Fellow Roman Catholics, gather up for a mo, we need to talk.

(The rest of you good folks, of any faith or none, can listen in if you wish. This may be of interest or benefit to you as well.)
Anyhow. For nearly a year they have denied you the Mass on the hallowed ground of your church.

You remember the significance of the mass, right?

"Mass, the central act of worship of the Roman Catholic Church, which culminates in celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist."
You remember the ritual, majesty, and mystery of it, don't you? You remember the beauty and community, right?

And you recall it's singular purpose to unite you in harmony, love, and peace that you may praise God.

You remember that.
Quick refresher or tutorial for those wanting it: usccb.org/offices/public…
They took that.

They took it all.
They didn't use war, or other force. They didn't use overt violent oppression. They didn't use direct, physical threats of harm to you and yours.

They used fear.

Fear of sickness.

Fear of death.

Fear of being outcast and ridiculed.

In some cases, fear of fines or jail, yes.
They said you would get sick or that you would make others sick. You would die or cause deaths. Your act of faith would kill grandma, overwhelm hospitals and burn up resources. You were condemned without cause.
You were called selfish, and worse. You were told to just worship at home. People who actively hate God, the Church, and the faithful quoted the Bible they abhor to browbeat you into submission.

And you caved. I don't blame you. I caved too. We all were given little choice.
I feel some shame for that
Whether you do is up to you and not my place to judge.

But it was all done out of fear and hatred and they used your own fears against you. Against us.

They played you/us. I believe what was done to take the Mass from us was done through Satan.
I think that's a truthful conclusion.
In the meantime, when they chose to gather, they did. While you were on lockdown from church (and from gathering with family & friends for whatever reason you might want to), they went about their business.
Sometimes it was at $10,000 dinners at fancy vineyards, or at political fundraising dinners. Sometimes it was at protests and riots.

And when they got caught were they remorseful?


And when you said, "If you can do that, then I can go back to church" they doubled down.
Going to church was a superspreader event. Singing in church would disperse the rona. You were said to be too stupid to social distance or properly wear a mask.

You had almost an entire calendar and religious year taken from you.
Worse, almost a full year of active adoration and praise was taken from God.

Opportunities for confession and communion were stolen.

All 7 sacraments were taken from you.

If you have ever attended a Eucharistic Adoration, you know what they stole from you.
They just took it all. With little to no resistance. Not even from the Church leadership or the Pope. And, if we are honest, with a lot of cooperation from the hierarchy and the laity.

Just gone.

And that is all very sad.

I say all this not to judge you. Because I am probably a worse sinner. I am only fit to judge myself. Nor do I say it seeking praise or pats on the back. I just need to get off my chest how incredibly sad this all is.
We should take back what they stole.
Thanks for reading this far.
Thanks for listening.

• • •

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