Trump thread:

1. If the impeachment process were successful, Trump would be removed from office. But as hearings in the Senate last many days, if not weeks, Trump will have left office by the time the case is concluded.
2. So it can be said the purpose of the impeachment is virtually impossible to fulfill by due process & appropriate timescale.

But in some instances, impeachment proceedings may disqualify officials from holding public office in the future.

Now we're getting somewhere.
3. It seems likely the motive is to prevent Trump from holding any public office appointment in the future.

As I've said previously, I'm not a huge fan of Trump, but this scenario makes me uncomfortable.
4. The establishment haven't recovered from the 2016 bloody nose & seem hell bent on preventing anyone from outside the clique running for office, especially Trump.

Yes he's rude & offensive at times, but people voted for him & that's how democracy works.
5. Pelosi et al have fought tooth & nail for 4 years to disrupt, yet their own misdemeanors are repeatedly swept aside. The press showed very little interest in the Hunter Biden story that emerged prior to the election.
6. That's not only odd, it's dangerous. If the story is untrue or embellished, the evidence needs investigating to establish so. If it is true, then I think the public ought to know about it & importantly, if or by how much Joe Biden was involved.
7. It's such a weird time. The Democrats are making a lot of noise to try and stifle debate, but sooner or later questions will be asked.
8. It's a little like the Brexit debate here when the media stuffed the airwaves with remain pundits, trying to convince the referendum voting was unsafe, or we'd changed our minds.
9. There's the aftermath to face. 70 million Republican voters won't be too happy. The US equivalents of Grieve, Soubry, Wollaston & Bercow will too face a day of reckoning when the ballot box beckons.
10. Our lot didn't get away with it & neither will the US politicians, so eager to try & reestablish the pre-Trump political order, where you can vote for whom you like, but not much will change, even when change is much needed.
11. And the thing is, these people have been in politics for decades, yet their mistakes are blindingly obvious & terminal. They are pissing off 70 + million people who watched Portland Federal Court attacked repeatedly with next to no kickback.
12. They watched businesses burned, Police Stations abandoned & pockets of lawlessness take over neighbourhoods. Anyone normal could see that was wrong. Anyone normal could see the statue toppling was wrong. Anyone could see there was no legitimacy for their actions.
13. It seems only one side of the argument is allowed to be aired. Shout down dissenters & call them racists. This leads to frustration & resentment in an already disillusioned population.
14. So the question is: What exactly are the Democrats playing at? Why are they picking a fight they haven't a hope of winning? How do they reconcile their actions to the 70 million Republican voters, many of which are perfectly respectable & intelligent people.
15. The disconnect is astounding.

It's back to Clinton's 'basket of deplorables', but 70 million requires one hell of a big basket.

I think they've all gone mad.

• • •

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11 Jan

On Second Thoughts

1. I tweeted a few days ago that I thought things would settle down in the US, but I'm not so sure.
2. The left never learn. They're fond of protesting & intimidating but squeal like pigs at the first sign of counter measures from the right.
3. If the Dems persist with the impeachment threat, they'll make a martyr out of Trump & they have no idea what will come back at them.
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1. We spent too many years in a cosy & harmful, unholy political alliance. Those years when New Labour, the Conservatives & the Liberal Democrats all sang off the same hymn sheet.
2. The difficulty with that is politicians lose the art of debate because they all, more or less, agree the same policies. Whilst a country is ticking along okay, that's fine, but when a crisis hits & politicians are complacent, it leads to melt down.
3. The Iraq War & the Dodgy Dossier is a prime example of how political complacency allowed inaccurate information to influence decision making in the Commons.
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8 Jan


1. Just when it appears things may settle down in the US, the troubles take a new twist.
2. To recap on events leading up to the election:

The US polls had the Democrats well ahead, consistently. Momentum is a powerful political tool - people tend to follow the masses (and I'll return to this point later re Boris).
3. The pollsters must feel they influence voting, why else manipulate them?

I watched a couple of youtube videos which gave a clearer picture. Douglas Murray in one of them, discussing the issues in Portland & the extreme, but ignored, nightly rioting.
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7 Jan


1. I've tweeted about this before & there's a problem with no viable solution at the moment. Whatever your views on Brexit, I'm sure we can all agree it was a symptom of discontent.
2. People voted for change, a big change & we're told in no uncertain fashion that the change would hit the economy. You can't threaten people who have nowt, with more nowt. They'd had 10 yrs + of nowt, bailing out the mess caused by the 2008 crash.
3. Recessions tend to last 18 months to 2 years, but outside of London the austerity endured for over a decade & has caused longer lasting damage & deprivation to many regions.
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26 Dec 20


1. I've spent a couple of hours looking over the fisheries section within the trade agreement. I'm disappointed & concerned.

Here's a few 'highlights' from the limited time I've taken to read & digest it.
2. If the object of the FTA was to barter fish in exchange for market access for goods & services, fine.

But for those who expected fisheries to improve measurably I believe the FTA fails to deliver.
3. If we look back to the fisheries negotiation objectives, there's little that has been fulfilled. The Govt. wanted fisheries in a separate agreement to prevent the very thing that seems to have happened.
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26 Dec 20


Fishing Opportunities

1. I'm reading the summary on the UK/EU trade agreement & have some concerns. It's not the full blown text, just an outline of the negotiated agreement so I may be needlessly cynical, we'll have to wait & see.
2. The 25% UK uplift of the value the EU member states catch in UK waters.

I see difficulties with this whichever way I try to spin it to myself:
a) The EU are reducing quotas in fishing waters for some species due to issues with sustainability.
3. So our uplift could cause over fishing of stocks in our own waters. The summary doesn't mention if/how EU access to our waters will be reduced?

b) But assuming the quotas are reduced in line with other member states waters, we could have a reduced income rather than uplift.
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