It was QANON.
It was a CULT.
It was a PSYOP.

The insurrection last week was not just “political violence”, it was the result of a planned psychological operation.

It was an attack by a foreign power with the aid domestic terrorists. We must not forget.

I have been warning about this, with the help of a lot of friends, for nearly six months. I have written 14k tweets, 5 articles, helped with 2 documentaries, and spoken with countless sources and victims.

The violence we saw was foreseeable.
It was also not difficult to see that allowing a lunatic like @mtgreenee into Congress would not go well.
On 8/16, two weeks after I started, I published this piece about Jim Watkins, Mike Flynn and the Russians controlling Q. To my ASTONISHMENT, over 200k people read the article.

It led to Jim Watkins getting famous.
It includes the paragraph below. Michael Flynn has been planning this since well before QAnon. He trademarked “Digital Soldiers” in 2016. He is one of the worst traitors in American history. And it has been clear for years.

We cannot allow men like this to do what he has done.
Here’s one of hundreds and hundreds of tweets and accounts that we have warned about. The violence has always been there. The trick is, and I mean this seriously, to LOOK.
Investigating QAnon is a terrifying and difficult experience because it means facing the worst possible version of humanity.

It was particularly personal because they are using many of the techniques I helped develop to *harm* people.

This was 8/18/21
I have learned a lot since then, but this is still basically correct. QAnon dissociates people with traumatic content, and brainwashes them with massive amounts of disinformation in an insulated echo-chamber.
The number of families affected by this cult is in the tens of millions. I wrote this after going back to Facebook and candidly freaking out about how many people I knew who were affected, with more and more vectors coming into play.
In that piece, I described the first test of Donald Trump using QAnon to target political violence, in Portland.

It was also an obvious foreshadowing of complicit law enforcement as we saw at the Capitol.
This a TedX by my friend and colleague @DaveTroy who does not like the spotlight but who has been as important as anyone to our collective effort.

Me, Dave, @MrSocial and @CultExpert spoke about the dangers and potential solutions.
We spent months identifying and publicizing the people and process behind QAnon.

We did this documentary on 10/15/20
After months of investigation, and a presidential election that saw QAnon try and fail to move to Twitter, I wrote this piece to describe the efforts of hundreds of people who have helped expose it and to name the names of those who perpetrated it.

I constantly live-tweet events like this because most people have better shit to do and they should know.

Also, it’s very helpful to know what you’re looking at. This one was important. Many, many of the people responsible for QAnon were at this event confessing to everything.
This is the most complete picture I have of QAnon and the people responsible for it. It’s the result of the contributions of many people and thousands of hours of investigation. It was published on 12/17/20
I wrote this thread a week before the insurrection. I got a lot of shit about this for being histrionic and fanciful. Turned out to be quite accurate, although I didn’t know how detailed the conspiracy to hit the Capitol to kill people was.
This is the thread where I made it clear that Roger Stone was behind it and warned what might happen.
And this is where we screamed as loud as we could that the MAGA rally was a trap for anti-fascists. They were planning to blame “Antifa”. They tried and it didn’t work because none of us were there. ✊🏼
Since the insurrection we have helped deplatform dozens of accounts, including helping #FreeKirtaner decimate Parler. And we’re just getting started.

If anyone wants to help fight disinfo and undue influence, or *needs* our help. DM me.

Thanks everyone. #TTP ✊🏼❤️🇺🇸

• • •

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15 Jan
It is incredibly important that we understand that this insurrection was driven by a MIND-CONTROL CULT.

They BELIEVE everything that “Q” told them. They BELIEVE Congress was a den of Satanic pedophiles.

To them all of it MADE SENSE. This was #tEhStorm
#RIPQ Image
The “innovation” of QAnon was that disinformation, with the right recipe of traumatic content, political propaganda, and network effects could generate UNDUE INFLUENCE.

They live in an alternate reality generated by the cult.
We are facing a country where at least 30 million of us literally do not live in the same world as the rest of us. They are acting out a play designed for them years ago. The play is violent, racist and anti-democratic.

The lights need to come up and the audience should go home.
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14 Jan
POP QUIZ: Who dis?
[Jeopardy theme] 🎵 ImageImageImageImage
I made it pretty easy. :)
You only have to look at the first picture [shakes head disappointedly]
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14 Jan
I mean. It’s not hard. ImageImage
Sidney Powell only has 260k subscribers I can see how you would miss it.

Also Patriots Streetfighter seems legit. ImageImage
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13 Jan
This is not about free speech or religion. It about these sick fucks who got a 75 year old cancer survivor and a bunch of other representatives sick with COVID because they are mentally ill.

It’s about a lunatic who wants a GUN IN CONGRESS.

And it’s especially about these lunatics who manifestly worked to endanger their colleagues in order to enact a VIOLENT COUP based on QAnon cult fiction.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
@SpeakerPelosi @CapitolPolice @MayorBowser @FBIWFO

@ali Alexander (née Akbar) is NAMING
as CO-CONSPIRATORS in the INSURRECTION at the Capitol.

They must not be allowed to return to the House. They must be arrested.
.@ali works for ROGER STONE who planned and financed this entire shitshow:
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12 Jan
🚨🚨 It’s hard to overstate how dangerous this is. The reason he went to Texas is to rally the OathKeepers, III%ers, and dirty CBP, ICE, DHS and police officers to START CIVIL WAR.

He may not get a lot to defect, but it won’t be zero.
This is not a fucking drill.
“No political appointee should get them to violate that OATH”
That is a direct call to QAnon.
Don’t believe me? Go watch them.
There is ZERO historical or logical reason for him to bring up the Civil War and RECONSTRUCTION ffs in the context of the border.

The ONLY reason was to dogwhistle.
Again, if you have your doubts, just go watch them.
Read 6 tweets

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