I’m so old I remember a New York Times editor losing his job because he let @TomCottonAR suggest that these same troops be deployed to prevent mayhem by rioters that destroyed billions of dollars of businesses.
Boy, here’s someone who read one tweet and nailed me to a T. Maybe read two tweets before jumping to conclusions.
Kind of astonishing how many people are arguing against this strawman that has nothing to do with my point. Did I say they were the same thing? They’re incapable of original thought and are just parroting @jaredlholt’s dishonesty.
Activists lied that Cotton was racist for seeking to use the National Guard to impose order on chaos. There are very good non-racist reasons to use National Guard to stop insurrections. All people deserve protection of law, whether they’re Congressmen or immigrant businessowners.

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11 Jan
What happened last week wasn’t a coup because Trump was too lazy to plan anything beyond watching it on tv and issuing gloating petulant tweets. It was an inexcusably dangerous riot and lynch mob, and we are very lucky that “only” a few people died. /1
There’s a lot of blame to go around. The rioters, of course; Trump and Lin Wood for encouraging them, less so the cynical but inexcusable ploys of Cruz and Hawley. The military underreacted, but that seems likely bc of the CYA avoiding overreaction to military response to BLM./2
But also Bowser, more concerned about federal reaction to Antifa counterprotestors than keeping the city safe. And all our leaders who normalized last summer’s riots as an appropriate response to imagined injustice as well the 2018 protests against Kavanaugh. /3
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7 Jan
Federally prosecute every single Q-nut who vandalized Congress. But if cops had fatally shot an unarmed BLM rioter, her name would be on NFL helmets, there would be weeklong nationwide riots, and we’d be seeing the video for months. (Even Jacob Blake is treated as a martyr.)
I’m just disgusted at the double standard, and worse, the gaslighting and amnesia that somehow BLM rioters were treated worse than the Q rioters. Leftists tried to breach the courthouse in Portland last night and not a one will be prosecuted.
Don’t want violent reaction by political losers? (I don’t!) Then the media shouldn’t celebrate violent reaction by the politically privileged. And I use “privilege” intentionally here.
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6 Nov 20
Voting fraud never happens, you guise. justice.gov/opa/pr/former-…
Now, I’d like to know more. Did they catch every time this guy did this, or just the handful of times and several dozen votes found in the indictment? None of the other election judges noticed? If Myers is paying $5/vote, he’s surely doing it at larger scale?
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19 Oct 20
In case you were wondering how the Left would try to Kavanaugh ACB, here’s your answer. And it’s just as dishonest: Barrett did not vote to overturn the verdict against the rapist, just against the innocent third party. media.ca7.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/rssExe…
Barrett voted for vicarious liability for prison rape in JKJ v Polk County — over an Easterbrook dissent that seems correct to me. But the difference between Martin and JKJ is that JKJ presented evidence and Martin didn’t. courthousenews.com/wp-content/upl…
Barrett will have to recuse from the pending certiorari petition in Polk County v JKJ. supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/20/2…
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21 Sep 20
This great @WSJopinion editorial on norm-breaking understates what Democrats did and how they rebuffed Republican attempts to de escalate. Democrats held up a bunch of intermediate appellate nominations in *August 1984* because an election was coming up./1 wsj.com/articles/break…
When George W Bush took office in 2001, some of his first judicial nominations included resubmissions of Clinton nominations that had never come to a vote, hoping to end the tit for tat that spiked nominations in 92 and 00. This olive branch was ignored. /2
Democrats, as the WSJ notes, filibustered several qualified nominees. Others, like Shalom Stone, never got a vote. In *2007*, nearly two years before the end of his term, Schumer preemptively promised that Bush would never get another SCOTUS confirmation even if a vacancy. /3
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2 Aug 20
I wish people would quit repeating misrepresentations about this case. She was imprisoned for multiple violent assaults on her single mother that required her mother to call the cops on her, and multiple thefts of expensive electronic equipment. /1
It was a miscarriage that she wasn’t imprisoned in the first place after her recidivism. She was given yet another and emphatically last chance, and then did absolutely nothing to comply with her probation terms. And has apparently learned she can continue to get away with it. /x
Love all the awful people in my mentions who think it’s ok for blacks to be victimized by crime with impunity—exactly the sort of soft bigotry of low expectations to ensure racial disparities in this country continue. I guess I’m the one who thinks black lives matter.
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