The real blackpill for american rightists is that there are absolutely no elites who aren’t embarrassed by the “folk culture” of america— & this is due to evangelical protestantism (which is truly an embarrassing “faith”) ghettoizing itself from all high culture.
No one with the intellectual capacity to govern a modern state believes in evangelical protestantism authentically— they “community organize” & show up— like going to the Iowa state fair for primaries— but it’s not a faith that can mediate a polity. It’s a frontier faith.
Evangelical Protestantism exists for “conditions outside of civilization”— even Mormonism is more coherent because it’s an American State Church akin to Anglicanism— & is itself the theological culmination of Evangelical Protestantism. Romney really does believe.
Evangelical Protestantism actually works better the less you believe in it— Rockefeller “lost his faith” but understood the utility of it— the alternative to Evangelical Protestantism is Unitarianism— & Unitarianism is the Cathedral— & it’s not ghettoized from high culture.
If Trump was a Mormon & all his zealots converted to Mormonism— we’d have a Theodemocracy right now lol.
It’s funny because the UU prayerbook has poems from 19th century anarchists who assassinated industrialists— but that’s also pretty cool— it’s a tough call here
What if I told you that the State Church of America was Anarchy?…
This is why tons of elites come out to support anarchist black blocs— it’s the state faith, protest is a sacrament, & you can even break a few windows & torch the cops with divine sanction. What do evangelicals get again? That’s right— nothing.
This is why the elites of the american right are mostly Jews & Catholics— they have churches that can mediate the laity with the elite— as can UU churches— only Evangelical Protestantism is incapable of doing this (because it literally cannot do anything but splinter)
Watch as the Evangelical Protestant Trumpists cannibalize each other as they turn each other in as “antifa” & “nazis”— it’s the least threatening demographic & the best scapegoat for this reason— they scapegoat themselves. It’s baked into their ramshackle theology.
Post-Zwingli Calvinism split— the intellectuals became Unitarians— the spiritualists became Mormons— Evangelical Protestantism is just the muddled middle, lukewarm. It has no future but dissipation.
What’s an Evangelical Protestant Elite? It’s Mike Pence being called a bad christian for wanting to coup trump for the pussygate tape— now called a traitor, a pedophile, & a satanist by evangelical protestants. Who would ever join such a chuch lmao
A Mormon can gain absolution through proscribed rites— a Unitarian can almost do no wrong (seriously, Do As Thou Wilt, Anarchy, for real). An Evangelical Protestant can only end up excommunicated from his own constituency for holding any principle above the wants of the laity
So between Mormonism & Unitarianism (unless you want to play “Evangelical Defender Ecumenical Catholic/Jew/Zionist/etc”) — which one would the vast majority of elites join?
If you guessed “the one that lets you do whatever you want”— you’d be right
I know this because I was born & raised under the State Church of Anarchy— without realizing it until I was maybe 16 or 17– until then I had thought, somehow, that Philosophical Anarchism had just “spontaneously emerged in my mind”
& really— I don’t hate the anarchists as much as folk evangelical rightists because they’re basically my people— I’m married into a Unitarian family— most of them are fine but a bit naive when it comes to the divergence of their principles with the material result of their praxis
They prize themselves, above all, with “being open minded”— until I ask enough questions naturally— but I’m just an Anarchist without the -ist so I can get pretty deep with them— more than with an evangelical (mormons are also more “open minded” in a weird way).
But truly— what’s more american, ultimately— the Unitarian citing Emerson & Thoreau— or the Evangelical citing PrayingMedic & Norman Vincent Peale?
There are no “atheists” in america— those are Unitarians. Most Ex-Evangelicals convert to Unitarianism. So do most Ex-mormons fwiw. It’s not a dying church— it’s a growing church. It’s just that most don’t attend— they’re Doing as They Wilt.
best sociology of america on twitter— sorry everyone else— this is how the “cryptocalvinist hypothesis” actually developed in Time. I wish it had swung Moravian, I wish the Ohio Hegelians had saved Emerson, & I lament the almost total elimination of Quakers— but this is it.
Oh also all black churches are unitarian— the unitarians & the black protestant evangelicals produced abolitionism — idk why jews try to take credit for civil rights movement now but they’re LARPing as Yankee Unitarians like Emma Goldman did.
Scroll through this list— internalize this understanding— you will understand…
Really the one that says it all imo

• • •

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16 Jan
I realized leftists were dumb by 2012 so I thought maybe rightists would be a little bit better but by 2018 I realized that everyone who professes an ideology derived from positioning in a liberal electoral democracy is dumb.
2020 was just the icing on the cake— ppo send me screenshots now of ppo I used to talk to who blocked me over the summer & they’re just Neolib “austrian libertarian but hoppe pilled” posting.
“Nooo don’t let the State regulate tech industries (my industry fwiw is tech based & should be regulated & actually should be entirely illegal)— the State is Bad (unless it’s enforcing a “free market” in which my profiteering isn’t criminalized)”
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15 Jan
So my 23&me updated my .2% undefined recently— & now I’m having a big ol’ think about it Image
Imagine if somehow this was connected to Cyprus— somehow— for some reason— long ago— Image
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15 Jan
Capital is not Labor or Value— it is Power.
Power is not Force, it is Knowledge.

Capital— then— is simply Knowledge. So to be ruled by “occulted capital”— would be to be ruled by “shadow intelligence agencies”— & guess what— that’s 100% right.
I’m Veblen pilled now. Classical economy is derived from the British-Scottish psuedo division of powers with the BEIC being the model for “shadow power” — you can’t divide Market entities from State entities— except if you consider BEIC a “market entity in the state business”
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15 Jan
Had an epiphany ImageImageImageImage
Was thinking about how tolkein’s dwarves were based on his notion of proto-hebraic culture (so, phoenician/canaanite)— & the depictions of craftsman/metallurgic gods as dwarves— dwarves associated with the north, & in nordic mythos come from elsewhere...
Entirely possible that the copper mines in chalcolithic british isles tie this all together— considering Blake’s Urthona/Los, Hephaestus, the creator of the Earth in Egyptian mythology Ptah, all sharing these same traits. Metallurgy as the “creation of the World”— maritime trade
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15 Jan
British Intelligence propaganda included things like “we have released megasharks from australia to combat nazi uboats off tunis”
Why are the brits like this everything they do is this foppish monty python sketch designed to make the listener disoriented in order to blur the line between the absurdity of british aristocracy with their “wink wink” psuedo-self-distancing from it.
It reminds me of the villains in several early Nabokov novels, like Despair— an assassin who wants to play chinese checkers with you, drink tea, have some laughs, & then stabs you— but it was a feather haha— then he stabs you for real.
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14 Jan
Why would Capital or “Markets” select for Truth?
The Liberal conception of Truth is that it is the “prevailing market consensus”— this is why we “trust the prevailing market consensus”— but obviously, many lies are more amenable to social consensus than the truth is.
The anti “woke capital” ists who still think Markets select for Truth, believe that it’s just “those overly-socialized nuts who ruin a possible Truth Consensus”— market saboteurs, an informal cabal of “theocrats,” etc.
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