came to describing the lies & conspiracy theories being peddled by Craig Kelly recently, it seems Maley has suddenly become all coy.

The public's delicate ears can't cope with Kelly's garbage being called what it is.

Instead it should be "unofficial information"
And when mad rioters attempted a coup in the US Capitol last week, @MM1956 thought the term "insurrection" was too harsh for Australian's delicate sensibilities

Dead women & cunt-struck temptresses - fine.

Spreading dangerous lies or attempting a violent US coup - oh be gentle.
Of course nothing in editorial policy making is black or white, but the bizarre and hypocritical edict issued by ABC's management this week clearly and plainly illuminates one thing:

How sickeningly far @ABCaustralia have fallen to lick the hands of their political masters.

• • •

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16 Jan
If you're in any doubt you're getting your tax's worth paying the huge team of people promoting Scott Morrison and conniving with him 24/7, you'll be pleased to know they don't take holidays

Here's Scott Morrison - yet again - at some magical place called Shoalhaven Heads Hotel. Image
I say yet again, because Scott Morrison seems to find himself speaking of the Shoalhaven Heads Hotel . . .

a lot.

Here he is back in 2019, complete with a staged "family car" borrowed for the occasion because we all know the PM of Australia is ferried around in a, ah, Ford SUV. Image
And again - the absolutely totally wonderful Shoalhaven Heads Hotel. Image
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9 Jan
The theatre of manipulating political/public opinion in action:

Joe Hockey has suddenly had a revelation.

After years of toady lickspittling to Trump - enough to make the average Australian's throat close over - Hockey has had a religious conversion.

Trump it seems, is bad.
Not only is Trump bad, but according to Brother Joe Hockey, he is very bad.

In a religious conversion not seen since the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, Joe Hockey, the golfing partner of Trump, the crawling hanger-on of Trump - has seen the light.

Hallelujah Joe.
Perhaps it's because Joe Hockey has been too busy taking selfies, or gurgling down the champers while we Lifting-Leaning taxpayers footed the bill for him, but Hockey somehow doesn't appear to have noticed the violent, dog whistling rhetoric Trump has used for many years.
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7 Jan
"All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts ..."

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27 Dec 20
If I had a national newspaper column that allowed me to influence millions of readers & I viewed early results of a small survey that seemed . . . different to the political reality, I'd probably use my column to dissect why that is.

I'd look behind the curtain.

Because here's the thing; the 2020 Scanlon Survey on Social Cohesion has not been released in full, so the public can not see for themselves what the columnist is referring to.

We are limited to their single interpretation of it.
And one person's personal interpretation is always a danger.

As are the results of 1 poll.

The Scanlon Report is reasonably respectable but it is only 1 poll.

It's 1 survey that interviews just over 3,500 people.

It's a snapshot, not a comprehensive view of all Australians.
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14 Dec 20
This manufactured AusPost fiasco is a total non-issue.

This article is symbolic of the deferential, unquestioning gullibility of the mediocrity we have as political journalists in Australia.

Not a word questioning why this theatrical debacle has unfolded.

Just this pantomime👇🏽
Have you seen the release of Barnaby's "drought report"?

Have you seen Gaetjens totally non-existent sports rorts "report"?

Nope and no.

That's because the Morrison government only release reports that help them to push an agenda.

Like this one - privatising Australia Post.
Who did Tom McIlroy speak to to gain this inside knowledge? A member of the Morrison government comms team of course.

Are we to presume then that this information is totally neutral and not at all being pushed to further the govt's agenda?

No - but many will read it as gospel.
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13 Dec 20
I know I'm a recidivist when it comes to pointing out how widely & nefariously the Morrison govt's manipulation infests Australian society.

Here's a micro-example.

Morrison & his chorus line have started high kicking this month about their new thing called "voting reform".
And yes some of it appears to be an answer to a, ah "problem" nobody even knew existed.

Apparently one of the things the Australian electorate should be deeply worried about is "VOTER FRAUD!!"


Well we know it's now a "problem" because Peta & Alan & Miranda suddenly say so.
Never heard of it? Ah but this website has.

They call themselves voteaustraliadotorg

You can find them on the socials as well, and all with that lovely professional looking finish.

And it appears they want EXACTLY the same five things the Morrison govt are trying to legislate.
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