Some quotes from the article in the thread below
Former president Thabo Mbeki said he disagreed with the notion that the period during former president Jacob Zuma’s reign were “nine wasted years”, and detailed some of the good decisions that were made during those years
"The transference of the technical colleges back to national, was a correct decision, very correct. So we can’t say that was a wasted decision,” he said in an interview that was given to the Sunday Times"
Mbeki said the creation of the basic and higher education departments was also a “correct” decision that was taken in the very same “nine wasted years”  when Zuma took over. Though some problems worsened during Zuma’s years, Mbeki said they started way before Zuma took over
"For instance, if you look at Eskom, one of the big problems at Eskom which emerged was the drop in expenditure in terms of the maintenance of the power stations, in 2006, 2007, and so on. It started then. Of course it continues over the years, and gets worse and worse and worse"
"Sure, because of the time factor, they get worse, and worse and worse and erupt as a real crisis in the last nine years not because they started then."
Mbeki also said the reason he did not campaign for the ANC in the 2009 elections after being removed as president in 2008 was that the ANC had "veered off-course", leading to corruption, lawlessness, and hiring of too many civil servants

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Vaccines against the three major killers of the world's poorest: TB, HIV and malaria are unlikely to have vaccines anytime soon unless vastly more money is committed to researching them, according to the Bill Gates-funded Gates Open Research...
Combined, HIV, TB and malaria kill up to 6 million people a year worldwide, yet the foremost leading voice for production of vaccines in the world says getting vaccines for them is not a priority. Why is that?
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According to Dr Mkhize, there are 33 163 COVID-19-related deaths in South Africa. This is from 1 231 597 IDENTIFIED positive cases. This is being interpreted by some to mean COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 2.7% in South Africa

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It's important to note that the 2.7% rate of death is of people who have been IDENTIFIED as positive. Now, considering that COVID-19 is said to be extremely infectious, there are potentially many positive cases that go UNIDENTIFIED and thus not recorded as positives...
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In 1973, United States National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger tabled a report titled National Security Studies Memorandum 200 in which he outlined what the US needed to do in order to efficiently extract valuable natural resources from less developed countries (LDCs)

In his report, Kissinger pointed out that minerals were mainly concentrated in less developed countries, and that securing them from these places was fairly easy, but only if the countries were stable because unstable countries are simply too difficult to access and loot
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Many people assume, "green", "renewable" energy sources (wind & solar specifically) will someday replace fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) as the only sources of energy powering the planet. This is a pipe dream fed to the world daily. It simply cannot be done

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Everyday, headlines bombard us with the latest Covid-19 numbers. For the most part, these numbers are overwhelming, however the coronavirus numbers being reported daily are actually not facts. Confirmed cases, confirmed deaths, active cases...what do they all mean?

Confirmed cases: this is the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus. This includes people who currently don't have coronavirus - people who have recovered...
When they say "x million confirmed cases", it gives the impression there are millions of people walking around with Covid. This is intentional. If transparency was really the object, emphasis would in fact be placed on people who actually have corona.

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As per the WHO, the inactive version of a virus will not cause disease in the recipient, but will only cause the immune system to respond as it would have if it came into contact with the actual pathogen
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