Internalized Ethnocide is when a culture is destroyed by the practitioners of the culture themselves. The apparent perpetrator is the endogenous member of the culture, and the actual perpetrator is the Colonizer culture, who initiates this deracination.

Key instrument of internalization is the transferral of Colonizer-Indigenous Status Quo to Indigenous-Indigenous Status Quo. By transposing the relation the Indigenous share with Colonizers to intra-Indigenous communities.

This is done to birth antagonism amongst the various Indigenous people, towards each other, which replicates the antagonism the Indigenous harbour for the Colonizer, thereby causing friction within, which naturally weakens opposition to the Colonizer's ascendancy.

This achieves multiple objectives:

-justification for Colonial Rule
-fragmenting of Indigenous Opposition to Colonial Rule
-Cultural Vacuum
-psychological destabilization of natives
-cultural reconditioning
-colonial theocracy

Oppression is justified by the Colonizer's claiming the "natives were already killing each other before we killed them" and that what they were doing is good since it's also "bringing development and industrialization" which the 'savage' natives couldn't bring.

Internalized Ethnocide is a classic colonial tactic, which was used in many colonies, including Rwanda, where the Belgian Colonizers divided the native population into Hutu and Tutsi tribes, claiming the Tutsi people were "sharp-nosed, tall people" who "oppressed" the Hutu.

Belgians conducted physical measurements of Rwandan people, and claimed that the Tutsi were actually "foreigners" who "migrated" to Rwanda thousands of years ago to oppress the "native, flat-nosed, short Hutu".

Doesn't it sound eerily familiar?

The Hutu and Tutsi were given separate status in order to portray the latter as the more privileged in Rwanda, thus favouring the narrative of the Tutsi being the "oppressive foreigner".

This sentiment of enmity b/w Hutu and Tutsi led to cultural fragmentation.

Which finally led to a horrific genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutu, known as the infamous Rwandan genocide, where at least 1 million Tutsi were butchered.

This is precisely what the British did in India, too. The Aryan-Dravidian theory was a frightening predecessor of the Hutu-Tutsi narrative, and so was the Caste/Brahmanism theory.

And do you know what this resulted in?

The Bhima Koregaon War, where Dalits/Brahmins/Rajputs/Baniyas and every caste was slaughtered because they fought against each other. Why? Now you know.

The Chitpavan Brahmin Genocide, where 8000 Brahmins were butchered in 1948 because of the uproar about Gandhi's killing by a Chitpavan Brahmin. Why did that happen?

Because since 300 years Brahmins were demonized by the British as the "oppressive Aryan foreigner".

This colonial Caste/Aryan/Dravidian theory is still followed, for the same reason the White Christians startes it- to create a Cultural Vacuum. Which is a foundation for ethnocidal proselytization through psycho-religious colonization.

A Cultural Vacuum is when an individual has been successfully alienated from his native cultural identity, and remains without any. This vacuum is fundamental for modern-day proselytization, because expansionist faiths (✝) use this vacuum to fill it.

Then the process of Transmissive Colonization is complete, and the victim has now become psychologically-religiously subjugated into the Colonizer's culture/religion, having his indigeneity shredded to pieces.

The British attempted a genocide in India, using the Caste/Aryan/Dravidian theory. And they were successful. But what they were also successful in was the heavy damage to the psycho-spiritual traditions they brought to Sanatan Dharm with it.

These nuances are difficult to understand, and thus got disseminated as dogma unto the masses, causing hatred amongst the Indigenous, not for the actual perpetrator who was the White Christian Colonizers. Aryan/Dravidian/Brahmanism are tools for cultural genocide.

@BharadwajSpeaks 😊🙏🏼

• • •

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15 Jan
Engineered Oppression is a tactic ensuring perpetual victimhood of the Colonizers as a justification for Colonization. This is why Euro-Christian/Islamic Colonial entities always claim to be under constant "persecution" to legitimize Abrahamic Colonial Bigotry/Supremacy.

This "persecution" is manufactured because it doesn't have any factual evidence, historical context, ignores causation, and is based off of hyperbole, fabrications, and gaslighting.

It also overlooks empiricism, where truth is understood through actual collective cultural experiences. Engineered Oppression libels retaliation to bigotry as subjugation.

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13 Jan
Hi. Today is Pongal. If you see any genius saying "pOnGaL iS jUsT a HaRvEsT fEsTiVal nOt a HiNdu fEsTiVaL" correct him/her by saying that de-religionization of Indic Hindu festivals is synonymous to cultural erasure.

With that being said, Iniya Pongal Nalvazhthukkal! 🕉🙏🏼
Same applies to Lohri, Makar Vilakku, Magh Bihu, Poush Sankranti, and all other beautiful Hindu festivals being celebrated today.

And for my biradari,

Makar Sankranti ki shubhkamnaayein,

Shubho Poush Shonkrantir shubheccha,

Lohri di lakh lakh vadhaiyaan. 🕉🙏🏼
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